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  • check the PR group when u get a chance, my 2nd to last comment has a proposed list people are on board with, just need ur ok or nay if u have anything to add
    Apex is going to be scheduled down to the T so I don't see why we can't schedule other good matches to go to your setup.

    and yeah, I'm definitely down with having you do secondary recording at other tournaments and getting good matches. I'm gonna need you to be more vocal though. Find a match on the bracket you want to record. Tell me who it is and how far into bracket it is. and then I'll most likely approve it.
    De al
    It's an interesting Idea, but all hype matches at Apex will be played on the livestream. The matches being on youtube are important but that' s secondary to matches being played on the live stream.
    But my point is you have limited time and can only choose some of the games you want. Redirect the ones you can't get to my setups

    Ally really has no right to complain. I made him wait to play winners finals so we could have top 8 on the stream(Something every major fighting game tournament does and their players don't complain at all) I'm down for having you record matches. But there's no way you're gonna be taking high priority matches like top 8
    Don't worry, I'm not asking for finals and semi finals, but I might be asking for quarters but for non-Apex events. Top 8 through both brackets takes 14 or 15 sets. How long is the average Brawl set? How long is the average best of 5 Brawl set? 11x(best of 3) + 3x(best of 5) is a long time. Assuming the average game's length is 5 minutes, the soonest top 8 both brackets can end would be (3x5 + 11x3)x5 = (15 + 33)x5 = 240 minutes. That's 4 hours. At best

    Finals + semis = 3x(bo5) + 3x(bo3)
    At fastest, it should take = (3x3 + 3x2)x5 = (9 + 6)x5 = 75 minutes

    Finals + semis + quarters = 3x(bo5) + 3x(bo3) + 6x(bo3)
    At fastest it should take = (3x3 + 3x2 + 6x2)x5 = (9 + 6 + 12)x5 = 135 minutes

    Also, I think Ally was complaining about a WQ set vs Malcom in the thread. That's what I was referring to
    Want to team record for Apex?

    Rapture came up with this idea for a hype set coordinator, where someone looks at the bracket for hype sets that should get recorded and directs them to recording/streaming setups. Ally mentioned in the KTAR6 results thread that he didn't want to wait in line to play and if he played on my setup, people would be able to see him on youtube. Combined we have 3 setups so we can get 3x the amount of good videos
    Hey, I'm trying to improve my G&W, so I've decided to practice techniques and options. I am trying to perfect the G&W nair out of down throw. How do I properly buffer dash? : / I also want to work on other things? Have any ideas? I really want to get better. Thanks
    Regarding Meta-game Minute 13: Since you can't grab the ledge while tilting your control stick downward, won't you still be free falling even if you c-stick down? I believe this can also be useful for SDI (example: Lucario) since your character doesn't necessarily fast fall due to the control being tilted downward.

    BTW: I appreciate all of your videos (even your mvc3/mk9 videos, although I'm not sure you were realistic with the "Hulk clap")
    Hey dude, I don't know if you saw my response to your post on the G2 info dump. Could you forgive me for blaming the stream issues on you and VGBC?

    I meant no personal slight, and I spoke out of ignorance. It's my fault.

    I'm sorry if you wanted to more detail. I'll make sure to contact you immediate after I make the thread to see if it will interest you.

    I believe I might have something interesting for your MMin videos. I'll be making a thread about it in the lab after I collect some more information on it.

    I got DKs invincible up-b toward the stage down to about 30% consistancy. I don't think I can get more consistent with a 1 frame window. I judge based on the skidding sound DK makes while turning around.

    I can't seem to get it moving off a platform or away from the stage though. only got it once in an hour and a half. is there some sort of visual cue I could look for? like a flash of the shield or something?
    top 8'd.

    got 7th place. Lost to pikapika (4th) and Smooth Viper (2nd place) My team was blowing kids up tho. some of my matches, I just kinda felt bad going in as hard as I did. lol. It was around 35 people.
    I finally did something decent at a marvel tourney to back up all the big game i was talkign before. lol
    Metagame Minute Idea

    It should be about move decay. It takes 9 to restore. When some moves are decayed they don't function normally (see throws) and on the fourth use you get more "umph" than the previous 3 (if first didn't kill, second wont, third wont, fourth will).

    Also touch on how windboxes interact with stage parts like Smashville balloon, Yoshi shy guys, brinstar pieces, and green greens blocks.
    Lol, I said "MetaGame Minute, how NOT to fight Snake" and people started laughing and making there own dumb MetaGame Minute jokes haha, it was all in good fun no hate.
    oh the turnip stool bair lock stuff and the sh dair dj footstool float cancel weak bair turnip pull sh dthrow insta throw nair glide toss fair. no commas ftw loool. i can do that. well one thing i haven't done in a while (coz i haven't rly dair'd someone w/ turnip in hand at low percent in a while) is the float dair dj dthrow, insta throw, nair (potential follow ups if i recatch turnip w/ nair).
    yo, you shud spill the beans on that extremely technical stuff. i got a tourney this sat. ;O
    Hey GIMR, are you going to do a Metagame minute on punishing MK and Snakes moves along with showing those characters hitboxes as well or what? Also you should check this video out A New Kind of Blues: A Reflection on the Future of the Fighting Game Community.

    Were you interested in participating? I want to recruit you and Hylian since you already have lab access. But if you're busy making those Metagame Minutes, I'd understand. Let me know because if you don't want to, I'm going to recruit one person from the IC boards.

    I'd probably ask if you were interested in G&W as well when the time comes.
    Hey, is there a possibility that you're available this Monday at 10pm EST? We at Directional Influence would love to have you on the show to talk about the Metagame Minute. Lemme know.
    Did you test if the crouch cancel reducing hitlag interupts some natural combos?

    BTW thanks for these minutes, they're really helping. I strike BF all the time now since I can't tech the slip lol
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