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With My Smash Support, No Retreat - Dr. Eggman Thread


Smash Master
Dec 10, 2013
I would be partial to Stardust Speedway myself flipping between good and bad futures but Death Egg is the obvious choice. I expect it would take heavily from Sonic and Knuckles, with maybe a beginning part at Launch Base in Sonic 3.


Smash Cadet
Jan 25, 2018
I had an idea that focused on minions. Where Dr. Eggman first spawns, a capsule (like the ones found in act 3 of every zone in the original and Act 1/3 in Lost World) is right behind them. It will slowly gather animals that Eggman can use to build minions for his special moves. However, other characters can destroy it, preventing you from getting resources for a while. So unlike other fighters, Dr. Eggman doesn't want to stray to far from a certain area so he can defend the base.

Because of moving stages and stages with breakable platforms, it should be on a floating platform, and unlike Steve's crafting table, you can't respawn it to you.


Smash Champion
Aug 24, 2008
Laughing at you
Any memorable Sonic stage would be welcome at this point. Right now, we have the boring 1-1 of the Sonic series, and another green plains based area. Something to show the more imaginative side of the series would be very welcome. Even if the second Sonic character isn't Eggman, I would hope they could bring a stage worth caring about with them. The Sonic franchise certainly does not feel well represented in this game. While Sonic is a guest character, his franchise is lagging behind the likes of Mega Man, Castlevania, Final Fantasy, and Street Fighter. We're pretty low down the totem pole at this point, really.


Smash Legend
Sep 3, 2018
Houston, Texas
Man of Eggman gets in, the memes will be glorious.

I believe Eggman is the most memed video game villain? From pingas to "I've come to make an announcement" to Eggman Nega

I'll die of laughter if his tagline is Eggman snoops as usual!
Eggman or M. Bison would bring glorious memes to the Smash community:



Smash Lord
May 17, 2020
the train headed for the Mystic Ruins
I’d go with a mildly unrelated stage like with Min Min. Marble, Press Garden and Special Stage (StH1 16-Bit) would be my choices.
I like the idea of having a special stage in Smash, but just the thought of the weird visuals mixed with the rotating platforms makes my head spin. It could definitely work though.
That being said Marble and Press Garden, while not my first choices, would be awesome. They've always been some of my favorite Sonic stages aesthetically.


Oct 27, 2013
Switch FC
Hey, so, I made this mockup of what Eggman would look like on Battlefield in his Egg Mobile. I've seen people say he would look "too big" while in a mech or outside of it and that resizing him would look "strange", but when using the classic Sonic games (as well as Sonic Mania) as a point of reference for the size scaling, he looks pretty dang alright to me.


Also, Eggman is already shown to be taller than Bowser in the Mario & Sonic Olympic games, so there's precedent there.



Smash Lord
May 17, 2020
the train headed for the Mystic Ruins

Well, it looks like Roger is retiring from his role as Sonic, so at least we know there may be a new VA for Smash 6.
At this point, I'll take any news. Even the not so great kind.
It'll probably either be Ben Schwartz (because of the movie and sequels) or Ryan Drummond (if the Adventure Remake is a thing like people say). Though I'd like to hear a new actor as well.


Smash Legend
Nov 4, 2013
Well, it's official.


Oracle Link

Smash Lord
Oct 9, 2020
Sega should better use ryan if not then they used 4 VOICEACTORS!!!!!!!! for sonic

although im pretty sure we germans just keep Mark Stachel from the german Sonic x dub (and yeah his name is
Mark Spike he also voices german Brock(rocko) )


Smash Champion
Sep 17, 2017
Developed a trailer and a moveset for the good doctor.

Cross flair intro

The trailer begins with Olimar exploring a vast woodland, his Pikmin loyally marching in tow behind him. He then hears loud footsteps, turns around, and sees a shape reminiscent of the Pikmin’s natural predator. Olimar jumps into the bushes next to him and orders the Pikmin to do the same. He then peeks his head out and sees the shape reveal itself to be...a monowheeled robot in the shape of a bug. Olimar looks where the large robot came from, and treks warily towards it.

What he saw shocked him.

