The Road to TGC 2! Full results are up (131 entrants)! A new Champion has appeared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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May 12, 2013
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I used Yoshi Not Mario. Edi Used Zero Suit Samus. kid used Lucina and Sonic, Kirby Used Ike and Sheik Was a super fun tournament

Shoutouts to Xyro for our super close match


Oct 13, 2007
Pittsburgh, PA
Good **** Megafox :4fox:

We need to do more :4fox: Dittos sometime.

Also not suprised in the slightest to see two :4megaman: in the top 10. Character is a ****ing beast.
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Mar 19, 2012
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Ill drop the bomb and update the OP with all these character updates once im done eating Mexico food and drinking a girly drink (strawberry margarita).

Guys, i literally have ZERO character results for 2vs2. Please help me lololololol
Ah didn't know u cared about character usage for doubles.
1: Denti:4sheik:+Bwett :4falcon:
1: MegaFox:4fox:+Espy:4sonic:
3: YellowRello:4yoshi:+Razer:4falcon::4littlemac:
4: Sync:4villager:+BC:4villagerf:
5: ALSM:4palutena:+Iggy:rosalina:
5: Dojo:4sheik:+Cake:4sonic:
7: Gnes:4robinf:+Zori:4megaman:
9: Avoid:4falcon:+BlueBird:4luigi:
25: Gimmemorathat:4yoshi:+Crawfish:4marth:
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Oct 19, 2014
Ill drop the bomb and update the OP with all these character updates once im done eating Mexico food and drinking a girly drink (strawberry margarita).

Guys, i literally have ZERO character results for 2vs2. Please help me lololololol
As far as I know, in doubles with Frogy and Grandmuh, they played the same characters as in my last post, but I think Frogy also played a little bit of Little Mac.


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Oct 2, 2014
Just wanted to give a couple characters to those names. I'm a Shulk main through and through. (Not TL). And ToT is a D3 and Palutena player. Brolylegs mains Lucina.


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Jul 22, 2008
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Not sure how this goes, but technically I only won my matches with Shulk in Singles, and lost with Charizard to Megafox and Robin to Grim. Should it just be Shulk next to my name then?

In doubles though with RT's Lucario, I won with both Shulk and Robin.


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Oct 13, 2007
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Wasn't super happy that I played Megafox round 3 and that Espy played SP500 round 4, but I'm also just grumpy that I did poorly lol

I played DDD in singles.

