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The Big House 2 Results [October 6-7, 2012 - Ann Arbor, MI]


Smash Apprentice
Jan 1, 2004
Columbus, OH
For our group:
Corkus - Thanks for driving the group up to Michigan and back to OSU. Sorry that none of us could give proper directions. At least the GPS was close.
DippinDots - goddamn you have some mad snoring skills; I hope to be at your level in a couple of years. You're a pretty funny guy. Sorry I kept mispronouncing your last name.
Lagoon - Sucks that your round 1 pools didn't go as well as we hoped, but you'll get there. I don't understand Falcon either.
Abu - negative shoutouts for telling everyone my dad is a racist, lol; thanks for being good against peach in like every MU though so I was able to get experience. You're good! (but seriously, I probably owe you a few)


Michigan (Duck, Moose, Kzhu, Shady) since all of you guys are really chill. I had a lot of fun doing friendlies with everyone, and it'd be awesome if some of you could come to Smashtime so we could do more but no pressure obv. take your time

Everyone I played at the hotel (there were like 50 of you in the room so I can't remember you all, but you know who you are) for making the end of Friday interesting. Trail and CunningKitsune, you guys are incredible.

Scar for being hilarious and talking to me after the tournament. PS: After re-watching the videos, that fair was accidental and i'm very sorry about it
Idea for doing like a dozen matches. Your puff is really solid; all that aggression is scary. Good luck with your falco.
Gracen for also playing a lot of matches. I hope our group can keep in contact with you.
Mango and SFAT for destroying me.
Butch G for all the support. Fun Peach dittos, too.

Oh, and everyone else in the top 8 who I didn't mention yet because all those bracket matches were so entertaining. I have a lot of stuff I'll need to re-watch.

I was just hoping to get out of round 1 pools; never would have guessed I'd make it to bracket, so thanks a ton for everyone who cheered for me. This tournament was incredible and some of the most fun I've had in a while, plus Juggleguy is a very very good TO. I hope our Ohio group can make it to more of these big events before we have to get real jobs and ****.

(Baka: My match vs. Duck unfortunately wasn't recorded.)


Smash Apprentice
Jan 1, 2004
Columbus, OH
Really cool and fast peach.

Worst goddamn tag 2012

I dunno, man, I'm pretty bad at tags. My first name's Tyler, so it used to be... well, "Ty." Then Abu started playing with me a year ago and called me "Hanky" a lot (since my last name is Hankins); convinced me to register as "Hanky Panky." Think I've got to keep it now.

but guys look, hanky pankys join date is 2004
I think I joined in 2004 because I liked target test at the time, but then I didn't post anything until mid-2011, lol. Didn't start seriously playing until then. I was looking at my older posts, and I don't even know what they were for.


Smash Journeyman
May 14, 2009
Ann Arbor/West Bloomfield, Michigan
3. Fly Amanita - was really cool meeting and playing with you
4. SFAT - set vs fly was epic, let's play league some time
5. KirbyKaze - thanks for the friendlies, i'll make you try next time
5. Unknown522 - really happy i won :D, sucks about your controller though
7. Frootloop - you're never going to beat me ever again, i refuse
7. Chillindude829 - got my dollar :D
9. Westballz - falcon is gay
9. Hanky Panky - you're amazing, I really have to rethink this matchup
9. Darkatma - asians lol, come to U of M
13. Scar - really cool playing with a legend, your falcon is ****
13. Duck - get ****ed
13. Moose - trollolololol
13. CunningKitsune - why do i never get to play you, stop beating kels lol
17. Nintendude - ggs, matchup is hard
17. Lovage - fun games, my housing is mad small
17. Dope - thanks for coming, mad hype
17. Kels - :( stop losing
17. HIV+ - lololololol
25. Kalamazhu - lololololol
25. MattDotZeb - ggs in pools and bracket, sucks we had to play twice. I completely understand being upset, it's happened to me before too
25. ORLY - my fox is soooooooo good
25. SUNG666 - **** you lol, really fun matches (70-30 max) i want to try and make it out to cali at least once
25. Toph - ggs, fun teaming with you
25. Shady - you never do good against OOS >.>
33. Juggleguy - tourney was ****, you're the best
33. Abu - unlucky against MDZ
33. Violence - samus, lol bombs suck
41. Idea - our pools match was sooooo much fun, ggs
57. Shaeden (withdrawal) - sorry to hear you had to forfeit, hope everything's alright

best tournament 2012
**** falcon
hanky panky tha best
thanks wobbles for commentary :D


