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  • Um, I can play everyone at a simple level, but (was) decent with G&W, bowser, and wario. Though video games were banned from college game room, so I haven't brawled vs anyone decent in awhile.

    I play magic...I don't have time to keep of with tourneys, and most of my cards are too old/ on banned lists to be in line with the most common tourney types, but yeah, I play.

    Um, AIM is st viers
    D"wanna brawl? IRL, I mean. Since we live in the same area and are comparable ages."
    V"I dunno. melee perhaps ^_^--live anywhere near the (T)?"
    D"I only play Brawl these days. Nvm, lol."
    V"nah that [was] a joke--I just don't own brawl. I play it though, when other people are ^_^"

    You never got back to me, man =P
    I do play Magic, not competitively though because we dont follow any REAL card we pretty much play all cards cept the obviously broken ones xP

    And my picy is a secret ;D Sexy Cook is Sexy
    Yo Deoxys when do you get here? I'll prolly leave late tommorow or Sunday.

    Also, I just read one of you'r messages again and realized that you asked if I had a TV, which I don't.

    Worst comes to worse though, we could connect the wii to one of the monitors in the furnald PC lab, lololol.

    I also realized today that you had been IMing me alot and I hadn't responded lolz =/ You IMed me usually when I was sleeping(I had finally fixed my sleeping schedule) and left my computer on =/. I thought it might be you, but I didn't recognize your SN at first because I kept on thinking your SN for AIM was just Deoxys, lawl.
    I made one in the thread, but I put it beneath the... the... pointy grain hat thing.

    On top would look weird, but lemme see...
    Ask Ace, I am sure he wouldn't mind especially if you could meet at my house. Your car would be safe since my Dad is a cop and its not bad here. If you can just get in touch with me if you are going and I will tell you what time to get here.
    depends on the work of the hormone. generally speaking, sexual maturation and changes in the brain are spurred by the pituitary galnd during puberty. as such, if the hormone works like it should, by the time it is needed, the antiodies against it would already have been cleared.

    I have taken stats. 2 quarters. I slept through it for the most part, but good enough to get As. not that that means much. But I understand the concepts. I have not seen the studies to which you refer so I can't speak to the P-Value of said study. However, bunches and bunches of case studies (pharmacy major) have shown me that it doesn't always even matter if the corrolation is high if the methodology leads the validity of the study to be questionable.

    Also. corrolation is a slippery slope. Corrolation says that people with bigger heads are smarter. This is due to the fact that kids have smaller heads than adults and adults are almost always smarter. but, guys also tend to have larger heads than women... so taking that corrolation as fact would mean that men must be smarter than women right? See where the danger is?

    the antibody/hormone theory is just that. a hypothetical one at that. it's a hypothetical antibody against a hypothetical hormone and that would be a viable explanation. Unfortunately, it's all theory craft without testing :ohwell: and while it would explain things, there's absolutely no proof of it at all for it... just someone saying that if it were true it WOU:D explain things. but until all this is tested. no one can even say that hormone or that antibody even exist... much less that they cause homosexuality. just that it appears to be more likely in families that already have a gay kid
    unless people have done human expiriments using the hormone, all you have is a correlation which may or may not support your claim. but you cerainly don't have proof and you don't have definitive support. you have a theory. and a theory with holes in it.

    Whatever environmental factors lead to the first boy being gay were likely still in place when the 2nd boy was growing up... plus his older brother, a natural role model, is gay... that can seriously muck up the unbiased nature of such an observation. Even when multiple kids int he same family ARE gay, it does no more to suggest hormone deficiency than it does to suggest favourable environment. Only way THAT could be overcome is to switch babies with another family at birth and see which, if either turns out gay. And that is severely against all sorts of ethical practices. And momies antibodies don't seem a likely place to look for answers. if it's her own hormones she's stopping, then she has some serious auto immune problems. and if it's her son's... well, that makes less sense since antibodies won't stop him from producing the hormones and won't stay in his blood after birth.

    Fact is we don't know WHAT causes it. Any theory is just that. A theory. And considering there is no proof suggesting it IS a hormone deficiency besides a hunch, then, no, you can't say for sure that's what causes it. Once the certain answer pops up in one of my medical journals, I'll believe you, but until then, you have no proof.

    Cetainly all that link showed me was more skepticism of your theory considering how dead wrong it was.

    I won't deny that it's possible that some genetic anomly could predispose someone to homosexuality, proof that that is the sole factor is severely lacking.
    My hair grows clockwise, my thumb and pinkie of both hands have the same fingerprint density, my ring finger is longer than my index finger, I'm right handed and not even close to being ambidexterous. According to that, I'm completely straight.

    which would make sense seing as it's not a hormone deficiency that makes you gay. It's not something you can decide, of course, but it's not a genetic disorder. most credible theories I've heard tend to suggest sexuality is determined after birth but before the kid grows that much. Think of those first five years of life. that's prime molding time. Whether or not genetics play any sort of part, they do not make gay men look physiologically any different from straight men.

