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  • I really don't understand either.
    The individual thing I get, but the frame advantage stuff being on the x-axis and all that makes me: @_@
    will you do me a favor?

    my Sheik is struggling. I am just starting to get decay combo's down. Well.. the problem is I lack basic Sheik skills. Will you Brawl and Skype with me and tell me what I am doing wrong while I am Brawling so that I may fix it?
    Hey Tristan whats the frame data for Sheik's dsmash? I heard it has great knockback so knowing the frame data for it may be come of some use to me
    Did you have any luck getting Homebrew / Brawl+ working since the 23rd? If you still need help, let me know, I'd be happy to help trouble shoot a little later.
    Thank you for standing up for me. http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?p=7233710#post7233710

    BTW... I have been doing some testing with the decay system. Not sure if it is known but here is what I come up with so far.

    f-tilt decay numbers
    1= 5
    2= 4
    3= 4
    4= 4
    5= 3
    6= 2 1/2
    7= 2 1/2
    8= 2 1/2
    9= 2 1/2
    Decay at 9 can combo Mario at 19%. At 9 decay and Mario 70%, you can get 3 Decay tilts on him.

    I plan on testing Fair, Bair, u-tilt and f-tilt. I first want to know numbers, then I want to know how much decay does it take to make this move combo into this one. Well... there goes a lot of my time. It'll be pretty useful when I finish. Then we can look at those numbers and go OMG. If you decay right she does have 0 to death combo's. Perfect example is the fact that f-tilt with decay of 0 cannot f-tilt lock Mario. However, at decay of 9 it can lock him at 17%. I found that when decayed not only does knock back, damage and power get changed... but also the direction that they are hit in. ie U-tilt put the more in fron of you when decayed instead of diagnol.

    Well.. what do you think?
    I'm starting to get irritated that the only updates to the Sheik forum are guides with informative stuff like "usmash makes sheiks hands go up in the air". Sheik is never going to get anywhere if the only "developments" come from savior, Roger, Almostlegendary and now two new people that don't know their **** from their sheik.

    I'm just keeping it real :p
    Ha, no worries. Maybe we can teach eachother a thing or two then.

    I'm not judging or anything. WiFi Friendlies and regular Tourney vids are very different.
    Hey tristan. I've been trying to change my style/patterns since we last played. I was wondering if you might be free to play a few games.
    Well, I need to sign up for aim then. lol.

    edit: signed up, and added you. Someone already had Werekill on there... >_<
    Caboose and I were just talking about how much we admire the dedication =D

    you guys are awesome...just make sure that, on monday when you find out, you send a PM to royboy850 (that's Caboose) and let him know all the details (contact info, too) he may need...oh and when you [or they] plan to arrive etc etc
    hey man, just checkin on the status of you coming down to SoVa for the Melee Revival...I hope you can make it!
    I'm would be fine with playing today, but I'm REALLY rusty. I'm perfect with friday though. Is that ok with you?
    Hey Tristan about my tourny on May 2nd did you find out if you can make it?
    If you are is anyone else coming with you?
    Could you possibly bring a wii or a tv or both lol

    just trying to get a confirmed lists of who's coming
    Wanna friendly right now?
    (probably last time I'm gonna ask you because you don't seem to answer XD)
    Ah Tristan, finally got you and me on at the same time ^_^ Wanna do Sheik dittos? I still gotta see your Sheik dude ;)
    what's up tristian.. don't think you know me from gamepad just yet.... but i think i saw that sheik in play... definitely wanna play it the next time you around... i'm mattix btw
    My parents don't want me housing anyone for this upcoming event. I got into a huge argument with them over it.. I'm sorry dude. I'm still going to try and find someone local that can house you. Maybe we can setup a smashfest sleep over or something. We'll see, we got time.
    There should be a fred Bus station near that location that only cost 25 cents to ride. It should take you to central park from there, I'm not 100% sure though on if they do or how long it would take.. but as long as you can get here I can supply housing for you until the next trip. I would drive you around to these locations but I have expired stickers and a busted headlight and only feel comfortable driving from my house to the venue. I know Chu should be coming to our event, do you think he could give you a ride again?
    Hey Tristan, how old are you? If your not incredibly old and creepy I could probably house you until the next day for the next Fred bus?
    Why do you suck so much? Get better, become a pro Sheik ^___^

    And do something else than ftilt all day, then Ill consider you as "Pro"
    I'm ashamed that I haven't done this yet. And we need to talk. I have to discuss with you my thoughts on SF4 after about a month of playing.
    Hey Tristan I Would Like To Brawl U. Ive Already Registered U
    Pm Me Whenever U Would Like To Brawl
    And Dont Forget To Register Me
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