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  • No problem. =P

    I never thought of it as that though, I at least try out a majority of the combos and see if they actually work, and alot do. I know it is the player in their prime during a match and the other player, majority of the time, aren't that good. But trying out new things is always a way to switch up your game. ^_^

    I mean you are an amazing Peach in training, so anything to help.

    Oh and I messaged Xaltis, hopefully he can send you those replays.

    I don't know if you have already seen these or not, but I just thought this would help to show you.

    One of the most helpful things that have helped me learn all of that stuff I know with R.O.B is watching Combo Videos.

    Again I don't know if this would help but I just came upon some new CV's from Reaper, (Came out with 4 amazing R.O.B CV's in the past, I learned a ton.) and they are Peach CV's.

    Enjoy them, I did and I don't even use Peach. ^_^
    Actually no scratch that I was reversing back in August, and I wasn't when I fought ESAM for the first time. YOU WERE RIGHT. XD

    But yeah I am only scared of Chaz and Seibrik. AND maybe MVD.

    Yeah the first time I fought ESAM I got my *** handed to me. XD
    I got 3-stocked both matches. I don't think it was in June though. My first tourney was this Play N Trade tourney. It was supposedly PolterGust's first time winning a tourney. I placed 7th there.

    THEN, we went to ZP that next weekend. (Now that I remember this was back in August, and the first time I fought ESAM was in October or November)

    I can't wait until next month. As long as I don't run into Chaz and Seibrik I SHOULD beat everyone I run into. I will make sure of it. I am going to train my *** off this month.
    Yeah my set with Chaz and ESAM were on Xaltis's wii.
    Wow I feel bad for him. V_V

    Hopefully he gets them in to you regardless.
    Yeah nice **** against NickRiddle. You ***** him first match. Then sadly it fell apart after that. =(

    That's the thing with me I lose the first match and come back all the time. I lost first match against Xaltis and came back and won the next two matches 2nd round. And then against ESAM I lost the first match and came back and brought it to the last match. I WAS SO CLOSE TO ACTUALLY SENDING EEESSSAAAMM TO LOSERS!!! O____o

    8Bitman, the underdawg. ^_^_^_^_^ I would have been sooooo happy.
    ! =O !

    Who do I have to yell at? I will bother peepz to send you replays. Lol
    I need tosee my set against ESAM and Chaz. WELL everyone needs to see my set against ESAM, I almost won!!!!!! O___o I was sooo sa 2Link. T_T
    After Reading through that whole thing I was able to do a little mini freepull.

    Bookmarked, rated 5 stars, and Thank you~~~~

    Probably gonna practice again after whobo or maybe before whobo if I get too frustrated with some lucario things :>

    Probably also inspired me to make a break-down of Zero Suit's Small Pivot Dsmash too, which I think is almost as difficult to get 100% consistant. [with some collaboration from kinzer lol]

    I might have to take up this offer if its extended to me :x the diagram rendering was smooth and neat

    If you guys ever want some poses for diagrams you ever feel like making for something I'd be happy to make some.
    Hello, I've created the smash lab skype group. If you'd like to join in then if you'd please give my your skype name (or you can send me a contact request if you wish, my skype name is "guest438").

    If not, then sorry for bothering you. >.<
    (I've already sent a request for contact info to you from clicking the thing on SWF xD)

    cmon Brah It'll be fun. You need to remember that It's just a game!

    (and thats why I'm trolling everybody all the time :P )
    OK Sweet. I'll send you the replays tomorrow. I'm tired now and have to wake up early for school.
    I have some replays from Pound V (28 replays to be exact). Would you mind recording them for me?

    I would like you to record all of them but if not, at least record the matches that have me, Xaltis, Polt, MVD, and Seibrik. If you can do that for me, that'd be great.
    hey, if i send you some videos of my current Peach would you be able to upload them?
    don't really know, don't really care

    ima **** on praxis' peach when I see him
    I tried not to hit you with anything. :p

    And yeah, I play. Just not lately. :p
    Twas fun though!

    Nah it's not that. I just draw good randomly. xD
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