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  • Oh yeah PX she's not my/your/our Wench. You can't be rough with her like you were with Sno.
    Hi, this is Yink! DMG sent a doppleganger.

    That's what he wanted me to tell you.
    yo sexy, i need help with the cgs, I can't seem to get the buffering right on any chars. I always eat Bowser's upB and wolf's shine. Any tips cause I think I may just be ********.
    hey PX

    what are wario's best oos moves?

    i keep using nair and i was wondering what else i should do
    I just remembered my grandparents live 43 minutes from the venue. If JoWii's up for it, we can stay for LT singles Saturday night and then crash at their place. Plus in the morning we'll get a free homecooked meal. :)
    Yeah. I'm just being super lazy about getting it done. I'll try to get some done either tonight or tomorrow for sure.
    Bug Greyfox. I gave him the replays awhile ago, including you vs. SkyPirate as well.

    If you have a way to get the replays yourself, or anyone in Austin can get them from online and onto their Wii, they're right here:

    Sorry to ask, but could you tell me what thread you merged the Ganon friend finder into? I need to use it as a model for the Jiggs.
    Hello PX, can you get a guy to help discuss a new mod for the n64 discussion, we need someone to help with stickies and locking topics
    I can try sending the replays to someone so they can be recorded. Otherwise, I can't get them online.

    And our set wasn't recorded because we didn't play on my Wii.
    What tourney was it you got 1st?

    Sucks you gotta quit, but MAN you are going to be loaded after 3-4 more years.


    I'll be sure to sneak in Jordans 12 Liter and your cherry coke :>
    OMG, yeah man Kingace's nado is uber gay. but he has been topped by an even gayer MK, his name is Dimmy. His nado use is like 75% of his game, lololololololol.

    And you best not have used my name cause I'm gay!!! Anyone who uses Wario has teh cojones.
    LOLOLL, I saw your team name, tooo good. At my next tourney, you should check the results, lolol.
    I don't know him nor did I ever met him. K@0S, Achoral and Charby know him in person so you're better of asking them

    naw i was thinking of asking u to team...but saw the posts on dphat page...plus i might not be able to go...so yeah

    i can stalk u if u want
    what u guys are talking about is funny...because zac/dojo are teaming again, not that it matters since i probably wont be going anyways
    Sorry PX, Zac called me for the next Phase. Right in front of Dphat too lmfao.

    If there is low tier doubles, then Double Ganon all the way.
    Some videos of X just showed up on the Sonic boards.

    He knows his stuff, but his opponents were...you know...
    They made bad choices.

    If these videos have any merit to X's abilities...
    Then you're gonna **** him. DownBs all day, you know?
    Actually I just recently got the first one! And I can only play it on weekends when I visit my hometown since my mom made me leave my ps3 there since my gpa was a 3.0 :(
    Oh PX that wasn't a shot at anyone personally, I was just honestly answering his questions. IDK what I would have done matchup wise without slikvik, Atomsk and NL because our boards just dont discuss things in terms of options and frames. I mean...its not a bad thing for ME, but it can be discouraging to people picking up new characters. As for picking up the other characters...I just have to agree to disagree.

    Thanks for the props at pound. It was really rough...craziest brackets ive ever seen D:

    Oh and I saw you lost to Jerm...that scares me because he challenged me to some money match @ Viridian like 3 weeks ago and I accepted. Is he some sort of wario slayer??? lemme know what I am getting into. >.<
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