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  • Yeah I know what you mean. You could always either message David and exchange FCs with him or just give me yours and I could get it to him and all that.

    I'm sure he would still like to play you online if the lag wasnt too bad and stuff. I doubt he would actually get serious about it again since hes not too fond about brawl but you never know.

    Davids name on SWF is Frenchfri btw.
    I see, Razgriz and everyone else in my group doesn't play anymore. Occasionally they will play Melee but that's becoming increasingly rare.

    We played smash for four plus years and as soon as Brawl came out the loved seem to die in all of them.

    I'm still very active though in the forums and in online battles but I need to start going to tournament again. I still use Sheik by the way ^_^
    I still dabble but I dont play as seriously as I did before. Me and David still play a little melee and brawl when I go to his house but we are kinda leaning away from it.

    I personally think brawl would be really fun in doubles but I cant stand singles. Too much dumb stuff and its too hard to combo... >.<
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