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  • Lol.

    Alright, well I know Kennispam IRL, he trolls for fun online all of the time. He knows very well Sheik isn't low tier, he only claims this for fun so he can use her in Low tier tournaments and win since Sheik would wreck low tier by herself.

    I've talked to him and he doesn't think Sheik is low tier at all. He trolls for fun and loves watching people get ticked off, if you even talk to the WI/IL communty they were throwing a party when Kenni said his little, "I'm quitting" gag just because he was grounded for a few weeks.

    He's not bad at all IRL, although he has a bit of an ego when it comes to placing like for example he wanted to be placed on the WI power rankings when they were around and the Sheik PR. But really he's not bad of a person even if online he seems like a troll.
    Negi is a very talented sheik from puerto rico. I should my pools match with him uploaded soon.
    yoooo Tristan remember me its Dr. Grandpa ur in the area?? im in rochester we should brawl irl sometime soon ^_^
    i never called you a liar. did i? I don't remember.

    and i main MELEE sheik not brawl sheik.!
    Hey Tristan, where would i counterpick a sheik to?

    Snakeee's in my pool and i have a feeling he's gonna sheik out.
    I don't have a lot to say about buffering. When in an animation that allows buffering, you can make inputs within the last 10 frames that will be read as actions that are executed at the first possible moment. These inputs can be read across the 10 frames; I know by inputting a dash early in the 10 frames and the A button late in them you can buffer dash attacks (so your character just does a dash attack instantly after doing something else without needing a running start, as opposed to doing a buffered fsmash which has a very similar input). Buffering is most notably required for Wario's chaingrab against Bowser and friends; you have to buffer turning around and grabbing to make the chaingrab work (hit the direction you aren't facing, wait, hit grab all within the 10 frame window). If you don't buffer, even if you're frame perfect, turning around takes one frame and then the grab hits one frame too late so Bowser can use Whirling Fortress to escape.

    You can generally buffer out of all attacking animations (including throwing) and out of all forms of hitstun and blockstun. I know you notably can't buffer out of grab release animations from either side which serves to make grab release related chaingrabs harder to execute than other chaingrabs. I'm pretty sure it's all based on animations whether you're allowed to buffer; sadly I don't have an exhaustive list of which ones allow it though I know it's quite a few including most from which buffering would make sense.

    Specifically frame data is farily dull to comment on. You either have a 10 frame window or buffering isn't possible. Within that 10 frame window, it reads your inputs like you input them normally but everything happens on the next free frame (buffered inputs don't apply at all after the first free frame so you can only buffer a single action at once, not a series of actions). Generally buffering just makes stuff easier and doesn't make new stuff possible, but sometimes it does make new stuff possible (like turning around and initiating an action on the same frame). I haven't really explored doing stuff like pressing B on the first buffer frame and A on the last one and vice versa and seeing how the game handles that; it obviously has some system of priority but I don't know if it's button based (the same way it would decide what happens if you press A and B on the same frame in general) or time based (whatever is earlier/later in the buffer window). That's just trivia either way though since there's no real reason to buffer like that.
    A little of both. Money's also an issue sometimes too.

    I'm working on all three though, soon enough I'll have time enough to hit tourneys regularly. Did this birdy have a name? XD
    I actually don't have your cell number I just copied SL's post because it was way easier than typing that on my own...
    I didn't read the whole thing.
    *AIM, Skype.... IDC just get on one plz

    Wait... I have your cell number and it doesn't act gay and fade out...
    *AIM, Skype.... IDC just get on one plz

    Wait... I have your cell number and it doesn't act gay and fade out...
    Hey Tristan,
    Why is it that Snake and Falco can do their actual dash attack into an up smash and can Sheik do it, too?
    OH SHIZ MY FAV SHIEK MOTHA FCKA GONNA COEM AND WRECK IN MD.............SIKE!!!!!!!!! Ima be there (prolly).........srs friendlies?
    O and one more thing.
    I found out you could effectively use Vanish in battle.

    If you angle the Vanish just right you will cancel after like 5 frames (it is faster than driving it into the ground).
    Just thought I would let you know.
    2 possible ways to link together a bair with a fthrow, dash dance then bair...and another way I do but simply cannot explain with words.

    (Dont wanna post this in the thread cuz I might get flammed [Sheik boards; 1 wrong post = flame])
    Okay I must ask this question (last comment talking to you)

    Which of Sheik's aerials have the most priority? And range (if you could be nice to add)
    Thanks, and you too Savior.

    I didnt actually think you will respond since on aib you said I was annoying.... and blocked me..... >____>

    Good day sir!
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