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  • behold the rare serious fazdude status

    My computer's been having some battery issues as of late (it can now only go two hours off a full charge as opposed to 5-6 from a few days ago), and I've been thinking of refreshing my Windows 10, since I heard that can resolve the issue. If you've done something like this, can you confirm if this would help my battery problem?
    who wants to join my new creation thread: you're only allowed to make movesets for freddy fazbear
    discord going down right when it’s time for my next class and starting to come back right when i get back from said class is both infuriating and funny to me
    Oh, I guess today is my one year Smashboards anniversary. Huh. Neat.

    Seriously, though, even though I've only really been around for the past few months, I'd like to thank everyone in the community for being cool and giving me a place to talk about one of my favorite video game franchises. Y'all the real ones.
    I’ve been trying to spruce up my Smash Ultimate experience, so I came up with a fun little game for Quickplay. It’s designed with 1v1s in mind, but if people like this, I can share the rules for 1v1v1s, 1v1v1v1s, and team battles.
    • You start with three characters in your “party”. You can either pick them out yourself or have RNG pick them out for you.
    • If you win a match against a character you don’t have in your party, you add them to your party and can now play as them.
    • If you lose a match, you must exile them from your party.
    • Optional rule: If you win with a character, give them a tally. Once you get five tallies with a character, you can trade them in for an “extra life”, meaning you can lose a match with them without kicking them out of the party.
    • The goal is to get every character on the roster in your party, but since that’s never gonna happen, I’m mainly trying to see how matches I can go without losing everybody..
    I have mixed feelings about Microsoft’s purchase of Activision. On one hand, Microsoft buying all of these studios has worrying implications for the industry, but on the other, the pressure on Activision to not be such an awful company will be much greater, judging by Phil Spencer’s reactions to what happened with the company last year. It’s both good and bad news, really.
    Finished that Smash x Bloons TD franchise pack; Give it a look if you want.
    Just something I feel like people need to be aware of.

    Uno (Nintendo Switch, no DLC installed) - 4.0 GB
    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Nintendo Switch, all DLC characters + most Mii costumes downloaded) - 3.7 GB

    I want to know how this even BEGINS to happen

    EDIT: Okay so it's because Ultimate's 3.7 GB is actually just DLC and most of the game's data is stored on the cartridge. Shoulda thought about that; That one's on me.)
    I'm sorry guys, but I just need to get something off my conscience.

    I don't hate We Don't Talk About Bruno. I think it's a good song. I just get the sinking feeling that it'll become the next Let It Go popularity-wise, and I really, REALLY hope that doesn't happen.
    hey remember that status from a while back where i said mario party fills me with limitless rage

    it was kinda hyperbole then but this game i'm in rn has me SEETHING

    like... i got warp blocked RIGHT before getting a star twice. absolute nonsense
    After thinking about it for a bit, I think a theoretical Nintendo Kart would be alright as long as it was a seperate entity from the mainline Mario Kart games while having its own identity and not just being "Mario Kart but with other Nintendo characters".

    I dunno, a Nintendo kart racing crossover just doesn't feel as exciting as Smash, where you get the characters in full rather than just sitting in cars. Again, I'm not against the idea by any means; I just don't feel that much excitement over it, nor do I think it should take over what Mario Kart is.
    Oh, by the by, I wanna recommend a nice little platformer game I picked up a while ago. It's called Annalynn.

    It's this charming arcade-style romp; Good pixel art, great music, and really fun and challenging gameplay. Plus, there's an surprising amount of unlockables (although you'll have to be a god at the game to get most of them).

