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  • You're gone :<

    If you come back just message me. You were busy so I was waiting for your status to change.
    Aw ):

    That's okay it doesn't have to be serious. We can do falcon dittos with explosive items or something. It's cool though if you're not in the mood, I understand.
    Nicely done at the tourney, sir. I'll look for you next time I'm at a tourney!

    well we all think that of ourselves after not getting far in tourneys :p
    back when I played magic and other card games, I know how that feels.

    But I mean, for your first tourney and such a big one, can't say that you did horribly man. Either way good job. Did you go pure Sheik/Zelda?
    65: Tristan Win!!
    that's awesome considering who was there and how many people man!
    Good job
    I heard you went to COT4. Considering I'm listening to the commentary, I hope you at least represented sheik well!
    awesome, represent Sheik and hope you kick some A§§ and overall do well but don't forget to have fun with it.
    I understand, in the mean time I'll try to learn the chainjacket. It seems I cant learn that move save my life. I'll register you asap and some other time we'll play. Thanks and have a nice day :)
    Hey Tristan, do you think it'd be worth me making a moveset discussion topic for the Shiek boards too? I've got one going on the Bowser boards, but would the Shiek boards benefit?
    hey Tristan! came across you here cool! :chuckle:
    I remember our Sheik dittos on AiB! hehe best I ever had
    Haha it's cool Tristan, yeah no serious stuff no johns :) K I'll play ya whenever buddy
    Hey Tristan we should play sometime man, to see what your Sheik can do :p

    how are you?

    the people in the sheik forum should not be so rud coz the post you have pot in...

    but thanx fot the post of ko kill's
    Tenki told me that you told him that sheik can chaincamp on BF so that MK can't touch her. Is this accurate!? It seems like it would make Shiek a semi-counter to MK.
    hey whats up, so you live in VA? I stay in newport news, thats great if you main sheik because my friend also main her, so youd be some good practice, my FC is: 3609-3680-8767 if you tryin to brawl sometime
    My apologies dude, meant no disrespect. I'll take it down. Still kinda new to this whole "vid" thing. Just started putting em up.
    Would monday at 6 PM Eastern Time be ok for our tourney matches? I won't be available today or tommorrow.
    After the 50th time looking at your sig, i just realized how awesome it was. *Sigh* i need a good sig, but i'm lazy.
    I know what you mean about people losing the fire with smash. You could always hit up David for his FC and stuff to see if he wants to get some matches in every once in a while.

    His SWF name is Frenchfri. Not sure if you have that or not.
    Heh, thanks for the visitor message :D This is actually my first time being active in a forum; normally I'm a forum lurker who just browses around, but doesn't really contribute much. But since I love Sheik so much, I decided to contribute a bit to the forums :]

    I'm also hoping to bring Sheik out of that extremely negative spotlight. Literally every person I meet who was a Melee fanatic laughs at the idea that I main Sheik. It'll take some time to reverse the "Melee Effect," but its definitely doable given Sheik's fun and effective game :] I'll definitely be concentrating on improving the Sheik image.

    Its unfortunate we live on opposing coasts; I was hoping to find some people to test out my Wifi (and Wifi Sheik) with. And thanks for the AllIsBrawl link btw I'll definitely look into it :)

    Take care and see ya around the boards!
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