Smash Journeyman
Dec 2, 2008
The 216
Good stuff to mango for being amazing, please play more falcon its really really so good.
Hungrybox you are an awesome guy and I hear that you listen to good music
KK your sheik is really legit
Fly you had the best set in this tournament, hands down.
Unknown youre really good at the puff MU too bad youre not so hot on samus. intense
Michigan (Duck, Shady, Moose, Juggleguy, Dope, etc.) you play really legit and are nice guys. Inspirations for sure
Eli/Kanye- bro wuddup you were an awesome companion throughout the entire tourney and you're a great guy. You hype everything and you're a nice dude. It was sweet being with you
Skyson- I respect you a ton, and you have words of wisdom every time you open your big stupid foramen of a mouth :) thanks for all that
Slarts- you busted your *** to get me here and I cant stress enough how in debt i am to you for that. You are a good teammate, decent driver, and a great dude.
Tremor we had a great first match then you destroyed me. Good stuff man, you were tons of fun to play
ShroudedOne I know you were watching the stream and hoping i would appear :/ maybe next time. thanks for the support, Im assuming. ur a bro
Vanir I see you like everyday no need for a shoutout just makin sure u know im not eschewing you
SFAT I feel the energy in you. you are a one man hype squad. your fox is also on crack against ICs. that matchup looked impossible when you played it
Bula you guys are my constant reminders that I can't slack. hope you stick with it, and if not i wish you all luck on future ventures
Taki you weren't here lol
carroll you were here
Handsome Joe thanks for the pointers man youre one of the only dudes ballsy enough to play fox against falco.
Hanky Panky goddamn dude you **** but Im gonna have to beat you next time
Abu heard bout what happened, that blows but keep representing ohio by beating MDZ next time lol
Black Power what?

ROB you hosted a great tourney and deserve another shoutout. you blow everyone outta the water


Smash Master
Jan 2, 2005
LA, CA near Santa Monica
Juggleguy: You're like, the best TO. Everyone I talked to was happy with this event. Incredible job. You're an inspiration :D

VGBootcamp: Great job with the stream. I've only watched a few minutes of the archives so far but I can already tell it was a world-class production. You guys are the best.

shoutouts to THE SUNDAY NIGHT HOTEL FUNSIES (see: Wake, SFAT, Max Berger, ORLY, Scar, Socal, Mundungu, Trail, Bidwell, Gibby, etc)

shoutouts to my pool. I'm salty and have johns up the *** so I'll stop before I embarrass myself lol

shoutouts to the pools I captained (Trail, Nintendude, Silentswag, Shaeden, the handsomest of Joes, Violence, Scythe, lanceinthepants, gunpunch, lvl7, Kirbykaze, chexr, the youngin). You guys are the best :D

special shoutouts to Butch G for housing and giving Socal rides to and from the airport. Literally a lifesaver. BUTCH G IS THE MAN.

Strong Bad: nice to meet you broooo and see you @ Kings of Cali. Cool roomin with ya.

second special shoutout to Bidwell/Dempt/my manz for the ride from the airport to the venue at a hilariously inconvenient time.

Sung: thanks for sacrificing your practice time to work on Team OXY stuff. We'll get in the lab and redeem ourselves no doooubt

Weston Dennis: the realest of realz. I'm gonna have some of dat java chip next time I'm at starbucks

DoH: Love, forever. Good stuff in teams. I'm still so free to your Peach. :o

Wenboooo: You've gotten so much better its unbelievable. And imma make it to bracket next time god damn. ugh ****

Chillin: gj reppin MD/VA

Frootloop: sick wins bro. Definitely a big tournament for you. Awesome friendlies <3

Kelly Smith: lol youre a funny guy. **** shine tho. That **** hurts.

vorheese, gracen, weylin: So cool to meet new people. Freaking awesome conversation over dat panda express

Unknown522: you're a cool guy. Fun eating with you and stuffs. You've got some interesting opinions about the game and I'd love to talk to you more :)

Europhoria: Marth love all up in this *****. No jump no hope.