Massive mechanical constructs, robotic warriors and servants wandering the lands. This all reminded him of Hocotate, except now there was almost no organic life. Olimar rubbed the dust out of his eyes, at least he tried to with that large helmet, and continues to stare agape. He then treks through the land before a light fixes on him and Olimar whirls around, ready to give attack orders to his Pikmin. Suddenly, booming laughter rings through the air, and Olimar looks up to see a large mechanical orb on legs slowly walking up to the Captain of the S.S. Dolphin. Inside the orb was a large rotund man with a sneering, moustached smile and a bright red uniform looking down at them.

“What’s this?! New specimens to turn into loyal servants for my empire?! Well, don’t mind if I do!”

A long red arm attempts to grab the Pikmin, only for Olimar to bat it away. The red human looks down at him, as though knowing he would do that.

“Want to play the hard way? Fine by me!”

DR. EGGMAN Takes A Crack At It!

Sonic’s all-too-infamous adversary, Dr. Eggman is then seen in-game in the Egg Walker from Sonic Adventure 2, being a vehicle character much like Bowser Jr. We then see his moveset, which is consisting of various machines and minions from throughout the Sonic franchise. Afterwards, the Death Egg is revealed as a new stage, with various robotic enemies from throughout the franchise’s history serving as background characters. Afterwards, we then cut back to CGI where swarms of Pikmin are attempting to attack Eggman. The evil doctor shakes them off, the Smash Ball aura enveloping his body. He then sees that Olimar is still gathering Pikmin to continue the assault before Eggman scoffs a little.

“No matter...GET A LOAD OF THIS!”

The Final Smash activation sound plays as Dr. Eggman takes out his signature wrecking ball and smashes it into Olimar, sending him upwards into space. The in-game Final Smash shows the Space Colony ARK activating and blasting a high-power laser into the Hocotatian, continuously damaging and pushing Olimar until it hits the moon, causing one of its hemispheres to completely explode and leave only half of the moon.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate X Sonic the Hedgehog

@ 2018 Nintendo
Original Game: © Nintendo / HAL Laboratory, Inc.
Characters: © Nintendo / Hal Laboratory, Inc. / Pokémon. / Creatures Inc. / GAME FREAK inc. / SHIGESATO ITOI / APE inc. / INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS / Konami Digital Entertainment / SEGA / CAPCOM CO., LTD. / BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. / MONOLITHSOFT / CAPCOM USA., INC. / SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. / ATLUS / Microsoft / SNK CORPORATION. / Mojang AB

