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  • Sorry Man My Girlfriend Made It Not Me!!!! I Dont Have The Right Font That I Could Make It Dude!!!!
    For the OTL character rankings list purposes, may i ask who the main characters you used in my tournament were? You got this message because you got top 8 so congrats :D
    dude make sure you contact aki tomorrow. im giving you guys one more day to get your match done. but since shes been more active, if you dont get it done, then i'll have to DQ you :(
    lol sorry man normally i would help you but i cant being im the tournament director and i have to be fair to all contestants. good luck though :)
    uh sorry man i cant right now. my wiis on but im not by it lol. im busy with stuff on the computer right now. btw when are you and shadowfire gonna do your match?
    hey man your opponent is shadowfirex100. he says he can only do it today though. so hopefully you can do it today, or we'll have a problem lol.
    theres one match in the first round thats not done yet. but you should have your opponent by tom. if not tonight.
    whenever people get their first round matches done. some people have been mia, but hopefully they'll get done soon.
    yeah report when you're done. all the info you need is in the thread. its best 3 out of 5. good luck :)
    hey man long but awesome games lol. idk how the **** i won that first free for all cus you had a stock on me. you must of killed yourself? you're still better than me though. blade is good too. and sorry i had to go when that other guy joined and i forgot to add him. if you give me his code i'll add him next time im on.
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