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The Big House 2 Results [October 6-7, 2012 - Ann Arbor, MI]


Smash Hero
Mar 14, 2011
This thread is so real right now. Slowly learning to just accept, and love, smash drama. :3

Why is it that I like KK shoutouts even though I'm not in them? So silly.


Smash Grimer
Aug 16, 2005
Ann Arbor, MI
Matt, I knew you wouldn't be able to pull off a namechange this late into your Smash career. If it were so easy I would have done it a long time ago and avoided all this Snuggleguy nonsense.


Smash Grimer
Aug 16, 2005
Ann Arbor, MI
So I'll be producing a Big House 2 Wrap-Up video featuring an FC-style montage of the top 32 bracket finalists, a top ten plays highlight reel with commentary by Wobbles, and some bloopers/miscellaneous footage. :)


Smash Cadet
Sep 18, 2009
Lol I beat you in round 1 pools idk if you let me win or if it was your controller but regardless your falco is really good



Desert ******
Oct 9, 2006
Gilbert, AZ
I think people should calm down. I've been getting bodied and exposed by random people and failing at clutch moments for years, so I should know what I'm talking about.




Smash Lord
Sep 7, 2008
Howell, MI
Wobbles your commentary was great. Just watched quite a few sets from the final day. Keep it up man.

KK your upsmashes throughout day 2 were wonderful as well.

Unknown, you're so good too.

I want another big house asap.

S1 The God

Feeding the streets since 1885
Dec 14, 2011
So I'll be producing a Big House 2 Wrap-Up video featuring an FC-style montage of the top 32 bracket finalists, a top ten plays highlight reel with commentary by Wobbles, and some bloopers/miscellaneous footage. :)
wobbles top 10 should be sex


Smash Master
Sep 15, 2007
lolol @ canada not recognizing me
europhoria i didn't quite recognize you either, I was like "yo is that the yeti??" (cause you know, you're RARE AS **** NOW)

also I forgot two shout outs :x
mundungu: I KNEW I FORGOT SOME ONE this is why I hate shoutouts cause I ALWAYS forget people. Those WERE fun friendlies, and I like what I learned about magic from your tag (that an unplayable means a card is *** haha).
girl at steak and shake that was TOTALLY CUTER THAN DOH AND MATT COULD UNDERSTAND: hi c:


Smash Hero
Apr 15, 2007
9. Westballz - It's all in your head and all on you... 100%, whether you wanna hear that or not. Stop *****ing about your controller. Honestly, if you wanna vent to your friends or whatever in private then do that; it's understandable and maybe even healthy. It could help you move forwards because you'll hear just how much of a ****ing ******** ****** you sound like. But in the meantime, just stop posting on the boards altogether please ok?

LMFAO weird canadian ****

sounds like you finally said what you had to say to unknown, at westballz.


Heir to the Monado
Sep 20, 2005
Amherst, MA
He's so fly like amanita
He's so fly yall still larvae
He's so fly gotta call the swat team


Smash Master
Aug 8, 2007
Butler PA
Pfft If I wasnt lazy as a ball of cement

Id post shout outs myself this tourney was so hype

long live rivarlys

long live hate

becauuse without hate

how would we deal with puff?

Keep up the good work everyone

Worst losses : *list goes on*

S l o X

Smash Champion
Aug 17, 2009
bridgeport, ct
westballz going hard.

@sung - yo we can do so many mms lol just know i have th0rn practice.

westballz mm th0rn @ rom ty


Smash Master
Sep 27, 2010
Thank you Based Mimi.
Mango- Awesome finally getting to play against you. Way too good haha. Good job winning. Time to win Apex.

Hbox- Fox is so good. :urg: Apex. Apex.

Fly Amanita- Your ICs are insaneeee. I didn't get to play you though. Next time!

SFAT- Fun matches in the hotel. That bair->wall jump knee was dirty. Still not switching to Fox haha.

KK- Thanks! Yeah it was fun seeing you again! I've definitely learned from the matches I played. Hope I can give you a better fight next time!

Unknown- Told ya. I told ya. You got this next time.

Frootloop- Man you really blew people up at this. Can't wait to play you again! Now you just gotta take Kels out.

Westballz- Also fun matches in the hotel. Hope I can play you in bracket sometime.

