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  • My goodness, i havent talked to you for a long time!

    Remember me? Jesus? :p
    well i can make it on the 28th and 29th, but ill have to get there at about 6 on the 28th. Ive got other stuff that day. regardless, it sounds cool.
    I'll host an epic like 4 day meet during the April/Easter holidays. Everyone gets a week off uni too :D
    Sounds epic. I'm in as well.

    And don't worry about your exams man. You'll be fine!
    Hello I Think We Played On Wifi I Go By The Name TCR Or Toby Sometimes, I Think Your DK Is Quite Bad, Perhaps You Should Play Less WiFi And Go To More Meets?

    (hey man, sup?)
    Lol, a buddy of ours is Foxthestampede and goes by FTS for short. Then I see your name and had to show my buddy.
    yo fts ;)

    i've played you a ton on wi-fi

    this is booz

    *insert compliment on whichever character it is you main here*
    I think i might have played you on wi-fi, im moss ,your dk is awsome.
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