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  • Supposibly there is an "Australian back room". That has the Aus standard rule set discussed in. But I definately think at least a gotgames backroom needs to be created. Or the 'ASO' backroom?
    We should make a social group for Australian Tournament organisers.

    You, Me, CAOTIC, Mic_128, Jaz, Jamage, Cal- and Darkwing Sykeduk
    I sure do have a sexy blue name :O EVen though I think I'd like orange more :O
    We should wifi it up again sometime soon.

    Come to Queensland Brawl Buddies Shaya : 3
    hi Shaya,
    i think i'll join the competition and im a unsw student to boost, but im still not 100% sure yet, and can we pay on the day? outside the building or we have to still prereg and pay before hand? Put my name as huy
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