Jab: Dr. Eggman locks onto a specific target in a passive search box and fires up to three missiles. If anyone is not in the search box, Eggman will instead fire the missiles straight ahead.
Dash attack: The Eggwalker transforms into the Egg Mobile-D, a four-wheeled drill vehicle that drives forwards as the drill itself spins.
F-tilt: Dr. Eggman commands the Eggwalker to fire a flamethrower in front of itself, dealing multiple hits of damage in a straight line.
U-tilt: The Eggwalker’s legs split apart and spin in place, causing the machine to twirl like his Hang Mobile boss battle.
D-tilt: The Eggwalker stomps in front of itself, burying any opponents on hit, much like King K. Rool.
Grab: The Eggwalker’s legs transform into hands and swipe forwards to grab the opponent in his grip. The opponent is squeezed for the pummel.
F-throw: The Eggwalker spins in the air for a moment before throwing the opponent, much like Mario or Incineroar.
D-throw: The Eggwalker drops the opponent and hovers in the air for a bit as its arms turn back into legs. The Eggwalker then drops on top of the opponent, flattening them and burying them.
B-throw: The Eggwalker whirls around and fires its arms like missiles before exploding. Legs then sprout from the Eggwalker as it reverts back to normal.
U-throw: The Eggwalker creates a platform from the Egg-Go-Round and flips the opponent upwards like a pancake, except there’s no ceiling and they’re heading straight up towards the Blast Zone.
N-air: Eggman summons the orbs from his Flying Eggman boss from Sonic 2, causing them to spin around him at a high speed before stopping and vanishing.
F-air: The Eggwalker’s legs transform into arms momentarily and perform a hefty one-two punch in front of itself.
D-air: A claw extends from beneath the Egg Walker and grabs the first opponent it runs into, shocking them momentarily.
B-air: The rocket thrusters on the Eggwalker burst with fire behind him, propelling Eggman forwards.
U-air: Eggman releases a spiked platform akin to the Egg-Go-Round boss from Sonic Advance 2, which spins above the Eggwalker before retracting.
Side Smash: Tonkachi Eggman: Dr. Eggman takes out a massive hammer that smashes in front of itself, much like King Dedede’s Side Smash.
Up Smash: Eggman transforms the Eggwalker into a large piston that extends upwards with extensive force, much like the pistons in Steve’s grabs.
Down Smash: Water Eggman: Dr. Eggman takes out a large container of Mega Mack that pours out and splashes on the ground, damaging all nearby opponents.
Neutral B: Badniks: Much like Shulk’s Monado Wheel, Eggman can call upon one of the following Badniks to fight alongside him:
  • Moto Bug: A bug-shaped robot on a single wheel that moves at high speeds, much like a cross between Bowser Jr.’s Side B and Wario’s Side B. Takes 10 HP to destroy.
  • Caterkiller: A caterpillar-shaped robot that slowly crawls along the ground. Touching its body will damage opponents, but striking its head will destroy it, causing its segments to be scattered, damaging everyone in a radius. Takes 5 HP to destroy.
  • Crabmeat: A crab-shaped robot that slowly walks around and fires projectiles at nearby opponents. Takes 7 HP to destroy.
  • Orbinaut: A sea-urchin-shaped robot that floats in place and is surrounded by spiked orbs. They can also toss these spiked orbs out in front of themselves for extra damage. Takes 5 HP to destroy.
  • Eggrobo: A humanoid robot stylized after the good doctor. They are armed with jetpacks and track the opponent’s position while firing, almost like Staryu.
  • Egg Pawn: A grounded humanoid robot armed with a spear. The Egg Pawn will jab at any one opponent in range. They also carry shields that they can use to block specific attacks should Eggman himself be nearby.
Side B: Power Laser: A charging attack that unleashes a powerful blast from the front of the Eggwalker that deals multiple hits and hits multiple times.
Up B: Egg Mobile-H: The Egg Walker’s legs pop off momentarily and Eggman flies upwards for a brief moment. Press B while ascending to unleash the Hammer Ball, and Dr. Eggman can swing and move side-to-side to attack opponents with it. However, this stance ends once the ball hits anyone or the rockets behind him vanish. The stance lasts for 5 seconds, and the flying just as long.
Down B: Look Out Below: Dr. Eggman ejects a gadget from below and shoots one of the following in order:
  • Fireball: A plummeting fireball that drops to the stage and spreads out for a length.
  • Mine: A proximity-based explosive.
  • Water Propeller: A simple rotor that spins and creates a pillar of water that deals multiple hits of damage.
  • Snowblower: A single spiked platform that descends downwards. Press the B button while this is active to shoot clouds of icy snow that freeze opponents on contact.
Final Smash: Space Colony ARK: Dr. Eggman bellows, “GET A LOAD OF THIS”, before knocking any opponents in front of himself upwards with the Hammer Ball. Any opponents caught will trigger a cinematic referencing the Space Colony ARK’s destruction of the Moon, except the opponents are caught in the crossfire as the laser heads towards the Moon.


Smash Hero
Apr 8, 2018
New Orleans, LA
With :ultsephiroth: joining the fight, I fully support the doctor! Here's a Challengr Pack of my own that I created:
Basis: https://twitter.com/TKOWL_Art/status/1354599286172954629?s=20

Intro: Eggman floats down on his Egg Mobile

Stance/Idle 1: The Egg Mobile floats close to the ground
Idle 2: Eggman chuckles
Idle 3: Eggman twirls his mustache

Notable Palette Swaps:
  • Default: Dr. Eggman
  • Color 2: Maria Robotnik (blue)
  • Color 3: Snively (green)
  • Color 4: Professor Gerald (white)
  • Color 5: Eggman Nega (black)
  • Color 6: Pajamas (pink)
  • Color 7: Classic Eggman (alt 1)
  • Color 8: Eggrobo (alt 2)
Walk: The Egg Mobile floats along the ground
Dash: The Egg Mobile floats along the ground while the jets fire
Damage: His damage animation from the Classic games
Jump: The Egg Mobile’s Walker legs spring out, and the jet propels Eggman slightly for the second jump
Crouch: Eggman rests the Egg Mobile on the ground

