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♫ Zura ♫
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  • Hey Zura, I just played with you on Smash 4, if you don't remember me, my name was "Eagle" and my tag was "AIDS". Haha. I had a lot of fun randomly running into online! :D
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    ♫ Zura ♫
    ♫ Zura ♫
    Ohh yeah dude, you actually found me on the boards lol!
    Sweet, yeah I had a bunch of fun as well playing against you. I hope you found the matches fun and appealing.
    Yeah, man it was great! Did you expect my friend request? I would like to learn some things, like how you were dash dancing in those matches.
    ♫ Zura ♫
    ♫ Zura ♫
    Yeah it's not the first time I receive a FR out of for Glory. Whenever like I face off good players or cool people and have fun on the games I usually get the requests.
    Dashdancing isn't all that hard bro, what type of controller are you using?
    I got GC Cont.
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