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  • And could we do it friday? because i haz school and stuffz, and i would be off for the weekend if we did it friday. =3
    well we never have a problem if people come over. so if you want to come over thatll be awesome. do you have any people you would like to bring? cuz we have two t.v's so we would just need you to bring your wii.
    lol i would love to go to both, but it's my brothers' choice and he hate going to every tourney i point out, so its only once a month. so most likely ESAM's.
    Hey what ZP are you going to next? cuz we're either going to the one on the 9th(R@vyn's tourney) or the one on the 30th(ESAMS tourney).

    But what ever one has the bigger crowd is the more likely one we will go to.
    well you can come over any time you want. if you really want to then i can give you our address and stuff, but we usually never go out to play brawl unless it's for a tourney. but anyone is always welcome over our house. =3
    ***** YOU ASKED ME A BLATANT QUESTION. wtf is this bull**** like thats mean, if you dont want a honest answer LOL.
    i believe he recorded winner's finals with him. they split grand finals so that's all he played
    No, I just hate this whole, "being a **** on the internet is cool" thing.
    For all I know, you might be a complete D-bag, but from the one big post of yours I read, you just seemed exited and optimistic. Than Neo, like always, had to be a ******. You reacted accordingly, then someone called you mad, which is also ********, because you completely deserved to be angry.

    Not sarcastic.
    1. MK
    2. Snake
    3. Diddy
    4. Marth
    5. Pikachu
    6. King Dedede
    7. Ice Climbers
    8. Wario
    9. Lucario
    10. G&W
    What do you mean by personal top 10 tier list? Like my best 10 characters or what I think are top 10?

    Also, I didnt' play Neo, but I played Mikehaze in a friendly set and 2-1'd him.
    Don't sweat it, I should just not address people the way I do. I never really try to troll though (apart from the critique thread that one time), and I'll usually have good intentions with what I post. It's just kinda my style to prove other people wrong instead of coming with too many new insights myself because I'm pretty terrible as viewing things from another person's perspective (which pretty much means I expect everyone to know the same things I do, which is a wrong way to approach people). I'm just rather 'good' at proving others wrong, I guess, but if you look at my posts you'll see they usually work towards contributing.

    Anyway, all this will sort itself out when we meet at Apex, I'm actually a pretty cool guy :)
    I don't really like it. I don't get no special buzz when i win anymore. The money is nice, that's about it.
    Just click the other name twice and it will switch winners. You can also right click on the match and hit "clear result".
    What venue are having in mind for your tournies? I just saw your post in the ZP topic and for half-******** reasons I'm unable to play at ZP or any venue that's within the same neighborhood until I can start driving on my own (blame my mom lolol). Just wondering since depending on where you're hosting them, I may actually be at least somewhat active in SFL til I get my car hah.
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