Moose- Good Falco. Really good against Peach lol. GGs

Kels- hahaha Big House curse or something. Too bad. Next time!

Little England- Awesome matches in the hotel! Your Falco is really tough. :urg:

Kalamazhu- We didn't get to Peach ditto :mad: I'm mad. Next time!

MDZ- Had a fun time hangin out in the hotel and stuff!

Orly- Hanky Panky. lol You got him next time though.

Sung- I had a lot of fun in our set. I can't wait for a rematch!

Vudujin- Going into the tournament, I kept telling people that I was worried about facing a good Luigi player, and sure enough in R2 I get you. It was one of my favorite sets of the weekend though. I had a ton of fun! I hope we can play again!

DoH- I didn't see your matches, but I know you can do better than this! Also... Scar lol.

Abu- You can make bracket noob. Haha I wish we got to play more. We only got two games in. Root for me forever! lol

Strong Bad- You had me the first game. I wasn't exactly sure what to do, but DK can't really block Peach it seems like. Fun set!

Gibby- We've played a lot this week now. GGs

Mundungu- Thanks for the rides! I had a fun time playing you in the hotel too. I'm glad I could help you with the Peach MU. You've gotten better since we played at SMYM.

Max Berger- Death pooolllzzzzz

Juggleguy- Ahhh we had such a close set! Awesome tournament! I can't wait to play you again.

Bidwell- Seems like you kind of gave up during our pools set. It was fun anyways, but I want to play you again.

Chexr- Thanks for riding with us! It was fun hangin out.

Little England

Smash Master
Jan 14, 2008
Purdue, W Lafayette IN Rancho Cucamonga, SoCal
Little England: Watch out for that bald dude he'll be watching you lolol. Thanks for the hours of friendlies, you and CK are **** and very humorous, thanks for the laughs.
How'd I miss this? loool Dude, that guy was craaaazy. Shoutouts to your crew though, you guys are homies for sure. ;)

I'll do shoutouts tonight probably. >_< so late


Some guy
Aug 17, 2005
Toronto, Ontario
1. Mango - Good work winning the tourney! Also great talking with you and hanging again. I really wanted to play you in WFs man. But I couldn’t pull it off. Maybe one day

2. Hungrybox - Good work on 2nd. Also congrats on beating me in both singles and doubles. I’ll see you around

3. Fly Amanita - GGs in both events. Also nice meeting you finally and good work on getting 3rd. Also a pleasure hanging dude. Until next time.

4. SFAT - Homie! Good work on getting 4th man. I was rooting for you to maybe take 2nd. I’m looking forward to hanging with you again soon.

5. KirbyKaze - Good work on 5th. I know you were disappointed with your placing, but I’m still proud of you. Sorry I told you to go fox I guess. I didn’t think you would pick yoshi’s FWIW.

5. Unknown522 - meh. At least not 25th place

7. Frootloop - good work on 7th dude. I underestimated how you would place man. Looking forward to seeing you again.

7. Chillindude829 - Good **** making it in the money. Congrats on beating us in doubles as well man. I’ll play you some more next time.

9. Trail - GGs in pools. Also good work beating scar dude. I underestimated you man. You also know it’s always a pleasure talking and hanging with you man. Sorry we couldn’t grab some beers this time. I really want to next time man.

9. Westballz - You are a cool and funny mofo. Congrats on beating me in pools. I know you didn’t do as well as you wanted to for obvious reasons, but I still have to give credit where credit is due

9. Hanky Panky - This guy coming out of nowhere. Good work making a name for yourself dude. You did well.

9. Darkatma - Sorry about the bracket match. I saw your post. I don’t really recall saying anything, but I do remember that I switched controllers after game 1. Ah well, we’ll play next time. We also didn’t get to do those MMs dude.

13. Scar - The people’s champ! Sorry I couldn’t do the MM man. You should’ve asked me sooner. It looks like I can’t make Kings of Cali though I really want to go. Another time man

13. Duck - Congrats on beating me in pools. I’m glad you’re happy. I’m gonna poke you in the cheek again when I see that smile, lol. *No Homo*

13. Moose - This cool *** mofo with the cool *** hair. I don’t think we got to play any singles matches dude. I really wanted to see how your progress is coming along. Another time man.

