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  • Can't you send me the GCT file you were using? I'd like to make sure I have the same one.
    Yo man hook me up with those Brawl+ codes you were using. Can you PM them to me, or email (, or AIM (jcaesar007superg)? Thanks.
    hey you don't know me but i want to talk to you ::: my name is therman you can call me 443-468-9562 is important thank you
    hey im interested in coming to btyf and im not on the interested people list lol
    Looking at your thread, and it said you couldn't find Milln. That's because Milln is Infi-tan.
    I pm'd you on aib about registration to Brawl Till you Fall with obvious errors >_< please go read
    Alright, cool, what exactly do you mean by momentum, and how does this code set differ from the others?
    Oh wow, you haven't tried out the Plussery sets yet!?! You neeeeed to try it, you are going to love it! Let me know if you have any questions or want to chat on irc or aim.
    We (as in the B+ back room) are going to try and have the best available codeset for you before your tourney. It will hopefully be our Gold Release. Do you have an email you check frequently or should I PM it to you here on smashboards when the time comes?
    Nevermind you are right. I forgot his U-smash is a double hit. But the cool thing is that you can get a lot of these moves teched with complicated DI's. My bad.
    Hey nice name...I´m Teaddiction here at teh boards, but my Smasher name is S.O.G. wich stand for SOLDIER OF GOD! Steve Fee says we´re the people of God, yeah!.
    Hey man, many thanks for the invite! But I main Zelda AND Sheik (and my Zelda is better for the most part), would you mind putting both of them on the invite? xD I have no idea if I'll be able to come though. =(
    You gonna do the invite thing for all characters?

    Who do you have in mind for GW? :)
    im fine with waiting. hopefully people will be talkin about ur tourney around the boards to get pumped up and what not.
    So exactly how big is this tourney gonna be?
    You've got me interested.
    I can't attend but it seems cool.
    Yo, GIMR whats up? I won't be going to a lot of tourneys in the upcoming months, just MAGfest gaming convention on the new years, but I thought maybe we should team sometime. We could be "God is our Rock". Double G&W or I could do R.O.B. or Metaknight or Fox. Good to have a few people in the community to help with ministry, as the game sometimes makes me lose focus on what's important.
    I'm not sure where Slik lives but I live in the Pasadena area, I grew up in Laurel though and went to school with Slik with out even realizing it.(He was two grades above me). I like Melee just as much as I like brawl(I still main G&W). I just haven't played in a while. I'm in Laurel often though
    cool man, i'll probably see ya sometime during winter break since i'll be down in md hopefully for a week or so, im sure i'll see slik, you live near him right? i wish i played brawl just for the sake of playing with you guys but i am all melee haha, however, im sure we can find something to do
    im surprised slikvik didn't tell you about me, yes i am a christian, i didn't have the luxury of growing up in a church, but I became a christian late 17 years old, some pretty intense personal things, but all in all, I saw the light, and I realized who God was and saw how selfish i was, been going to church ever since and has been involved with some ministries in maryland
    Not sure. Don't really have a car or a way to get out there, so probably not. Also I'm not sure how many Melee tournaments there are going on. I don't play Brawl anymore.
    Wow, since Gimpyfish pointed it out to me I keep seeing more and more Christian smashers. Pretty crazy stuff.
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