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  • What white costume? You mean the light blue one? And the video is from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (better than it sounds).
    Of course he can be more manly without the knee. He has the largest hammer* in the game.

    I've been playing Dedede off and on since Brawl came out. Over the summer I started going back and forth between maining him and Metaknight. I didn't really dedicate myself to Dedede until around August when the MK ban issue started up. I always found Dedede more fun to play anyway, I only picked up Metaknight to handle Dedede's bad matchups. Recently though I've started playing Game & Watch and I really like him, so I may end up just using MK in dire situations (like against other MKs).

    As for the infinite, I really don't care about whether it's banned or not. The best way to perform the infinite is to set the C-stick to grab (Bricksticking) which I don't do anyway. This results in me only ever Small Step chaingrabbing DK, but there's not much of a difference in the long run since almost nobody uses Mario, Luigi, Bowser, or Samus in tourney anyway. If they ban the infinite, these matchups will become favorable for those characters, but it still probably won't be enough to turn the match in their favor since they can just be chaingrabbed normally (except Luigi, which is very interesting indeed).

    I also think that instead of banning infinites entirely that they could just change their parameters for them. The limit on the infinite grab does not need to go to 300% when bthrow kills below 250%. They could also put time constraints on it, like it must end after 30 seconds and can't be performed again for another 15 seconds, but that might just make things more confusing.

    As for color...I just use the default lol. CO18 uses purple and Seibrik and Fogo both use pink and I don't wanna make it seem like I'm more of a fanboy of theirs than I actually am. None of the other alts are good either, so yeah.

    And "You're too slow" is not effective, just annoying. Except against Inui. But otherwise it just sucks.

    *The hammer is his *****.
    What isn't flashy? Best taunt in the game that he can attack out of, Gordos, Killing with a smash, especially fsmash, is so rare that when it actually happens it's a great sight, Waddle Doos, Dededecide, Waddle Dees...Haven't you seen Tank McCannon's guide on him?

    Dedede is a beast.
    Dedede is a baller.
    Dedede surpasses Melee Falcon in Manliness.
    Dedede is what every other character wants to be. Metaknight even wishes he were Dedede, if only so people would complain about him less.
    Dedede is the only character in the game who has 9 matchups that are auto-wins for him. That's nearly a quarter of the cast rolling over and dying to the most powerful penguin in the history of time.

    In short, Dedede is Too Good.
    Playstyle definitely. He's the flashiest character in the game. I like the Kirby games but I wouldn't call myself a fan.
    Yeah. Everyone thinks I main MK though cause of the avvy, the sig, and since I post a lot on the MK boards. I only do that because the Dedede boards are ****ing dead though lol.

    Why do you ask?
    lol thanx ^^ really its just too interesting isn't it?? ^^ at least to me... but I'm a total scifi geek lol
    More often than not I just play lots and lots of characters, constantly switching between matches. I'll play Random against people I'm sure I can beat almost every time though and the last tournament I played full Random in I got Ganondorf three times. Once against a Lucas, then against Affinity's Meta Knight, then against KY's Pit. I took third.
    I used to main ROB and DDD, but now I honestly do main Random. I've even used Random in tournament and placed with it on multiple occasions.
    Hey, I get home around 5pm mon-friday but I am pretty crazy busy this week as well as this weekend. Maybe some day next week after 5?
    Nah I'm not a Wolf Main. The line in my sig references to JCCC2 my first big brawl tournament where I played only Wolf (and a little Jiggz). I beat J. Turley there, this Marth player, using little beyond Fsmash, Laser, and Dsmash. He threw a fit lol
    Think of it as kind of like Pikachu's UpB. Do it one direction then another and you'll wind up on a ledge and you can go up and down with it. It's tons of fun. xD
    I may have the power to do so, but I would have no idea how to do it. I looked in the AdminCP and didn't see anything about the Social Groups, so I really have no idea. Sorry.
    Yeah NE is definately THE hotspot IMO for vintage play.

    I could tolerate 15 proxies... power+workshop/drains depending on what deck I run. Vintage is a lot of fun to play considering the nature of the format, but it's tough in my area.
    Getting a hold of Drains/Workshops just blows... I'd just proxy power but since most Vintage tournies allow a 10 proxy limit I'd have to get those mentioned cards. Getting Forces wasn't that bad (about $20 each getting good deals on them) but it's a ***** to get the rest of the money cards.. Then again nobody plays Type 1 here because hardly anyone can afford anything and would rather play Type 2. :/
    Propaganda pretty much slows down Goblins all by itself... it buys me too much time to draw cards and win the game.
    I don't think Inui plays MTG.

    Inui has said a lot of funny stuff like "god bless Snake the MK killer" or "god bless 1 frame grenades" so I said "god bless Propaganda" because that card has singlehandely won games for me by halting an opponent's army of creatures. :p

    Plus, Propaganda is my avatar. I love that picture.
    The fact is, no matter how you try to say otherwise, a thread about fetishes has nothing else to discus but sex. Talking about being gay doesn't have to be about having gay sex (and in fact, the thread has been closed a number of times due to inappropriate discussion)

    Gay =/= just sex

    fetishes = just sex

    swf = no threads about sex
    Try talking directly to the mod first, and see if the situation can be cleared up. If this doesn't solve the problem, use the Forum Disputes room near the bottom of the main page.
    Because one is just that they like guys over girls, but the other is talking about sexual acts.
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