Blue Ninjakoopa

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Sep 9, 2008
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Jun 9, 2010
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1: MegaFox:4fox:Great stuff winning the tournament dude! You really came up! I'm looking forward to you being an amazing force in TX and glad to hear you can travel a lot more. Keep it up!!! Also, good games in our matches. I definitely want to get to play you some more and have some more awesome games!
2: FlipHop:4diddy:Good stuff holding it down for Houston! I was about to be screaming #flipnation if you were able to pull a HOBO 12! Good stuff though for doing what you did glad to see you doing consistently well. Hit me up for practice sometime so we can make sure we never lose to another city again here on home turf :)
3: Denti:4diddy::4sheik:Your technique is looking great man! You are such an on point player with very little errors it's amazing. Hope you continue to lead your city and support Houston and other TX tournaments! Good showing as always and ggs in doubles!
4: GrimTurtle:4falcon::4morton:Timmy you did great. Take your little break and let's get on the grind! I know you'll soon be taking first again just gotta keep going! Good stuff for all that you did in tourney, it was as impressive as ever. Hit me up for practice and let's get better <3
5: Trela:4shulk:Nice seeing you as always Trel my Bell :) hope you get to relax and really play when you want to. I like it when you play and you're really feeling yourself instead of forcing it. You did great as always :) come over more often and play some VGC with me. I'll train you in the arts of Char X in doubles.
5: Dao:4diddy::4megaman:Dude great job popping off at this tournament! I had no idea you were doing that great! Keep it up dude, we need you up in here to take boys out! Nice seeing you again <3
7: Espy:4sonic:I'm so sad we didn't get to play in tournament :/ ugh I was so close to playing you too! I bet you Greninja vs Sonic would have been really fun! glad to see you're still playing the character you love and I can't wait till we meet in bracket! See you in a couple of weeks when I go visit Kerrville/SA
9: AeroLink:4palutena:Good stuff in doubles man it's always awesome to chill with you! I heard you're on quite the come up and I can't wait till we meet in tournament! Keep up the Palutena work, you'll be known as a pioneer of your time!
9: Dojo:4sheik:Dude I was happy to see you! All of Houston misses you a lot <3 I hope to see you at more tournaments ****ing people up like you do! If you ever want to practice wifi or whatever with me, you know I'm down. See you when I see you next legendary CoT4 Dojo
9: RunCT:4peach:Damn son, talk about massive improvement. Glad to see you so high on the results! I can tell your practicing and tech skill has really been paying off lately. Good stuff holding it down for Houston! We definitely need to play when you have free time, I better get to learning the Peach MU ASAP if you're bopping boys the way you have been. Good ****!
9: Zori:4megaman:Our set was awesome and I love you. Glad we pleased the crowd so much, kinda unfortunate all our matches nearly (or did) go to time. Was always fun, I can't wait to hit the lab with you whenever you get a chance gotta get the baripi berry reaaaaal quick
13: YellowRello:4yoshi:Rel my dude, you seriously came thru! Thanks for being a ****ing badass and chillin in Houston with us along with other activities lol. Glad to see you placing well man, you are seriously a sick player
17: Iggy:rosalina:Good stuff in doubles man, was too fun! We need to play again in singles and get that matchup practice in!
17: BlueBird:4luigi: Bluebird dude I'm glad to see you come out to the tournament again! Keep coming to tournaments and get some practice in at my house and you're gonna be one hell of a player. Always nice seeing you bro
17: Zro:4mario:Damn, sorry we didn't get our money match in but our friendlies were super fun in doubles. Really solid player and looking forward to having you in the Houston scene. Keep it up!
17: Nidak:4diddy:Dude our matches were godlike. You already know our set was awesome. Continue going on the path that you're going, you're getting seriously good. I wish our matches were recorded, everyone needs to see that. Hardest set I played in a while I swear :O
17: Chip :4yoshi: Chip, why you so good? Glad to see you at smash tournaments as well as Pokémon ones! I know you're going to always do well in both! Remember, if you ever want to chill or play smash or whatever you know where to find me :)
17: Tesh:4megaman:Megafox first round...y. Thanks for the afterthought coaching about Megaman. Lesson LEARNED
25: Avoid:4falcon::4marth:Good stuff in doubles man. I'm kinda sad I didn't face your Falcon in singles but hey we live in the same city, it'll happen soon. Good stuff at holding it down and placing well, you're definitely a great player representing Houston!
25: Gnes:4robinf:My Firelord, you probably won't see this, but our doubles were really fun. We definitely need to team in the future like we talked about before! See you at Fire Nation HQ
25: Paw:4zss:Dude I'm so glad you're playing again! I need to come see you in your tier whoring city of yours. Top tier tryhards hehe :3
33: Swaka:4fox: Dude it was so nice seeing you again! I hope you have time to travel between school and what not because we definitely need to play some more! Keep up the hard work playa
33: BC:4villagerf:BC you'll always be the GOAT. Thanks for teaming with me and chopping all the trees down. We did amazing and definitely showed the world the power of Villager. 10/10 would team again
33: BlueNinjaKoopa:4mario:Hey man, good stuff in doubles! It was nice to see you at again at this tournament, I hope you stick around because you're a pretty cool guy! If you ever want to practice, you should hit me up and we can get a few games in!
33: Furbs:4yoshi:Furbs it was super nice seeing you again! Unfortunately we haven't played since 3DS and that definitely needs to change next time I get a chance!
33: Xyro:4samus:Great job running the tournament man. Massive improvement from the last Road to TGC. A few seeding problems and doubles not going before singles but hey, the event still delivered great! Thanks for all that you did and sorry about your father. Hope he gets better. Play a character you love, please keep trying!
33: Gamma:4dk:Thanks for the hair compliment :3 Sorry we didn't talk much, SO much was going on it was kinda hectic...see you next time!
49: Tot:4dedede: Didn't see you play too much, but it was nice seeing you! Your brother is over all the time and you're definitely invited whenever you want to come! Good stuff nevertheless, you are still always improving every time I turn around!
49: OjihSama:4falcon:Prescott, I had no idea you were at the tournament! I didn't even see you bro but good **** anyway! See you around at Fire Nation HQ
49: Martez:4lucario:Bet if we go to Apex you're coming along. You know I'll include you in any plans I got. Still a little on the fence about going because of money issues, but hey we'll see! Good stuff in doubles by the way and I hope I see you around more at my house!
49: BlueJay:4megaman: Dude your Megaman was really good. Our set was super fun and it was really nice meeting you! I hope to see you again in tournaments it was a pleasure :)
65: Fernando:4shulk: It was great seeing you again Fhero! Glad to see you still play, really like your Shulk! I thought it was really cool that you were playing on a 3DS it seems to me you might be some sort of boss lol. Good games, it was really fun and challenging :O
65: Gaius:4shulk: Welcome to the Fire Nation brotini. Stick with us and you'll go far...maybe too far :O
65: Gimmemorathat:4yoshi:Alex, you are such a good TO man. Thank you so much for helping out and you will always have my 100% support for your events and whatever you do. Thank you so so much for everything and see you next time at the Dojo :)