    It won't keep you entertained for hours if you're not going for 100% completion, but you can do worse with five bucks.
    Okay, I'mma try and play Garfield Kart and Portal tomorrow (if the COVID booster I got today doesn't knock me out for the entire day lol)
    i've got a ton of unplayed games on steam and i'm trying to change that; which should i go for first
    • Bloons TD Battles 2
    • Chex Quest HD
    • Dragon Ball FighterZ
    • Garfield Kart - Furious Racing
    • Henry Stickmin Collection
    • Little Nightmares
    • Portal (the first one)
    • Sonic Adventure DX
    • Sonic Adventure 2
    • Tomb Raider
    • Ultimate MvC 3
    • Yakuza 0
    Okay, I know I said that I was gonna try and find/make threads for future movesets, but I just had an alright idea for a moveset for Team Fortress 2's Engineer which mainly focuses on his special moves. Seeing how I put less effort into it than my Waluigi moveset, I decided to just make it a profile post for now (maybe I'll post it on a proper thread if I decide to go full throttle with the idea).

    • Gimmick: Metal / Upgrading
      • The Engineer has a Metal counter on his HUD. He starts each stock with 200 Metal (which is also the maximum he can have at any given time), and can gain more through various means. For now, I'll just say that attacking opponents is the best way to gain Metal.
      • Metal is used as part of the Engineer's Neutral and Down Specials, which allow him to build sentires and dispensers respectively, and are a neccesary resource to even use them in the first place.
      • Metal is also used as part of the Engineer's upgrading system, allowing him to spend Metal to upgrade his sentries and dispensers. Both sentries and dispensers start at Level 1, and every 200 Metal they get will bring them up a level, maxing out at Level 3.
    • Jab: The Engineer's jab is his only basic attack I'll go over this time, but that's because it's fairly important to his gimmick. It is a single-hit wrench swing. While it's rather slow for a jab (although it has enough attack power to compensate), hitting your sentires and dispensers allow you to upgrade them if you have the Metal for it (each hit puts 25 Metal from the Engineer's supply into the building).
    • Neutral Special: Sentry
      • The first time it is used, the Neutral Special has the Engineer place a sentry at his current location at the cost of 100 Metal. Once built, the Sentry will fire at opponents which enter its range, dealing non-flinching damage and giving the Engineer a small amount of Metal per hit. Upgrading a sentry will cause its power and range to increase.
      • However, it is important to keep in mind that opponents can attack the sentry and eventually break it.
      • Using the neutral special while a sentry is out will destroy it, causing a damaging explosion. In addition, the Engineer will gain 20 Metal.
    • Side Special: Shotgun
      • The Engineer simply takes out a shotgun and fires it forwards, dealing damage and fixed knockback. It's more of a "get off me" tool than a kill option, but it can buy you time to upgrade your buildings or make a hasty retreat.
    • Up Special: Teleporter
      • The first time it is used, the Engineer places a teleporter entrance at his current location at the cost of 50 Metal. Unlike the sentry, teleporters cannot be destroyed. However, building an entrance can only be done while the Engineer is on the ground.
      • The next time it is used, the Engineer uses a teleporter exit to warp back to the entrance after some start lag. After he reemerges, both the entrance and exit will be destroyed, and the Engineer will build an entrance the next time the Up Special is used again.
      • If the Engineer happens to use the Up Special in midair without an entrance at the ready, it acts more as a standard teleport recovery, although with less range than most. On the bright side, using it this way is free, so the Engineer will never be without a recovery.
    • Down Special: Dispenser
      • The Engineer builds a dispenser at his current location at the cost of 100 Metal. However, it functions much differently than it does in TF2, as the dispenser's healing properties would make the Engineer way too campy for Smash. Rather, the Dispenser boosts the amount of Metal the Engineer gets with his attacks, with upgrading the dispenser increasing this boost further. In addition, the Engineer can passively gain Metal by standing next to a dispenser.
      • Using the Down Special while a dispenser is out will just destroy it in the same vein as the sentry.
    Okay random question; Who is the first character that pops into your mind when you hear "Super Smash Bros."?
    Considering future movesets I may or may not do, should I restrict them to my personal posts (like this one) or try and find threads for them (which might be hard, since a lot of them have been locked down because of Ultimate's end iirc)?
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