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Recent content by Albert.

  1. Albert.

    FL Social Thread:You Mad, You Lose.

    Yo what's up? I just got such a nostalgia trip seeing certain usernames and stuff like HBox's sacred Bair Gif
  2. Albert.

    **** Soulclap

    **** Soulclap
  3. Albert.

    Apex 2013 Brawl Top 12 discussion thread ALL ACTIVE PLAYERS HAVE BEEN INCONSISTENT!!!

    This interaction amused me greatly. B_AWAL Literally does not understand what technically means
  4. Albert.

    Did I move too fast? Thoughts on Marths evolution

    I love Neo and Junk. Also, who the F^ck is Mikeneko? I'm really out of the loop.
  5. Albert.

    (」・ω・)」 MARS la Marf in Smash 4 (/・ω・)/

    Somebody play me on Wifi. Offer valid only until 8pm East-Coast time Saturday October 20th.
  6. Albert.

    Jab is underutilized

    b|tch just cause I'm a white fella doesn't mean I don't love me some chocolate b|tches and chocolatey music NOVA YOU KN0Ck ME DOWN, YOU KNOCK ME DOWN YOU KNOCK ME DOWN. EDIT: FER SPELLING.
  7. Albert.

    Jab is underutilized

    HI CHAIR! what's up? I don't really remember anything about Smashboards or my post history because I've been spending so much time filling my brain with most important matters. My "emotion memory" for you is mixed, which I guess means that we used to have "words" but we became friends...
  8. Albert.

    Official BBR Tier List v7

    Can I just say that Orion is nearly always right and the rest of you can suck my d|ck? But also, HI!!! @ DA KID! It's been so long since I read one of your posts, how you been dude?
  9. Albert.

    Jab is underutilized

    WHO IS Nova 9? He's got nice taste in chocolatey b|tches
  10. Albert.

    Jab is underutilized

    Name CHANGE? WHO IS TH|S?????
  11. Albert.

    Jab is underutilized

    Seriously, it sets up so much stuff and can totally throw off other peoples' rhythms very well. -Discuss- Also, you all can all suck my d|ck, how's everybody doing? -Discuss- Edit: for justice
  12. Albert.

    Official 2012 Florida Power Ranking Thread! (Powered By Bath Salts)

    ...And end up with your brains on the wall? Sounds cool. Nirvana is the most overrated band ever
  13. Albert.

    Official 2012 Florida Power Ranking Thread! (Powered By Bath Salts)

    I'd like to say to Mink that some of the smartest and most successful people in the world never went to college and/or dropped out of it. College is oftentimes rout-work daycare for 18-25 year olds.
  14. Albert.

    Official 2012 Florida Power Ranking Thread! (Powered By Bath Salts)

    what is going on ? ? Oh, and Hi Xaltis.
  15. Albert.

    Official 2012 Florida Power Ranking Thread! (Powered By Bath Salts)

    YEAHUH MY BOY ViPER GOT HIS SPOT !! Finally !!! YEAHUH UH UH UH UH There's dat Ft. Myers comeuppance, I remember when you SoFla *****es used to be like "Dude you lost to Viper? OUCH" BUT NOW IT'S LIKE I lose to just another PR player. YEAHUH. Viper! Viper! Viper ! Evidence of Viper's...
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