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  • Remember that winning comes first, just saying. And I'm sure you'll win, do whatever it takes. Do you still play wifi for experience?
    Haha good stuff, I hope you've been watching videos of TKD. His Fox is really fun to watch. But yeah have you been entering any tournaments since I last talked to you?
    Candy is currently a better player then me the fact I can do so well against him and snakes in general just goes to show how sheik does do well and maybe even counter Snake. Oh intresting enough it seems I was wrong about sheik chain and snake grenades. It's actually possible to swat them out of the sky and have them harmlessly explode.

    Although as a player I'm only a little above average because of sheiks tools and match ups I'll able to get this high this time. The only thing holding sheik back from getting first is me, gotta get better.
    Leaf you can continue asking me questions about sheik I just want to keep strictly business if only for the moment.

    Anyways the bair has more range then the nair and in fact the fair even has more range then the nair horizontally wise but as far as priority goes your guess is as good as mine, sorry.
    My "sheik talk" is meh, I just know too much about sheik and no thanks.

    Now excuse me my break is almost up.
    haha, this actually took me sometime to answer and sadly I'm missing one critical piece of information so I can't give you a 100% guaranteed correct answer, anyways.

    To do a ftilt into reverse dsmash it can be a true combo but not until the much higher percents so although it is a good mix up that can cause damage if your opponent doesn't react fast enough after being ftilt it is possible to be escaped unless you wish to wait till the 70's more or less depending on the character weight

    You see the cap that sheik ftilt can grant sheik a advantage is 14 frames and sadly the first hit of the back hit of the dsmash is frame 14. So even with buffering it's only mildly possible to do on every character, however every character who isn't marth this could work even better on them.

    Air dodging in brawl takes 3 frames, attack at it's fastest in the air take 2 frames so we can cut down the frame advantage needed to preform this on those characters because of this. So instead of needing 14 frames we could argue for 12 frames or 11. We also can account for human reflexes not being perfect which could sway the numbers even more to are advantage not to mention people can't hit the buttons every single frame in succession. There's also the 1 frame of input time that the game it self needs to read the command the put in. We do not have to worry about this because of buffing that we have near the end of the ftilt will make the dsmash come out frame perfect on the first possible frame.

    ..Also although it can be escaped in the low percents it also might be faintly possible as well since the time someone is traveling in the air when hit in the very low percents is very small and plus the fact that when a characters lands they will be unable to do anything for a few frames including shielding so it might be possible to catch someone off guard and have it work them as well, but not guaranteed.

    Sadly, like I said about there's one critical piece of information I do not have and that's the frame data on how many frames it takes for sheik to turn around and does the reverse or any smash for that matter count these frames or just bypass them when doing a reverse smash or attack.
    "Do you think that ftilt > ftilt > reverse dsmash can work? From our human ablitity? cuz if im not mistaken the dsmash has multiple hitboxes when it from behind Sheik which is almost 10% damage a piece (fresh)."

    You can turn around, but the hit box's are closer to Sheik. IDK if it will work, but it is a very good idea leaf.

    BTW... Tristan is a god guy. ;)
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