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  • I didn't attend, but I'm pretty sure it was this:

    1st: Corpsecreate (Toon Link)
    2nd: Richard7 (No idea, probably Meta + Wario)
    3rd: Lord Bowser (Bowser, if you didn't guess ;))
    4th: Jupz (DDD)
    5th: Rawt (Olimar)
    5th: Glenn (Meta?)
    7th: Muzga (Meta + Pika?)
    7th: Baconfingers (Zelda?)

    I'm not entirely sure because I didn't go :(
    Number of entrants was 16 (I think).

    You should probably ask Riot_Fires for all the details.
    Well lucky for you driving would be a bit easier since I'm in the northish area xD (thus you wont have to go all the way into the city)

    And yes that's driving to the city, (45 to hour) oh for sleeping i can get mum to put out some sheets either on the floor or onto the couches, i don't have any spare mattresses unfortunately =/ so i can only supply that.
    oooh its alright im 18 so age gaps are no problem,

    Its about a 45 to an hour trip from my house to the venue, so I'm not exactly that close, I'm sorry about that xD depending on weather it bothers you or not. You all driving down? or taking a plane (i imagine plane because car would be a while). but yeah im sure something can be sorted out xD
    Thanks for the critique =)
    Haha Shaya what you said was opposite of steel but you went in the same direction as he did -- steel thought that I was too patient and I wasn't always in his face at the range of aggression that Marth needs; I was inconsistent and always leaving him space...whereas you said I was too impatient and that I needed to wait more because I could've punished him much more easily if I let him poke holes through himself and allow me to destroy him
    When's the next update of the AUS character rankings list?

    In case you haven't got them already, the latest results from the Perth tourney are in the 'Perth Tournament Listings' thread.

    Gratz on winning another tourney btw.
    Wassup, I'm just new to this site thinking I would find sum good players cause most of the people I fight I win against them. T~T So If u wanna brawl just visit my profile and exchange friend codes.^V^
    Hi do u want to play some ssbb on wifi with me some time today or this weekend? because it will be a long time before i get to play you offline and i really want to vs you and i cant wait that long.
    more results are up.

    Look in either the 'Perth Tournament Listings' thread or the general Perth Smash Thread.

    2nd again :) Some day I'll win lol.
    lol i forgot all about that post.
    ya i've been trying to participate in allot of wi-fi tourneys lately but it hasn't been doing me much good improvement wise.
    K heres the info,

    Metameet. best time slot 28-29th of march (i can get out of work and ted is free)

    so heres the rundown, usual people unless you want anyone else to come.

    House: i need a house, toby or shaya thats up 2 u.

    prepare for some epicness (someone giv me a controller as a welcome back present)

    btw im free this thurs if u wanna skip whatever your doing and smash (i have a day off school)
    what's up? i'm in my first real-ish tourney now lol.
    realish cause it's wi-fi. i went to an offline tourney last week but it was full of fail, 5 scrubs, me, and an easy 12 bucks in my wallet.
    Haha thanks a bunch :)

    Thanks to you I've gotten into the concept of mindgames and reading my opponent.
    2nd in a tourney of 2000
    2nd in a tourney of 2

    hey man, whats sup.... i got my exams atm, host a meta party for like 2.5 days straight when i in
    so like I was lurking your profile and I see's that your critique mad someone place 2nd, lol.
    always with the 2nd
    Thanks to your critique I managed to place 2nd :)

    Results are in the perth smash thread.
    ok then, i suppose it's a good thing that i already play falco then lol.

    and yes i know, i always try to tip but i don't get the best results on wi-fi. just my spacing in general needs work cause i noticed that i get sheildgrabed allot when i land, and that really shouldn't happen when i'm swinging a freakin sword... but then i try to keep myself out of harms way and miss allot, so like i said, it needs work. =(
    oh i JUST remembered some things... i go to the FAQ thread on the marth boards but my questions tend to be neglected.

    1) i don't know anything about match-ups really, what would be some good secondaries and why?

    2) a looooong time ago i did a footstool > DS combo and got a stagespike with it, so i asked about it. is it well known or usefull for some offstage gimps (i can't really do the footstool > Dair thing so the DS might work out better for me)?
    lol ya i know, there's just allot of things i gotta do to get better and it's getting to me. after your critique i tried working on my spacing and some other things like retreating those Fairs.

    i'd take a break from brawl to relax but then i'd loose my edge again for the hundereth time lol.
    Gimmie some friendlies if your going. I'll be there as early as possible, probably about 8:40.
    You get used to the repetition, your mind gets used to situations and how to respond.

    Also, about improvements, your move usages were better, definitely, but the wifilagbadspacing caused too many errors. And I also suggested using more dtilt :)

    Don't think alls lost.
    i barely even know what that ment lol. the most i've gotten out of wi-fi is reflexes, i think. everybody says get ***** and eventually you'll get it, but for one it's hard to find people that good and for two it's not really doing much for me. idk how the hell people are supposed to think at a mile a second when their hitting buttons just as fast.
    wi-fi is all i got and i just want to get better. you're pretty much telling me that i haven't made any improvement really. it's frustrating the **** outta me.
    ok well in my defense spacing on wi-fi is a ****.
    meh, idk man, it's like i forget to do these things all the time. i've been thinking about switching to G&W because of it but i like marth, so it's just a pain in the *** now.
    Nah, I didn't ever use Meta against Corpse, I think you meant Niven. But I did use him for 2 tournament sets (5 matches) against Riot_Fires, and won 4 of them, so I think Meta should be counted as one of my mains.

    Whenever I want vids critiqued, you're da man ;)
    Hey thanks for the critique.

    I posted up the results for the tournament in our perth smash thread. I didn't do very well lol :p
    oi I'm prob's gonna be rocking up to your house on saturday night hows that sound.
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