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  • it would be nice to go to a tournament, but i really don't have the money to be wasting getting my *** handed to me. i just want to get better, but without that experience it's a real pain...

    oh and thanks dude, i had zues make it for me because i thought about being more active here, but i'm still kinda iffy about poting here.
    thanks man =D

    for a second there i thought you were just going to ignore me cause i was still sucking lol. if you want to record it be my guest, i wont complain, but it seems kinda pointless if i'm not doing very well.
    ya i wish i had homebrew...
    right now i'm trying to find some opponets to get some practice against new people. sadly though, it's going horribly lol. i haven't found anybody and i've been looking like, all week.

    well anyway, thanks a ton, you've definately helped. don't be suprized if i hit you back with a new replay in the future sometime. =D

    k, i'll get outta your hair now lol.
    hmm, can't really think of anything to ask now but as long as i got your attention do you have anything else you wanna tell me or just go look at my critique and use that some more?
    that uair usmash combo sounds pretty sexy lol. i'll definately work on my uair. another question, i know i don't use dtilt very much and it's a good move, but i don't really like it. would it make much of a difference if i used it more? allot more or just a little more?
    i fight, well used to fight, cp's constantly, i just got sick of destroying them all the time. i do have some questions about uair though, sense you say that i really need to use it more. if i were to use an uair and have it dodged, could i folow up with another attack, ie does it end before the air dodge? how much priority does it have exactly, like, could i punch through link's dair if i spaced well enough? (bad example, but you get my point right?)
    just a little less, intensity, would be appreciated next time. i will consider the things you mentioned and no, that wasn't wi-fi. but honestly, that wasn't one of my best matches. i've been looking for good players to fight on wi-fi but i haven't had any luck yet. i hate wi-fi but i do want to improve and i obviously can't without some real opponets. it's a pain, but i'm trying.
    When I said "Don't feed the troll" to illin I meant don't continue arguing. I knew that was going to be misunderstood, I didn't mean to call you a troll.

    I'm not going to lecture you on if you have the right to flame or not flame, you know that **** already, Just keep the Q&A thread free from flame, if you not going to ask or answer just leave. We cool?
    Actually, I'm about to head off to bed. I've got to get up in about 5 hours.

    Don't worry Shaya, we'll probably get MUCH more time to talk over the weekend, if not sooner
    so what say you? (in regards to my txt)

    also you should start looking at another boost me thinks
    Couldn't remember the time zone gap between us. I'm 8 hours ahead.

    How about sometime that's tomorrow morning for you? So between 10 and 12 for you, and 8 and 10 for me.

    It's almost 2:40, and I'm very tired.
    Sure, but I prefer to do critiques over IM, so I can talk to a person, and discuss the match, instead of guessing at the mindgames, and go through everything piece by piece. Let me know a good time to meet you on MSN.
    Understandable Shaya. Sometimes a good break is all you need to clear your head and break old habits. Good luck.
    lol, it's not like I only critique one vid per person ever. Steel has me critique his stuff on AIM every once in a while. I'll critique whatever you link me too . . . within reason of course.
    Thanks, but unless I'm mistaken, I'm before you in time. It's 1:50am on Dec. 30 for me, lol. I'll get it in the morning.
    Eh, I use it on request. And it's 1:35 am here. I will critique your Marth, as I'm doing nothing tomorrow, but critiques take me very long, and I'm going to bed soon.
    Lol superboom is famous... top ten at ssb.

    I'm playing smoke2herbz next week.

    I only mm randoms in 64 cause I don't take the game seriously it's old as ****.
    just checking back on your wall.. you seem to have some people that care a little bit for you now. good to see, +10 points to your self confidence
    pshh man, nah, i don't smoke/do drugs/ drink i just take a break from playing
    na i just always play for longer than i really want to in hopes that i'll start wanting to again. I typically sandbag like none other in those games just making me more frustrated and then i end up stop playing all together. Then I'll usually come back like 20 min later un frustrated and can actually play for a reasonable amount of time. Brawl (amongst other games) does that to me, but I don't actually have anything against the game, it just gets frustrating frequently.
    And I frequently play games using only 1 attack when i don't feel like playing.
    SCOTU using marth fsmash 3x as much as Ankoku is just him sandbagging cause brawl can piss him off easily.
    Honestly we were both surprised because he had just wrecked my GW and my GW is much better then my MK lol.
    I appreciate the critique and I didn't just not pay attention to what you said. You made some good points but I still feel that ftilt is not that useful against diddy. My MK is not of higher caliber then that diddy at all. He can beat my main character GW consistently and placed 3rd while I placed 7th. He also beat like 7 MK players in brackets, some of which I have lost to. I have a general thought process going when I play and I don't like to use moves just because they are good. It didn't fit in with how I was playing at all. I understand it's uses and use it a lot in other match-ups but I believe a lot of MK players lose because they use it too often or even rely on it.

    I took everything else you said to heart, which is why I didn't comment on any of it but I will comment on things that I have been brought to my attention before and thing I have specifically thought out for the match-up.

    Appreciate the input :).
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