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Viridian City 8 : Oct 23rd Results

Alex Strife

Smash Hero
Apr 24, 2006
Singles ( 80 Entrants )

1: Adhd ($346.50)
2: Nairo ($192.50)
3: Anti ($92.40)
4: Atomsk ($61.60)
5: Ultimate Razer ($38.50)
5: Vinnie ($38.50)
7: Cable
9: Inui
9: Logic
9: Vex
9: Jash
13: Ikon
13: Bizkit
13: Takeover
13: PatG
17: KingKong
17: Xzax
17: Zucco
17: Smurf
17: Squall
17: GIMR Swagsimus Maximus
17: Doom
17: P-Wii
25: KingToon
25: Allied
25: Penta
25: Will
25: BigM
25: Remix
25: Kuku
25: UTD Zac
33: KiraFlax
33: Keitaro
33: EAZY
33: T0mmy
33: Bleachigo
33: Pierce
33: JCS
33: Pane
33: Dark Pch
33: RizMF
33: Gay
33: John#'s
33: RJ
33: Link-X
33: Helpr
49: SouthPaw
49: Raytay
49: MIB
49: CyberMario
49: Riot
49: Xivk
49: Artemis
49: Moth
49: Pimpferno
49: Gunblade
49: Apsol
49: Steph
49: B0nk
49: Peach Kid
49: LuckyLime
49: Korobenki
65: BoS
65: Ryan
65: ZaoShizWiz
65: Gray
65: Shippo
65: Keith Kush
65: MechWarriorNY
65: Than
65: Verm
65: Patrick
65: Nuke
65: GAWK
65: PbBear
97: wuju
97: Sphere
97: Sword

bracket image -

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Doubles ( 22 Teams )

1: Anti + ADHD ($212.50)
2: UTD Zac + Ultimate Razer ($106.25)
3: Nairo + Atomsk ($63.75)
4: Bizkit + Riot ($42.50)
5: Cable + Ksizzle
5: Helpr + Penta
7: Inui + Malcolm
7: KiraFlax + Allied
9: Squall + King Toon
9: Jash + Jtails
9: KingKong + Vex
9: Will + Logic
13: Xzax + Takeover
13: Pane + T0mmy
13: Smurf + MIB
13: JG + Gunblade
17: Grey + Gawk
17: Vinnie + Izumi
17: Than + Wuju
17: RJ + Pierce
17: Koro + TKBro
17: Bos + Sword

bracket image -

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SSF4 ( 8 Entrants )

1: Riyo ($40.00)
2: ChilledWater410
3: Godslayer
4: Jtails
5: Scrutiny
5: Bleach
7: MechWarriorNY
7: Ksizzle

bracket image -

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Smash Hero
Sep 8, 2008
Played horribly this tournament.

I didn't even enter singles. I just happened to be put in the bracket

And I still got top 3

Easr coast is ***


Pinnacle of Projectile Placement.
May 17, 2009
Intergalactic camping with mjg.
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Smash Lord
Dec 21, 2008
Laveen, Arizona
What a terrible result for my first impression. this ni'gga aint done yet. cant wait til the next big one. Top 16 for sure.

Shout outs

All of PA!: thank you so much for going out of your way for me driving wise and houseing wise.
Alex Strife: Again, happy B day and tanks for a wonderful tournament.
Take over: nice seeing you again man your a really nice guy.
Inui: ^^^^
T0mmy: your rob always surprises me. good shiz.
Peach kid: Keep a good mind set man it will help more than you know.
Bizkit: GGs fun "mm" set.
Anti: awesome talking with ya, ill definately see you soon.
Halo people: everyone knows what im talking about if you were there. those kiddies should have been back handed.


Banned via Administration
Sep 14, 2006
Piscataway, NJ
Nakat just barely missing the money EVERY TIME!! Good stuff to you dude. I also read a lil bit of Naruto and it ain't half bad :D

Paranormal Activity 2 was SIIICK!!! Mad fun watching it with SWR and Eazy. Red Robin and of course the tourney was fun too. Hope you got home safe Anti.


Smash Hero
May 19, 2008
Hampstead, MD
25: UTD Zac
I heard this guy met Orion jr.

