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  • thank you so much for standing up for me in that tier list thread. You have no idea how much that means to me. And yeah, I think it's funny how I basically said what Mango's been saying and then I'm the one who gets chewed out for it.
    Hey knihT, is it possible that you could check whether Roy's neutral B has a different hitbox when used aerially? if so could you include that in your work on him? Thanks loads

    2769 woodland creek loop, 34744, kissimmee, fl

    just text me and keep in tabs that way, it'd prob be the easiest way.
    Yah man thanks a lot. No shield stun + their hitlag is why parries are too good.

    Didn't expect there to be a 5 frame window though. I think thats bigger than ssb64. =E
    Dang, you play LoL? If you get a friend request from SunAboveClouds, thats me =]

    I'll get on critiquing your falco matches sometime, I've been busy with signing up for classes.
    It's pretty much the same as a normal WD to SH b-air or dashing then jumping. When you leave the ground after a SWD (with or without the moonwalk) it slows you way down since there's a limit to how much air speed a character can have and Samus' isn't nearly high enough for more than just a tiny amount to carry over.
    lol son you have a CAR? get up there
    I'm 14, you think it was easy for me to fly across the US
    I'm not even going to this with my parents, if I'm pulling that off your trip should be a cakewalk
    just carpool with other people from

    uhh where are you from
    Man up! I got my **** together a month before Genesis and managed to get there, you can make it halfway up the coast in 1 week
    Owning air space is pretty much the matchup. Do that and you're set. Remeber to smash missle on the lowest level, she can't run away and if she jumps you should be able to seeking missle her down.
    Just a note, the FC fair has sufficent shield stun to guarentee a grab. I mean it when I say don't count on a lot of OOS shield tricks.
    Peach advice? Sure!

    I know samus loves her cc, much like peach loves hers, so I try to bait that then punish with this one really gay attack that does like 70 damage. I have most trouble with seeking missles, Peach is mad slow, and bumping into little 5 damage projectiles tends to slow her down, also it keeps her grounded as it interupts her float. If I were to be the samus in this matchup, I'd try to play this entire match from across the stage. Save your charge shot for the one moment that you know it will land, generally peach players have consistent powershields. Use Smash Missles as kill moves on YS and at high percents.
    If you do need to approach/fight close up, remember to keep projectiles in the air. Once again, your seeking missles just sorta float in the air, and gives peach less movement options. Avoid the fair and other FC aerials.

    This is the clash of samus vs peach. Samus loves her OoS game, she has a wonderful up-b oos and can do all kinds of wd oos tricks, just look at HugS. Peach, though, is the queen of shield pressure. If she FC Nairs at a frame perfect rate (that I can almost hit!), your opponent cannot let down their shield. So technically, though Up-B oos is not negated, it is made much less effective. My advice would be wd oos back, and start spacing projectiles.

    Fsmash and Nair are close killers. Dair is good sometimes, but don't count on it.
    Luigi is a ground-type fighter. Most of the time, they'll approach you with a wavedash combined with either a jab to grab or a downsmash. You can crouch cancel the jab and downsmash of course and hit him with your downsmash. Its only good to crouch cancel Luigi's downsmash at 0% or really low percent. If not, you'll just get knocked to the floor. F-tilt is your best friend in this match lol. Don't f-smash much unless you know you can get the hit. Luigi can end up grabbing you out of shield or attacking you. So you can mindgame them into thinking you're going to do an attack and make them shield and grab them. Always downthrow of course.
    you should. i love how he portrays the characters. in his first trilogy its kinda stereotypical "some crazy good magic item shows up in an evil wizard's hands, go go good guys" but his legend of drizzt series is a really cool portrait of growing up in a totally backwards, evil society while trying to be a good-aligned character.
    yea i read a lot of them. i liked the legend of drizzt trilogy the best. his first books were the ones directly after that (the crystal shard trilogy) and you can definitely tell. they are worth the read though, he is a pretty good author.
    Your name is downright amazing and you should feel downright amazing.
    Ok. I admitted flat out that I was wrong because I got my information from the main AiB screen... And I looked at pools compared to bracket. But at least I admitted I was wrong. You, on the other hand, decided to continually be an ***.

    Sooo... I admit I'm wrong about something and you call me a *****? Seriously? Grow up.
    the topic is to busy for me to ask you so....was that semi's for winners or just a normal bracket set (m2k vs armada)
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