Normal Attacks
Jab: Eggman flurries with robotic claws from the Egg Mobile (2%-3%), then finishes with an uppercut (6%, small knockback)
Forward+A: Eggman attacks with one of the bumpers from the EGG-HVC-001 (6%, small knockback)
Down+A: Eggman sends out a boxing glove attached to a spring that sends opponents far (9%, OK knockback)
Up+A: Eggman attacks using the pointy tail from the second submarine boss of Oil Ocean (9%, OK knockback)

Aerial Attacks
Air+A: Eggman attacks using the flippers from the final boss of Sonic CD (3% each hit, OK knockback)
Air Forward+A: Eggman fires a shot from his energy gun (7%, small knockback)
Air Back + A: Eggman drops some blue toxic water from the back of his Egg Mobile (10%, OK knockback)
Air Up+A: Eggman attacks by clamping the two claws from the Casino Night Zone boss (11%, OK knockback)
Air Down+A: Eggman drops down with a spike at the bottom of the Egg Mobile (8% with a meteor effect, OK knockback)

Dash Attack: Eggman dashes forward with the Egg Walker’s legs
Edge Attack: Eggman shoots an energy laser (7%, small knockback) and gets back up after hanging on the edge with the Egg Mobile’s robot claws
Get-Up Attack: Eggman briefly summons an Electric Shield (5%, small knockback)

Smash Attacks
Forward+A: Eggman slams the ground with a giant hammer (25%, medium knockback)
Up+A: Eggman attacks by raising a drill from Marble Garden above himself (22%, medium knockback)
Down+A: Eggman fires two fireballs from the bottom of his Egg Mobile (15% each hit, OK knockback)

Grab Game
Grab: Eggman uses Big Arms to grab the opponent
Pummel: Eggman slowly squeezes the opponent (5%)
Forwards+Throw: Eggman tosses the opponent forward (9%, OK knockback)
Down+Throw: Eggman hovers up a bit and buries the opponent with a full-force ground slam (15%)
Back+Throw: Eggman throws the opponent behind himself (12%, OK knockback)
Up+Throw: Eggman uses the Phantom Ruby to warp the opponent to above himself (8%, small knockback)

Special Moves
B : Egg Mobile-H
; “Take this!” Eggman unleashes a wrecking ball and slams it forward after a brief spin (22% with a meteor effect, medium knockback). By tilting the control stick in the opposite direction, Eggman can do a backflip and attack opponents behind him.
B + Forwards : Egg Mobile-D; Eggman rushes forward in a drill car (15%, OK knockback). The drill itself cancels out the Drill item, and can be released by pressing B again.
B + Up : Phantom Ruby; Eggman uses the powers of the Phantom Ruby to warp in the direction the control stick is tilted; this attacks fighters in a large area (5%, OK knockback) and can either shrink opponents, reverse controls, or inflict the Flower status.
B + Down : Laser from M.E.; “Get ready to be schooled!” Using the powers of the Master Emerald, Eggman fires a huge one-hit laser that goes offscreen (35%, far knockback). This attack has a 7-second cooldown between uses.

Final Smash: Death Egg Robot; “Get a load of this!” Using the powers of the Phantom Ruby, Eggman summons the Death Egg Robot. Both of its arms can be controlled with either control stick, and pressing B has Eggman fire both of them towards the screen (30%, far knockback); if opponents are at 70% or higher, they will suffer a screen K.O.

Gimmick: N/A

1: “Yosh…” Eggman pets his Egg Mobile
2: “Time for a change of pace!” Eggman gets out of the Egg Mobile for a sec to do a “Well! What is it?” gesture
1+2: “Ohohoho!” Eggman puts his hand on his chest as he laughs

1: “Now you know why I am the best!” Eggman mimics the bad ending from Sonic the Hedgehog
1a: “Try again, Sonic!” (Vs. Sonic)
2: “The more, the merrier!” The camera pans up from a capsule containing Flickies and moves up to Eggman, with Orbot and Cubot appearing briefly
3: “Yes, yes, yes!” Eggman’s victory animation from Sonic Adventure 2