Good stuff texas for repping hard in doubles, mad fun to watch

Shoutouts to Chibo

Shoutouts to Doom and TK for doing good commentary early on, that argument with speed at the end was dumb but you guys kept it real, I enjoyed

Shoutouts to Cable the MD slayer

See you all soon

Max Ketchum

Collegiate Starleague Smash Director
Dec 9, 2007
New Jersey
Argument with Speed? Uh...I definitely wasn't part of that. *shrug* (also thanks for the compliment)

Amazing tournament. Happy my commentary got recorded. :D Gotta finish this college **** so I'm not stressed and angry like I was today. Felt pretty embarrassing since it's the first time that's ever happened.

If anybody intends on putting characters in the OP, I won sets with Meta Knight, Falco, and Fox.


Smash Journeyman
Jul 29, 2009
Good stuff to the guys on stream, kept it very entertaining for the people watching.

Looked like a really fun tournament, wish I could've went.


Smash Champion
Oct 29, 2009
In Belleville NJ, with Leap of Faith
1: Adhd- Good job Wyatt as usual too bad we never get to play ;_;.
2: Nairo- Get bodied by Mario son! jk good job as always. Way to beat Razer too I'll have him next time.
3: Anti- At least one part of Inui Logic was right. Black people are all good with Mario son.
4: Atomsk- Thanks for supporting me against UTD I think.
5: Ultimate Razer- Ggs! Your Snake was very different. Next time it's all Fox though ;)
5: Vinnie- Ggs you got that Rookie exp and I am still learning how to fight gnw at that. You did really good today I am happy for you.
7: Cable- Thanks for hyping me up on the livestream I really appreciate it.
9: Inui- ggs
9: Logic- Nice seeing you.
9: Vex- You always support other people rather then your own crewmate T_T.
9: Jash-You looked like you were gonna hook the **** out of P_wii son! lol.
13: Ikon-ggs you are definitely still good and your Diddy suprised the **** out of me.
13: Bizkit- Good Job.
13: Takeover- Hi
13: PatG- I forgot all about our mm, but I hope you made it rain. It's always great to see you and good job here man.
17: KingKong- You are definitely the best Bowser. Our set was close!
17: Xzax- Better luck next time Falco ;). Don't give up on Falco vs MK just practice it.
17: Zucco- I sandbagged you at Doom's son don't forget that lol jk.
17: Smurf- I had fun seeing you and thanks for coachingme against King Kong that ***** was scary as hell.
17: Squall- I did not do the duggie when I beat you. Tack is a dumb ***** lol.
17: GIMR Swagsimus Maximus- I forgot what you look like, but I did get to meet your bro :D
17: Doom- Nice seeing you Fox>MK
17: P-Wii- Even though you didn't do as well as I hoped for you I am so proud that we took out the best Gnw together. Keep it up Oscar xD.
25: KingToon-Good job beating Kiraflax with me :D
25: Allied-good job here man, I am glad we didn't have to play first in bracket for the 5TH time in a row.
25: Penta- where's my salad?
25: Will- You shall do better next time. Until then practice crushing Snakes.
25: BigM- My doo It was nice seeing you all decked out in your monster hoodie son. You'll go further next time :D.
25: Remix- Son you were about to beat the **** out of Shippo, but he didn't have a right to push you over a game. Just calm down with you trash talk.
25: Kuku-hi
25: UTD Zac-- GGs
33: KiraFlax-ggs
33: Keitaro- Thanks for housing me and also taking me to the rutgers tournament. Thanks for being behind me in some of my matches too. I know I keep missing the money, but what can I do lmao.
33: EAZY- ggs at rutgers. Keitaro's house was fun too. Keep practicing your DK son.
33: T0mmy- Nice to meet you for the first time :D Mr. ROB.
33: Bleachigo- WE HAVE TO PLAY AGAIN.
33: Pierce- Nice seeing you dude.
33: JCS- Coaching is allowed. I wasn't going to stop coaching my friend.
33: Pane- Hi
33: Dark Pch- One of my favorite smashers secretly lol. Nice seeing you and watching you rock your music piece.
33: RizMF- You looked mad different and serious here. Nice seeing you though.
33: TKBRO- We need to hit up the Reach and Black ops.
33: Gay- hi
33: John#'s- you forgot me.
33: RJ- Thanks for your support. We definitelt are gonna hit up Halo together.
33: Link-X- Nice talking to you man.
33: Helpr- hi
49: SouthPaw-hi
49: Raytay-hi
49: MIB- You will do better next time son xD.
49: CyberMario- You can draw your *** off dude.
49: Riot- Beast Zelda :)
49: Xivk- hi
49: Artemis- hi
49: Moth- hi
49: Pimpferno- May the hand be strong.
49: Gunblade- ***** ***** ***** ***** italian ***** *****. Ma doo nice seeing you.
49: Apsol- hi
49: Steph-Son you are sooo booty.
49: B0nk- BONK!
49: Peach Kid- hi
49: LuckyLime- ...............pro Fox= dair to utilt right?
49: Korobenki- Nice seeing you. Stick with Marth.
65: BoS- hi
65: Ryan- hi
65: ZaoShizWiz- hi
65: Gray- hi
65: Shippo- YOOooooo you have to chill son. You are a cool dude, but you went too far over a game.
65: Keith Kush- You didn't that well, but you have to keep learning and never give up.
65: MechWarriorNY- Thanks for the mm man. I can go buy black ops now!
65: Than-hi
65: Verm-hi
65: Patrick-hi
65: Nuke-hi
65: GAWK-hi
65: PbBear-hi
97: wuju-hi
97: Sphere-hi
97: Sword-hi