Idea: gl with the Falco experiment. Sorry for choking in pools but what can I say I'm the Crimson Blur its kinda what I do lololol

Kirbykaze: God damn your Sheik is impressive. Like, seriously. I saw you at Rule 6 and now you look even better. The way you make incredible players look like nothing blows my mind.

Hellsing: sick marth bro. I like your style. Really good for someone I hadn't heard of o_o

Renth: that ganons so sexy tho. <-Imma fan

CALI: I see you guys every week so **** a shoutout. But just know its allll lovvvee



Smash Hero
May 26, 2006
Then Abu started playing with me a year ago and called me "Hanky" a lot (since my last name is Hankins); convinced me to register as "Hanky Panky." Think I've got to keep it now.
Birth of the tag of the 2nd coming of Armada????


Smash Grimer
Aug 16, 2005
Ann Arbor, MI
Just finished putting up the full results, all the way through 113th place, plus characters (as far as I know/remember) for the top 32 players.


Smash Lord
Jun 27, 2011


Lol it's all good. I was way outclassed at this tourney. Whether it had been a pool full of :sheikmelee:, :ganonmelee:, or :pichumelee: I would've still been outplayed. Also onionchowder is better than me, so it's all good ;)


Smash Apprentice
Oct 25, 2009
2. Hungrybox - had mad fun at dennys and playing friendlies afterwards. i still gotta play your puff though. and i think im about to start LoL..sorry haha
7. Frootloop - good job beating duck. i wish i had a falco so i could join that falco tv..
9. Trail - wish i gotta play some friendlies against your ganon. maybe next time
9. Westballz - ggs in pools. thanks for placing high so i dont feel bad
9. Hanky Panky - ggs in pools. thanks for placing high so i dont feel bad
13. Duck - you didnt ****. :(
13. Moose - neither did you. :(
17. Slox - good **** on 17th. gotta get me some CT practice now
17. HIV+ - sucks that you had to play moose. 17 aint bad though.
25. Kalamazhu - i guess youre pretty good..
25. MattDotZeb - come to CT and teach me!
25. Nakamaru - ggs in pools. too bad you have all that renth practice
25. SUNG666 - had fun in those random teams friendlies. double marth is kinda stupid
25. Toph - ggs in the friendlies at ducks small *** apartment.
25. Shady - ggs in pools. thought id do better against a marth but i guess not.
33. Juggleguy - nicely run tournament. glad i could help out. sorry again for dipping at the end. lemme know if you host something else again, ill try to come out to it
33. Renth - ganon dittos are stupid...unless you do nair > nair > nair combos. i wanted more friendlies with you but next time i guess
33. Violence - ggs in the friendlies at ducks small *** apartment and after dennys. playing against your samus is like 1000x better than playing ducks. hopefully ill get to you play again sometime
41. Butch G - thanks for the ride back home after day 1
41. PGH Carroll - sick *** gir backpack
49. Dre - still havent played you in tournament. maybe next time haha
49. Handsome Joe - gotta get some of that CT training. glad you could make it all the way to MI since i know driving sucks.
57. Tremor - thanks for listening to me complain about me getting bodied in pools. glad to hear you didnt actually lose to warlock don haha
57. Zinoto - get better. trolol.
57. Mundungu - ganon tv! good seeing you again. lets get some friendlies next time
57. Bolt - still havent played you but glad we finally met. ill go to joes sometime
65. 3chairz - sad we didnt get to play. next time
65. kjh - ggs in pools. falco is stupid
65. Skyson - ggs at the ganon tv. stop eating all the cookies..
65. BluEG - ggs after dennys. luigi is kinda cool haha.
81. Max Berger - ggs in pools. sheik is also stupid
81. Stup - you placed better than me...:(
81. Minor Threat - good seeing you again and thanks for cheering on a fellow ganon. we'll have to play next time
81. TheCrimsonBlur - ggs in the doubles frienlies. double marth is kinda stupid haha
81. roki - get better, even if youre better than me. nice running the secondary stream with you
97. Crash - ganon dittos are stupid
97. Aceplayer - good seeing you again. we'll have to play some next time
97. Sasha - you placed better than me...:(
97. Sayac - you placed better than me...:(
97. BloodyJoker - good seeing you again. do better.
113. BLiu - get bodied. do better