13. CunningKitsune - I had a great time talking with you man. It looks like you have gotten better since the last big house. It sucks that we didn’t get to hang much though. Next time dude.

17. Slox - GGs in pools. I hope you’re not really quitting falcon cuz of me though. You’re not bad dude. I also had a new record for personal highest percent lived in tourney, lol. Anyways, keep practicing dude. There is a lot of potential in you.

17. Nintendude - Dude, TBH I expected you to place higher. Good work beating kels in pools as well man. Always great talking to you as well. Hopefully I’ll visit VA in the near future.

17. Lovage - This guy. I really hope to see more of you around at tourneys. It would suck if you didn’t
travel more. I hope you get back into it man. We all know that you’re a great player. We can also kick it next time I see you man.

17. Dope - Lol, the king of jank man. You somehow really make it work though. You are also a really cool/funny individual as well and it was great to see you again after like 4 and a half years. I hope I can see you around once the sentence is done man. Best of luck.

17. Kels - Mah ***** Kels! You are still the funniest guy ever, and I also really enjoy listening to your stories and also how your tourney matches went. I look forward to playing you again as well dude.

17. SilentSwag - Johnny! Love this guy! Sorry I didn’t get around to playing you dude aside from doubles I think. Next time man.

17. HIV+ - Still a cool mofo! I didn’t really get to talk with you much aside from toward the end of the weekend. Next time we can get some rounds in and hang out some.

17. Little England - LOL you really do look like shroomed! But yeah, it’s always fun talking with you man, whether it be arguing about the game, or just kickin’ it. I look forward to chatting again dude.

25. Kalamazhu - Not sure if met.

25. MattDotZeb - Congrats on beating me in pools. I hear you were talking mad **** after though. Lol. I guess you have your revenge from Pound 5. You are also still a cool dude to talk to.

25. Nakamaru - Always love this guy! I really can’t wait to see you soon man. I also really enjoy hearing your stories/tourney matches as well. If you need an ear to listen, I’m open.

25. ORLY - Love this guy too! I just came to the conclusion that you remind me of Tope a lot. I know that you’re gunning to beat me as well. I’ll play you next time man.

25. SUNG666 - Great guy as usual. You gotta stop saying that you suck though. You’re a good player man, and I’m looking forward to you getting better. Work on that falcon matchup though dude!

25. Vudujin - JACOB!!!! Always great to see you and hang and talk! You know what it is. Also that beastly piano playing. I don’t know the lyrics to most songs though, haha. We gotta get some games in next time!

25. Toph - Homie! I’m glad that you could make it to this dude. Always a pleasure talking with you. Sucks about the controller problem though. Hopefully you can resolve it soon so that you can perform better. We’ll definitely be in touch though. If there’s ever anything you need to talk about, you know where to find me.

25. Shady - Cool *** homie! Great hanging and talking with you again. It looks like you’ve gotten better too! We’ll play some more next time though. I was being lazy at the house, lol.

33. DoH – Good work on doubles man. Those anti-ICs strats ftw! Wobbles advice + super cheezy plan was just too much to handle. Don’t worry about the set vs hbox and chillin. They’re tough. As usual, it’s a pleasure seeing you and talking with you and stuff. Also, sorry about being down midway through the day. I gotta work on that. Well, until next time man.

33. Juggleguy – Great tourney man. It sucks that there was a cap, but the tourney was a success anyway. Well-organized man. I hope you keep running these tourneys man! More people will come.

33. Abu – GGs in pools. I know fox is pretty gay, but what can you do right? Also, sorry I lost to MDZ. I think you might’ve made bracket if it wasn’t for that :/ Well, I’ll see you around man.

33. Renth – Great seeing you again. We didn’t get to play this time though. Next time man.

33. Voorhese – mad technical. Very impressive man. You’ve also gotten better since last time dude. You seem to know what areas you need to work on for improvement. Just keep at it.

33. Europhoria – I know you were disappointed in your placing. Next time I want to see you tear it up man. Fun weekend and stuff

33. Oro?! – Thanks so much for lending me your controller during doubles LFs. Even though we lost, I really liked that controller. I’ll see you again though.

33. Violence – cool mofo. I wish we got to talk/hang more though. Next time man.

41. Chexr – Not sure if met.

41. Wake – Thanks for believing in me and supporting me man. Even when I doubted myself you still believed. Also GGs on that MM. Next time I’ll get some more in with you hopefully.