I keep getting better and better but it sucks I missed out on 5th again. I am probably still going to be underrated, but what can you do lol.


you're deadMEAT.
Feb 23, 2009
Bronx, NY
Good stuff KingKong.

My creation is coming to its peak :>

Speaking of which, did you guys save all the matches possible, or only the matches that were showed on livestream (I remember seeing the "SAVE YOUR REPLAY" thing on the results screen)


Smash Rookie
Aug 27, 2010
New Jersey
yay i did pretty **** good. hopefully i won't be right next to adhd in the brackets for a third time :p
ggs KuSh, Artemis, ADHD, Bizkit, and Zhu


Smash Hero
Feb 18, 2008
New Jersey
GGz gaiz ggz. Tko was funny. I would always be playing and then hear something like "SPEED YOUZ A GAY *** NIGG* I DON'T WANNA HEAR IT."


Smash Master
May 20, 2008
New York
5th in doubles, good stuff helpr!
wish we could have had a closer set with zac+razer the second time but oh well=(.
Had fun, nice meeting you zac.

Also ggs to everyone in singles.

edit: GJ vinnie,as expected lol.


King of Evil
Jun 12, 2008
La Grande, Oregon
Good jab. everybody. This was a really amazing tourney. The beginning of it was pretty sour for me because of my controller acting up. I was initially not going to enter because a persons unnamed who were supposed to lend me a working classic controller ended up not, so I had to enter with a busted controller.

CCs are infamous were mechanical failures, as I've had to go through 4 in the past year and a half just from Smash alone. Dirt gets inside the analog sticks and desensitizes them, making inputs very difficult to read, thus making you do things you don't really want to do. Unfortunately, this mechanical malfunction cost me two sets I'dve (no offense intended to my opponents at all; please understand where I'm coming from) never, ever lost otherwise. Like against LinkX, when everyone saw me repeatedly NAiring OoS instead of DAiring and having to constantly reconnect my controller.

The day got better though. I went to look for something in Aileen's car and found a spare CC and GCC in there that I'd forgotten in there from a previous tournament and used it to rematch the people I fought in bracket to MMs. With a working controller, I ended up winning my money back from singles and grabbed a sound victory over both of them... felt good. I'm really glad I was able to find that spare CC, because if I had to go home with those ludicrous losses, I'dve been a pretty unhappy ****ing camper lol. I mean all the best to my opponents whom I faced in bracket, but those were just not matches I'dve ever lost otherwise. o_o


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Aug 7, 2008
Nottingham, MD
lol that arguement with speed was only done because I ASKED you guys do I really need to commentate this match when they already split

its like a Friendly now....just saying

but either way My ACTUAL COMMENTARY was On Point I think.

Arguement with speed had hella LMAO's...lol
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