    By the way we hold ourselves, emote and dress then, yes, perhaps, we can give ourselves away. but otherwise no. you put 2 naked men in a coma so they can't emote or hold a posture or allow their attire to influence you... you will have no idea which one is gay and which is straight. even with those you can only hypothesize since being gay doesn't MAKE you act or dress a certain way.
    Shaymin is pretty cool, but I don't really play pokémon as much as I used to. I just haven't gotten around to changing it.
    Uhhh... getting my friend to sleep over would be difficult, but I will probably be able to convince him to stay really really late lol. I will get back to you once I hear from him.

    These are the times I wish I could drive my self places. I'm working on it!
    I'm gay. not bi. just gay :chuckle: And, yes. That's me and that's my real, unphotoshopped tongue. it's just covered in blue snowcone... and gay people aren't physically different from straight people so far as I know. <.< we both come in all shapes and sizes.

    you could have just checked my groups and posts to figure out I was gay though :laugh:
    I go by Vyse is tourneys and Diddy is by far my most used Character.

    Um, we did discuss anime for a bit. My favourites are oldies like Evangelion and Berserk.
    Rainbow cruise also often puts sonic directly above and below MK, where Sonic has the advantage over him. MK cant effectively use shuttle loop against Sonic. If sonic has any time to react at all, then MK will be hit out of shuttle loop with spring. Shuttle loop only has priority on its startup frame which is invincible. Thats only a single frame After that, Sonic can just

    However, I don't play on counterpicks enough. Generally though, it seems Sonic's fair pretty well against MK on rainbow cruise from what I've seen. Battlfield is likely much harder because it stops homing attack from punishing nado often, and prevents the safest allowed by springing. It also overall encourages lateral aerial combat, where Sonic definitely does lose out.
    Sonic is by nature a punishment character, but that isnt necesarily a bad thign when you're one of the few characters than can punish MK. ModernDayMercutio doesn't post there. But he has trouble against MKs IIRC from when I last played him. Most Sonic's do. I just don't think its that hard tho. Fair isn't a problem if you know how to powershield. Most sonic's approach with shieldgrabs, something which is quite punishable by sonic(16 frames of end lag on fair if not autocancelled, and even still you cud be grabbed by then). Sonic's bair generally at least matches the range of MK's aerials, and MK doesnt have the best aerial mobility. Yea he can fly, but his airspeed is poor. He can't effectively chase Sonic, especially with his odd recovery nature. Sonic on the other hand combos into MK well because of the shape of his hurtbox, and can chase him well. MK is lighter than sonic, and sOnic essentially removes one of his kill moves

    Its all about who the quicker player is really. MK prolly has an advantage, but I don't think its that much. P
    Oh and by we, i mean much of the sonic boards, not everyone. And they do so because we get way too many people asking the difference between SideB and DownB, and telling us how dtilt stops all of Sonics approaches, Tornado and shuttle loop destroys Sonic(when sonic destroys shuttle loop and tornado...) and etc.
    I think I might be around. do you have somewhere we could play? I dont have a wii in my dorm, so yea. Should be fun =] But I'll let you know if I'll be able to.

    BTW, excuse the rudeness of the Sonic boards. We tend to be pretty darn rude to newcomers

    And I guess its kind of a pre-john, but I am by no means one of the best Sonics. MK is less of an issue when the Sonic has precise timing, as Sonic is only of the only characters that can actually punish an opening by MK.

    But sure I'd like to play an MK live. Speaking purely through theory though, there is no reason MK is a hard counter to Sonic, or at least from my analysis. I don't even think he's a soft counter. But yea. Hopefully I'll see you around though ^_^
    A lot of my friends have finals this week, but Slash and I don't so if you pick a day me and him could come over any maybe Ace.
    It's not a true combo, its just something that you can catch your opponent off-guard with every once and a while with.

    I don't have any specific % data on it, but you're most likely to pull it off on opponents around 95-100%.
    yep, I'm free next week during the week, so give me some days and I will see if I can officiate them soon.
    Nope, nope. It's currently in stasis until I figure out what's wrong with it. Don't worry about it though--mine has nothing to do with yours so we're solid.
    I'll talk to my friends and see if they want to go over your house tomorrow. I def can't tonight, and since tomorrow is sunday its the end of the weekend. I will get back to you once I asked them.
    Custom controls isn't a bad thing in Melee. In Brawl you couldn't quite survive without it. MK is kind of annoying. And l-cancelling isn't as bad as it sounds. I like it now that I've learned it.
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