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  • Heya, thanks for all the shiek help.
    I know all the combos, tricks, techniques etc. However I always do them at the wrong time and die... I need practice haha.
    Hey sushi!

    You've helped me alot improving my Sheik by your informative posts on the Sheik boards but I am unable to find any videos of your Sheik in action to help me even more. You got any stashed away that I can view?

    **Keep up your really helpful posts on the Sheik boards!**
    I like your style, stealthsushi.

    It's ashamed we don't share the same coast so we can't play each other but if you are able you should make a account at www.allisbrawl.com if you haven’t already.

    I’m already working on opening peoples eyes to the fact Sheik doesn’t suck you should do the same ^_^
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