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    Ruleset Changes V1.2

    Probably no voting on this one. Good arguments on both sides and there isn't enough data Imo to support a change. I also don't feel like this particular change is an easy one to have an informed opinion about. It requires a ton of research for one data point and ton speculating on a data point...
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    Ruleset Changes V1.1

    Coaching between sets of grand finals Players should most definitely be allowed to be coached between grand finals sets. They count as completely separate wins in rankings and all other in between set coaching is allowed. If the 2 sets aren't treated differently in any other regard they...
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    Learn Audible Tech Chasing with GimR's Latest Video

    Yeah it could have been a little better. Hard to do legit scientific experiments with multiple people though.
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    GimR: The Case For Legalizing "Custom Miis"

    It was on purpose but my argument for her isn't as Strong
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    GimR: The Case For Legalizing "Custom Miis"

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    Social The Gates of Hell: Bayonetta Social Thread

    I got some good stuff coming out soon in my normal in depth style
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    I made a G&W Discord group This is supposed to be a never expiring invite
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    I made a G&W Discord group

    Discord is like 10 better than Skype so let's start using it for live chatting etc! Click the link to join:
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    Matchup impressions as of 8/6/15

    Honestly, I think Metaknight wins the neutral pretty hard and hard punishing his down B is difficult too
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    Utility of down air

    Recently I've been implimenting run off d-air to catch people's 1 frame. G&W's spike has the best Strength of spike / active hitbox ratio in the game. The thing comes out on frame 10 and the spike part is active for sooo long. It makes it really easy to react to recoveries and punish. I love it :3
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    Matchup impressions as of 8/6/15

    FUNDAMENTALLY UNWINNABLE (The Dastardly Four) Diddy [G&W does insanely well against diddy compared to the other good characters. I think the matchup is een TBH Sheik [Probably his worst matchup for now] Fox [Now that Fox can't jab jab up smash G&W I think this matach up is only slightly in Fox's...
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    Social Mr. Game & Watch Social - The Flat Zone

    I agree with a lot of what you're saying but "anyone on Michigan's PR?" That's laughable
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