65: Cake:4sonic: Dude amazing playing in doubles. You and Doj were so on point when whooping me and BC's ass. Nice to see you again, bro it has seriously been to long! Hope to see you in future tournaments :)

97: Tallman:4ness: Don't be playing with me when you say you're going to come over. I expect you to be there whenever you can for practice (and poker hehe)

97: Pope:4zss: Quit destiny and go into the lab with Timmy. Also Staci misses you and so does Barry's

97: ABK:4metaknight: Achachacha Bomb ass event ABK and thanks for letting me rock the ABK tag on top of mine lmao. You already know TGC is gonna be a huge success and you've played a huge part in it. Good stuff my bro

97: Krebs:4tlink:Dude it was fun as hell commentating with you and also thank you so much for your hard work on the tournament! I hope you do move out and I can come through and go practice with you and Bill! I'll see you soon (probably GFC)
97: P4:4sheik:Play Greninja and join my army. You know you want to. Also perfect I'm perfect Latios guy come at me!! we'll have our secret training sessions soon <3

Bwett: Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for all the things you do for TGC. I'm so happy that you are nice enough to come out and set up all the recording equipment and single handedly run that setup like a boss. Thank you for the commentary tips and what not, I really feel like I'm improving at it. I hope I get a chance to come up to DFW and commentate and maybe even play you singles there. Thanks again man, we really appreciate it.

Shoutouts to anyone I missed I'm not perfect :/ Anyway, I really enjoyed this tournament despite me doing about the same I did in Brawl. I'm about to be serious about the grind so I'll be back even strong I hope! GGs to all and a huge thank you to all the people working in the background making a huge event successful! Love you guys!


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Aug 28, 2014
Great tournament! There was so many people, it was impossible to freeze to death!

I played my main, :4falco:. And my latest addition to my repertoire, :4charizard:!!!
Was a little disappointed in my performance, but I did learn a lot. I'll be sure to double my game by the next tournament!

Had a lot of fun in doubles even though @ Bonren Bonren and I got wrecked. Tabasco Fiasco™ will always be in it to win it.


@ Bonren Bonren
Practice your doubles, I can't carry your weight jk

Great to see you again man, we need to party again at a nasty ranch. I know how you love jumping fences and trekking a mile of mud.

@ Blue Ninjakoopa Blue Ninjakoopa
Didn't get to see you play.... but I did see you eat Cane's for the first time, and that's good enough for me.

Loved that purple DK swag, but your sin will catch up to you:4falco::4falco::4falco:

God speed :4diddy:, God speed.