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    Official The 1.1.5 project

    I just got done watching _tree video when I thought of something. Bthrow into Bouncing fish If I recall correctly it was worst then fthrow due to difficult to preform which is why I didn't feel it was worth testing but maybe now...
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    Official 1.1.5 patch notes- no I'm not joking

    ...You know, with the increase knock back to dthrow it's possible that Sheik kill power has increased as she be able to land dthrow into uair closer to the ceiling then before but at a lower %. It's something to look into. Nintendo is run by a bunch of clowns, they don't know how to balance so...
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    Official Hyrule Hangout - Sheik Social

    ~shrugs~ Been better, getting better. I've been playing a lot of league and dark souls but once in a while I stumble upon a smash video on YouTube and I get pulled back in. Smash4 is still really exciting to watch and its very aggressive.
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    Official Hyrule Hangout - Sheik Social

    These videos give me the strangest boner. It's really fascinating watching people use utilt now a days.
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    haha, this is why I kept my crt tv. Thank you, this will help motivate me to practice seriously again.
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    I play smash 4, Brawl and Melee. I don't think I could go back to Brawl though even though I loved it. I am military and I'm stationed at Kadena afb. I would be very grateful if you did that.
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    Data Complete Frame Data Repository -

    Amazing work......but.... Would it be possible to also list the frame when power shield happens, how long they are active, ending lag of power shielding [if any] , when normal shielding occurs and it ending lag? I'm having a lot of trouble of finding that info on smashboards and I know it's...
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    Official Mario Enigma Machine [1.1.1] Patch Notes

    Please forgive me for my scrubby question but I just updated my WiiU after a very long time and the listed verison on the bottom right of the title screen is 1.1.2. I do not have any DLC, is this normal or did a update happen like today?
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    ...Still in Okinawa, still looking for people to play.
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    Official Hyrule Hangout - Sheik Social

    For all of those who still remember me I just want to say I'm sorry for suddenly disappearing. I do not wish to go into the exact details but I fell into a deep depression and when I finally realize just how long it had been since I visited this glorious site I was too ashamed to show my face...
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    Calm down. I'm not back, I'm just not dead. Oh another note. Trophies awarded to Tristan_win...

    Calm down. I'm not back, I'm just not dead. Oh another note. Trophies awarded to Tristan_win We Salute you! 'Retire as member of staff. We all move on some day...' I understand why I got this but at the same time I don't like this trophy
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    Looking for a Sheik main to train against

    Please use the general chat thread or one of the many stickies to ask for help.
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    Does anyone else feel like sheik's fair has been changed?

    Please use this thread to discuss patch changes Sheik Patch Changes Discussion
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    Sheik Patch Changes Discussion

    Just for **** and giggles I'll post this here I decided to check out diddy new uair. On the 3ds training mode with Mario standing in his starting location on battlefield. Sheik uair kill's mario at 184% with kill effect (7% total damage) Diddy kong uair kill's mario at 185% with kill effect...
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    Mewtwo Patch (Version 1.0.6[7]) Thread [Updated: May 1st]

    No both are 3ds and for 1.05 it should be 264% with the kill effect. The kill effect is what's really important here since it doesn't change and isn't DI dependent. Still putting that aside on 1.06 dtilt wont kill Mario at 264% and he will always live.
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