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  • Thanks. ;)
    Also yeah, I believe I was gonna mention that to you in a VM before, but it slipped my mind.
    I have a couple of decks that would were type 2 legal till now. I could do what you're doing, but I guess I'd rather stay for the whole thing. So because of that I'm skipping the pre-release and in exchange am able to stay up late and sleep in since I couldn't stay for the entire M12 pre-release.

    Good luck with the pre-release and here's hoping that it turns out as good as my experience at the M11 pre-release event at least for pulls. I ended up getting a frost titan and primeval titan from my 6 packs. It was the best pre-release I ever had. made a G/W deck, my primeval titan actually saw a lot of play in my matches, and I was one of the big winners that split for half of a box. :D

    Sadly I really wished the new planeswalkers were better than what they are now and that they reused Time Reversal while other colors got new cards made for them like that Angelic enchanted creature spell.
    Well Jason, I see you posted in the site related thread, could someone actually get infracted for that?
    All I was saying was the fact that those games are even in development (or going to be) is definitely a good sign in terms of solid 3rd party titles showing up on the Wii-U. Whether you like said games or not isn't important they're still quality 3rd party games that would NEVER have shown up on the Wii.

    In terms of the hardcore 1st party games we all know they're coming it's just a matter of time. The Wii-U is still fairly early in development and I personally feel that Nintendo wasn't QUITE ready to show it off yet.
    Yeah i'm signing up, just not gonna post in the thread all that much. Cause i'm planning something for my 1337th post.
    Maybe, EST?
    Haven't played MKW in awhile and also internet is a bit bad. I guess i'll join. (Not Time Trial right?)
    So, I have only ever played Mario Kart against you guys, but we are on a SSB website. Question being, how are you at Brawl, and I'm usually on that, so if you ever wanna play I'm game.
    Haha yup, saw tons of Daisy and FK. Very fun matches though, I gotta try and learn how to use manual better, automatic isn't doing much good for me. I see you guys do some tournaments for MK, I might join if there are slots available :)
    Haha sorry for the late response. Yeah I can kart anytime, though I am not very good from what you have probably seen :p
    Alright, I'll ask him, but i don't wanna hold him back, my character is terrible and i'm a massive item magnet D:
    Yeah, I plan on entering the kart oy tournament, my schedule was balls last month @.@

    And tag team tournament???
    Yah, karts are so out of control......Once you lose control the game doesn't give you it back till you fall off D:

    Just curious who is going to be in a kart, you or hippo?
    I don't know if I'll be able to play tonight......If I am able to play it will be in about 3 hours :o
    3181 5817 0032 - I'll add yours after this race. But if you can join Air or Hippo, they're with me. But I'll add yours after this.
    Hi. Has the tournament started yet? And, do you guys have like a chat or something? D:
    lol I haven't played him in mvc3 but he plays other 2d fighters and not just brawl lol
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