41. Strong Bad – GGs in pools. You brought the games kinda close. Also thanks for offering to lend me money. There was a concrete backup plan so it was very relieving. I’ll see you around at probably apex man.

41. Idea – KYLE! Officially maining falco man. Well, do what you have fun with. Maybe this will work out well for you.

41. Butch G – not sure if met.

41. PGH Carroll – GGs in pools and doubles bracket. You almost had it in both events. Also, great seeing you again. It sucks we didn’t get to hang much though. I really want to make it down to Pittsburgh again though and chill with errbody

41. Wenbobular – dunno if met

41. Scythe – dunno if met

49. Bieber – Good work in your R1 pools dude! I didn’t get to see any of the games though. Hopefully some were recorded

49. Gibby – dunno if met

49. Lanceinthepants – GGs in pools. You’re not bad dude, though you keep saying your bad as well. You’re improving though. Looking forward to seeing you again.

49. Onionchowder – not sure if met. I think we did though.

49. DippnDots – not sure if met.

49. Sweet – not sure if formally met. I saw your set with europhoria though.

49. Dre – also not sure if met.

49. Handsome Joe – dunno if met

57. Tremor – Thanks so much for housing us again! Damn that house is huge and your dog is adorable. You place is definitely one that I’m gonna remember. Sorry I didn’t play you though at your house. I hope that we get to see you soon. Also best of luck

57. Bidwell – Nice to meet you. You’re a really cool dude. I’m looking forward to seeing you again.

57. !Capt. Cleveland! – GGs in pools dude. You’re not bad

57. Zinoto – not sure if met. I think so though.

57. Mundungu – You sir are not bad

57. Bolt – Great seeing you again dude. We should get some singles in next time.

57. RyeJew – not sure if met

57. Shaeden (withdrawal) – nooooooooooooo. Well, gotta do whatchu gotta do. We didn’t play at all though dude.

65. Blitzbolt – not sure if met

65. 3chairz – I can’t remember if we talked at this. Shoot.

65. Kjh – not sure if met

65. FrozenFlame – crap. I think we met. I’m sorry if I forgot

65. Hellsing – GGs in pools. Also thanks for offering to lend me the controller. That L-button sticking when pressed was the only thing that made me not use it. I’m not sure why you wanted to marth ditto me a lot, lol :p. Next time though man.

65. Skyson – crap. I think we met.

65. Mr. No – not sure if met.

65. S1 – we met I think, but not sure what we talked about.

65. General Heinz – not sure if met.

65. Toadster – We definitely met. Not sure how much we talked though. I remember a bit of it.

81. GunPunch – lol, I like the tag dude

81. Max Berger – Nice meeting you dude. GG in that MM. Sorry I played so gay though, lol

81. TheCrimsonBlur – nice meeting you man. You’re a really cool guy and also have very interesting stories as well. Sorry I had to root against you vs Idea, but you know how it is

81. Jbro – I think we met

81. Kanye Rest – lol, best name ever. It’s cool that you cheered against me. Gotta do whatchu gotta do man. Also the hate posts were just jokes if you didn’t already know.

81. Roki – oh yeah, you were there!

81. Blake – I think we met! crap

81. Spife – GGs in that MM. You played so gay, but so did I. lol

97. Morning Thunder – Dude, thanks so much for the ride and the fun time hanging out. Also the support and praise that you give to the Canadians man. I can’t count the amount of times you gave such great comments about either camilo or myself man. Thanks. We’ll probably see you this weekend anyway. Also, thanks for lending me the controller for the end of pools/bracket

Staff team: I forgot your names! If you care enough, then post so that I can remember lol. I actually feel bad. But thanks so much for doing what you all did! You all contributed so much and I know it’s definitely not an easy job!

Wobbles: Thanks again for the advice you gave. Also good work on the commentary and thanks for congratulating me on the almost-win vs hbox. Very much appreciated. I’m still sad that you didn’t enter though. But I’m glad that you enjoyed commentating anyway. Until next time man
Vro: Man, we didn’t get to hang and talk dude.

Lauren: Nice meeting you. Take care of mango for us!

Those I missed: sorry. If you care enough, just post or something
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