Smash Journeyman
Feb 7, 2010
St. Clair Shores, MI
Melee Singles (128 entrants)
1. Mango- Sorry I couldn't stop 'it' haha. Was just way too surreal seeing you in person and you play even more so. Congrats on taking the gold dude you're ****.
2. Hungrybox- Was quite a pleasant surprise to have picked you up from the airport and to have roomed with you on the first night of the tourney. Your knowledge and foresight with puff never ceases to amaze me. Can't wait for those infinite friendlies man.
3. Fly Amanita- Epic comeback vs sfat game 5 man. You had the whole room pumped and I've never seen such composure and execution from a player under so much pressure before. Really glad you decided to travel out to this and I'll ttyl online sometime /).
4. SFAT- You're a well oiled machine if I've ever seen one. I had high hopes of being able to take the set off you in pools, but oh man you're totally on another level in those fox dittos. I'll be taking notes and come back for blood in the future.
5. KirbyKaze- Never did I think saying hello to someone would invoke a money match request. Perhaps mario is fair vs fox, but is your fox fair vs mine? haha. Thanks a bunch for the advice/fox dittos and for sitting down to play me in the first place, and taking your dollar back from me was pretty funny too. I hope I'll get to play your Sheik sometime~
5. Unknown522- You have got some of the sickest di I've ever seen for a fox player. Smashes from icies sent you nowhere and you lived to quite some ungodly %s vs hbox. It was waaay too funny when you took off your trademark jacket in response to hbox taking off his hoodie. Good stuff taking him to game 5; you'll get 'em next time bud!
9. Westballz- Your falcon goes so hard in the paint. Must be all that mango practice huh. Laughed pretty hard when you and scar trapped me in during teams and kept kneeing me to the edge of stage when I tech rolled in+di down&in trying to escape becoming obliterated.
9. Hanky Panky- Out of nowhere and became the 2nd highest placing midwest player at the tourney. Your set vs Scar was a spectacle to watch live, and I wish you luck in Ohio later this month. Though now I wonder what other hidden bosses may be lurking around..
9. Darkatma- Don't think I ever got to play you despite picking you up and rooming with you. I blame hbox for holding the win spot on the tv all night long. haha. If I did though, remind me so that I may cherish the memories for the times to come.
13. Scar- When I saw you posted in my pool I knew I had to unleash some intense reads and focus work in our singles set. I'm glad I didn't upset in performance and denied those style points of yours on fd with that meteor cancel>upb>wall tech>sideb>shine thing heh. Thank you for the positive reinforcement afterwards, going as far as calling me a midwest tafokints <3.
13. Duck- Upsmash vs samus is such a broken trade lol. Was realllly hoping for that second win in teams, but ofc I get fmashed by richard when ledge guarding loooool. ggs on that set too btw : )
13. Moose- I really appreciated you putting me over blitzbolt as 4th seed in the pool predictions thread rather than the 50x other people who had no faith in me making it out of round 1 pools. Hope the extra points will put you on top for the that nifty title. Really curious of your bracket match vs Toph (was it recorded/on stream?)
17. Lovage- I apologize for stirring up negative feelings when hiv and I stepped on the livestream with our pichu kirby duo shenanigans. Hopefully it made it amused the stream in its downtime and I'm sorry for letting pichu win haha.
17. Dope- I've heard of silly little maneuvers you were pulling off in your matches (powershield downsmash, walk past shield twice fsmash, and downthrow>downthrow tech chases) and from one jankster to another I can say I approve haha. Good job actually making it into bracket dude and whooping Silent Swag haha.
17. Kels- Finally got able to play you after seeing you so often at tournies.
17. HIV+- You got to act on hard reads more often man! You got the baked goods, but give people too much time to eat them all before you can have desert. Listen to your heart when it's... oh wait, forgot falcos don't have hearts according to wdon :/ Wellll good job making it to bracket and out placing me by a wide margin. I'll get on your level soon enough though just you wait!
17. Little England- Gave you a pretty okay game one in pools, but after that I feel apart and you feasted on my fox's dismembered limbs, torso, and eyeballs. Solid falco dude~
