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  • in case u didnt get this on aim, im spamming it again. It's too important to be missed!

    : so I want to continue on in Final Fantasy 8
    : but I cant bring myself to
    : waste of your life
    : wow
    : i didnt have to stop you
    : good **** chris
    : no
    : * now
    : i must stop
    : phantomX
    : for wasting more of his precious time
    : with that rat****ed poor excuse
    : of a FF game
    : he's playing it too?
    : yes
    : poor *******
    : like
    : with that game
    : just watch the opening cutscene
    : then quit
    : thats the only good part of the game
    : haha


    I am pretty much guaranteed to go to FS8. I was gonna team with Dphat for it, but IDK if he is able to go or not. Once I get a definite yes/no from him today/tomorrow, I'd possibly be down with that.
    You are very wise. So many things you say turn out to be true. I'll explain someday if it's appropriate....
    Dear PhantomX:

    I duuno if you remember me from the pika boards, but I am now in Austin Texas visiting my relatives and got done msg'ing Hylian about any people who wanna play some friendlies around the Christmas holidays while we still are here. I main pika (obviously) and my bro mains ness and toon link. If you don't have any major events happening from Dec. 21-Dec.28 (other than Christmas of course ^_^), would you be open to play some friendlies sometime?

    Regardless of whatever happens.... Happy Holidays!
    :( i must find time for my PX...ill have to dump razer/dojo somewhere along the line so we can team...must find a tourney...
    I wasn't able to make HOBO 22 either, cause of family vacation.

    I've got plans to team with Infinity for FS8, for old times sake. We are going to get another shot at Broken Arrow.
    Thanks. And I'll only be gone a month!

    My friends are all super impressed by my DI now. They're killing me at like 180-200%, even with Squirtle. :p
    I get what you are saying. If its not too much trouble, can I just call her when we are close to houston and just meet at some place nearby?
    All I need is a ride there. My mum can just pick me up at the event whenever. She doesn't live too far away from the event and wouldn't mind getting me. And yeah I'm not completely sure if hes going or not. When he says maybe its usually a no, so I don't get my hopes up. lol It's not alpaca btw.
    actually juan i dont need the ride anymore we're gonna leave on tuesday after hobo, but thanks anyway <3333.

    I expect AT LEAST one friendly with you at hobo good sir
    lmfao when I was in middle school I use to read this japanese pokemon manga to practice my japanese reading and in it was a snobby Jigglypuff who had servants.... this one was a maid. It's a maid and it has glasses in the same shape as mine looooooooooool it's totally me, isn't it? :laugh:

    What's the date for hobo 22? I dont have anyone picked out to team with then, so lets do it!
    I gots me a premium account...
    Do you know where I can get the name change though? I can't find it for the life of me...
    Panelists exist to give weight to wins and losses and then rank people accordingly. Find some way to do it. We've never had issues with it. I've been a panelist for NJ since the spring of 2006. If you can't give weight to wins and losses, then the panel can't create an accurate list. It's not hard to apply your own opinion if you're knowledgeable about the scene. How much does beating Atomsk matter for a Texan? Anther? Reflex? These are things the panel has to figure out for themselves based on other rankings and what they know.
    I don't find it to be hard at all. A win over ksizzle for a TX player would be similar to beating Gnes or Razer, would it not? Panelists exist to give weight to wins. It is the one thing you have to do that a mere calculator can't.
    I'm deeply sorry for the delay. I was under university entrance exams (failed all of them =_=) and couldn't use my computer properly. The times I did I step'd by the Ganon boards. They are all posted and on! Hope you enjoy! =DD
    I got the snapshots, but some hitboxes are missing... Aerial NeutralB, SideB (since Brawl recognizes the bike as an item, not an attack), edge attacks, trip attacks and ground attacks (these are missing on the file I got). Where do I post them?
    lol man i need so much help i want to full gimp fiction left here in socail
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