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  • You should be able to find it at your local shop. Don't buy the red one, it has garbage cards. The green one has good cards.
    ill team with you if you want. im pretty sure you know a few sonic players, they should be able to vouch for how good I am.
    My name is ThatDudeMalcolm on AIM and you gotta readd me on league. U could add me on Skype too. I'm on that more often than AIM tbh. mmloclam is my Skype name. I'll give the wario boards another shot I guess. Idk what I can really add to it, but ill check stuff out.

    I deleted everyone outside of the 3 ppl that I played with everyday on LoL. Malceezy is da name. I'm down to play. I jus didn't like having 200 friends when I only played with 3 of them.
    Oh i would join the wario matchup thing but like...I don't really like the Wario boards online. Offline everyone is cool, but after I beat Coney I didn't like the way they talked about him online sooo I've kind of disowned the entire Wario boards. AIM me tho if you wanna talk about stuff. I jus don't look @ the boards.
    bassem2gud. If you're coming tomorrow (or by the time you read this, today) then can we please play a few friendlies? :103:
    Dang, I hear ya man. Well if you can make it out, lemme know! Somehow we've NEVER played each other.
    Dunno if you saw it but I quoted the advice you told me from the Q&A thread to the diddy mu thread.
    [COLOR="Magenta" man, i can't wait until my fuzzy pink teddy is back from the cleaners. i've really missed it and i can't win without it![/COLOR]
    You have uncharted 2, right? Have you ever played a competitive round and saved it? Trying to get that trophy w/o actually sitting there for 20 minutes, lol. Also need that co-op one :(
    Dphat is teaming with Phantom X for this. Guaranteed, confirmed.

    Which means we have to team and ****wreck them lol. Mostly Dphat though.

    Check my thread on Wario boards about Dthrow.

    Also, for FS8, do you want to team? I think we would do well.
    Haha, that's awesome. PX and I laughed pretty hard when he discovered that while playing me. :p
    I remember you mentioned while at HOBO about how Wario's metagame never changes, and I told you that it does grow at a steady rate... it's just slow. Here's something for you that I was fiddling around with the day before HOBO (when I was rested and playing well, haha).


    Don't take offense to my talk about "stealing" my ideas, btw. I just assume by default since I'm usually the only one that really provides anything of advancement on the boards that no one else is experimenting or figuring things out :P I know you're fairly risky on your own, it's just hard to control myself sometimes when I'm retardedly tired b/c our playstyles are so similar at times.
    I can team with you for doubles at HOBO 21. We can get some pratice on aib or something if you want.
    Hey, I was wondering if you did Wi-fi Brawls. I live in Oklahoma as well, so I figured the connection wouldn't be completely horrendous. I want to get some experience with some nearby players, to see if I should even bother going to tournaments most of the time XD
    Good stuff at No Koast, man. Kind of makes me sad I didn't go, two top 5 Warios would've been tight. DPhat says you fixed your dj dair problem... <3 people who listen. Now you gotta start incorporating my instant wipeout shenanigans and footstooling things on purpose, get some experience under your belt, and then I can retire happily, haha.

    Gimme your # too, that way next time I can help you with CPs if you need it... b/c RC against D3 player was a terrible idea, haha.
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