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  • He has a lot of money when he goes to the club. He is sick.
    I'm a black woman who can't make real lyrics.
    You're lucky you are already pranked, I would have done it myself lol..,

    But I like my old name better, this is just for kicks.
    Nope, gonna have some fun now! :bee:

    Also, this means you never have fun playing MKWii? :O
    Lol..I will sweety pie, this is just temporary, sides' I gotta have some fun with it, amirite?!!
    Oh no worries. I have no problem debating or discussing with people who are civil :)

    though I admit that sometimes I fail to be civil myself, I've been working on that.
    let me guess, does it have 3-4 Jace the mind Sculptors?
    If so then yeah that'd be more expensive than either of my decks. Provided if my mono-green deck was English. :awesome:
    Do all of the titans break them and also how so exactly? I'd say Inferno Titan could be the most devastating out of all of them.

    What kind of decks do you use?
    My DCI number is: 6214-115-047.
    Sadly I haven't played an FNM too much. only once to be exact, though I usually missed most because of work IIRC. That and to win it seems you need one of the best decks out there, which I didn't have. ;_;

    They're not type 2 legal anymore, but I had a mono green beat-down deck and a blue/white level up deck. I could give you my decklists later.
    I opened the tab before your post had appeared. I am sorry that my reply insulted you.
    Thanks. ;)
    Also yeah, I believe I was gonna mention that to you in a VM before, but it slipped my mind.
    I have a couple of decks that would were type 2 legal till now. I could do what you're doing, but I guess I'd rather stay for the whole thing. So because of that I'm skipping the pre-release and in exchange am able to stay up late and sleep in since I couldn't stay for the entire M12 pre-release.

    Good luck with the pre-release and here's hoping that it turns out as good as my experience at the M11 pre-release event at least for pulls. I ended up getting a frost titan and primeval titan from my 6 packs. It was the best pre-release I ever had. made a G/W deck, my primeval titan actually saw a lot of play in my matches, and I was one of the big winners that split for half of a box. :D

    Sadly I really wished the new planeswalkers were better than what they are now and that they reused Time Reversal while other colors got new cards made for them like that Angelic enchanted creature spell.
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