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  • Mind bugging KK for me? I messenged him a few days ago but never got a response.
    So you definitely need to come to WHOBO. NY is coming--not sure if they're flying or driving.

    I'm trying to get KK and MrEh to come as well. Can you imagine FOUR Bowsers in one place?!
    What's the name of your guy on AiB who made your Dusknoir Bowser texture for you? I'd like to ask him to make a Louis one for me.
    Heya, I remember when you played Gen P., you were having trouble landing GR upair. I was having trouble with it, too, but no more!

    What I do now is jump and hit up on the c-stick as soon as Jigglypuff leaves Bowser's hands. You gotta DI a bit towards Jiggs, but that's the gist of it.

    Ever since I started using the c-stick, I've never had it not work.
    Update the tourney results thread!

    Let's show the BBR that Bowser's not the worst character in the game.
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