Applause: Eggman mimics the good ending from Sonic the Hedgehog
Icon: The Sonic series icon
Boxing Ring Title: The Man with the Master Plan
Star K.O.: “You’ll regret thiiiis…!” “I hate that hedgehoooog…!”
Victory Music: E.G.G.M.A.N.
Kirby Hat: Eggman’s glasses and mustache
(Full battle list here)
  1. Dr. Eggman (Fighter Spirit)
  2. Classic Eggman (Fighter Spirit)
  3. Motobug (:ultsonic:, :starman:)
  4. Egg Pawn (Metal Eggman, :starman:)
  5. Knuckles (:ultlittlemac:, :starman::starman::starman:)
  6. Metal Sonic (previous Spirit Battle)
  7. Mighty & Ray (:ultsonic::ultsteve:, :starman::starman:)
  8. Eggman Nega (Eggman, :starman::starman::starman:)
  9. Black Doom (:ultrobin:, :starman::starman:)
  10. Mephiles (:ultsonic:, :starman::starman::starman:)
  11. Erazor Djinn (:ultlink:, :starman::starman:)
  12. Wisps (:ultsonic::ultkirby:, :starman::starman:)
  13. Orbot and Cubot (:ultkirby::ultsteve:, :starman:)
  14. Zavok (:ultincineroar:, :starman:) -> The Deadly Six (:starman::starman:)
  15. Sticks (:ultsonic:, :starman:)
  16. Hard-Boiled Heavies (Eggman, :starman::starman::starman:)
  17. Rookie (:ultwolf::ultzelda::ultfalco:, :starman::starman:)
  18. Death Egg Robot (Eggman, :starman::starman::starman::starman:)
(Main concept here)
This stage would start in Studiopolis Zone, but then switch between Press Garden and Mirage Saloon, and then back to Studiopolis, every 40 seconds.

Holding L allows you to select the Encore colors.
(Fights characters based on other Sonic antagonists; Sonic is an ally in every round)
Round 1: Metal :ultinklingboy: (Color 6) and :ultridley: (Color 4) on Fourside (Chaos 0, 2, 4)
  • Ridley appears after Inkling is defeated
  • Only Knuckles appears as an Assist Trophy
Round 2: :ultbayonetta: (default) and :ultsnake: (Color 2) (free-for-all) on :shadowmoses: (I Am (All of Me))
  • Only Shadow appears as an Assist Trophy
Round 3: :ultdarksamus: on :norfair: (Crisis City)

Round 4: :ultbowser: (Color 7) and the Koopalings (horde battle) on Windy Hill Zone (The Deadly Six Medley)
  • Only Knuckles appears as an Assist Trophy
Round 5: Eggman (Color 8) x5 on Studiopolis Zone (Hi-Spec Robo Go! (Hard Boiled Heavy Boss))
  • Only Knuckles appears as an Assist Trophy
Round 6: Giant :ultsonic: (Metal) on Battlefield Studiopolis Zone (Stardust Speedway (Bad Future) (JP) / Metal Sonic Battle)
  • Only Shadow and Knuckles appear as Assist Trophies

Final Round: Eggman (Color 5) (Big Arms), then Master Hand and Crazy Hand on Green Hill Zone Ω (What I’m Made Of)
  • If Sonic is K.O.’d before reaching the Hands, Doomsday Zone plays instead
Credits: E.G.G.M.A.N.
  1. Rouge the Bat (Brawler)
  2. Amy Rose (Swordfighter)
  3. E-102 Gamma (Gunner)
  4. Sketch Turner (Brawler)
  5. Vyse (Swordfighter)
  6. G (Gunner)
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Smash Master
Feb 13, 2016
Do you think that if we get a New Sonic character, this New Sonic Voice actor could perhaps do new lines for Sonic in Smash which would come with the update?

It'd be neat considering Roger's lines in Smash 4 and Ultimate are just re-used lines, and kind of lame in all honestly. it be a nice update, and also set in Sonic's new voice in a huge game like Smash


Jun 28, 2013
Switch FC
SW 0351 1523 9047
The 3D animated series Sonic Prime has been officially announced for Netflix. Though the fact that Man of Action is involved and it's about a multiverse doesn't inspire much confidence...
What's bad about Man of Action? I'm only familiar with them from Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and even then, it was only a few episodes. (one of the episodes that they wrote was probably the worst in the series, since it was basically just retelling the first Thor movie, but the other ones were all right)
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