25. MattDotZeb- Quite salty about our little money matches early in day one since I hadn't really warmed up yet and was pool captaining til just before we played. >,>' You lucked out so hard making bracket vs abu, but all's fair at the end of the day I suppose.
25. ORLY- Those early day friendlies were the best. You're such a funny guy haha.
25. Vudujin- Gorgeous piano playing from you all throughout both days at the venue. Lifted my mood whenever I walked by or happened to listen in on it. Pretty intense pool set we had and I enjoyed every minute of it. Awesome pool set vs sfat on stream. Epic nair>upb was epic; so clean, so good.
25. Toph- Enjoyed getting to play against you in teams. Had such an adrenaline rush dittoing your foxy woxy, trying to outplay your sly and fast movements ahh... so nice~
25. Shady- Sooo close to snatching some victories from under your nose gah~ Was glad to have you on the tips of your toes though hehehe. ggs~
33. Juggleguy- You're a frekkin boss for organizing this event and all the past melee tournies that I've attended in the last couple of years. By hosting all of these events, you've given me a chance to really enjoy something special and extremely rare: traveling out of my comfort zone and meeting new people and friends, collaborating in a competitive and common interest that I've grown to cherish. Thanks so much Rob!! :D
33. Abu- You've really stepped up your game from the last time I played you at Sweet VI dude. I approve of your decisions and almost taking that set off sfat in r1 pools. Such a shame about that phantom rest vs mdz though. That realllly jiggled my puffs when I heard that from hellsing. I'll see you in Ohio in a few weeks dude.
33. Renth- Gaaaaaanondorrrrffff~ Triple uair OoFj is so stylish oh man, clipped mdz.
33. voorhese- Sucks about that pool cut-off bs man. Would have been pretty tight to see you go up against Scar on stream instead of mdz smh.
33. Oro?!- I swear I had been condemned to a falcon **** pool, and you were no exception to that thought. You played solid and double knee'd me off stage and lived. Raw.
41. Strong Bad- So he was finally here, performing for you. If you know the game, you can join in too. Press the buttons together if you want to play. As we take you through his monkey day! HUH..? [Don't ask, I don't know myself]
41. Butch G- You're getting better, but holllld off on that downsmash man haha. All it takes is one too many to get opened up and downright predicable at times. Team double downsmash is trademark Composer and I though, you got to fight us for that right!
41. PGH Carroll- Thank you sooo much for inviting Hellsing and I into your buddies hotel room (loved it). Your commentary on friendlies was down right hellacious at times and made me kick buckets of milk in joy. "bleeeaaaah" & "Yahoooo!!" are my favs. : )
41. Wenbobular- Nastly little falcon you got there bud. I approve of the headphone play, for the trance like feeling you get when playing to music is like nothing else but total involvement in your character and the game, at least for me haha.
41. Scythe- Dat mario ain't got nothing on condemned soullllllllzzzz'!! hahaha
49. Bieber- Cute little puff you got there buddie. I'll be sure to have my fox haunt it's nightmares and crush it's dreams though : )
49. Gibby- Very solid neutral shiek play from the friendlies I played with ya sir. Didn't know Wisconsin even had an active melee scene (who knew?). Ya'll should head out to michigan again sometime, since we play a bunch during the uvm/msu school year.
49. Sweet- Had a fun time hanging with all you Pittsburgh guys at the red roof inn. You guys are all so silly and bible toss is really, really dumb lool. Also damn your double downsmash team with Butch smh.
49. Dre- Can't believe I killed myself in the first couple seconds of game 2 on Dreamland only to bring the game back and lose again lmao. Your marth's spacing is so methodical, which led to an interesting and enjoyable set all around. (Can't wait to get you back at Julian's place the next time we all hang :D)
49. Handsome Joe- aka Mango
57. Tremor- Very fun friendlies we had in the downtime of r1 pools. I feel like we'd both benefit from playing each other often since we're pretty close in some skill areas, but also have key positive trait differences which set us apart I think. Hit me up sometime dude.
57. Bidwell- The big ollll De.. err.. Bidwell! And no, this is not my first tourney </3 LOL
57. Mundungu- Super tight mega ultra close set in doubles man. I put on my serious face in that 2v1, but you guys played pretty dang well to get us in that position ggs : ).
57. Bolt- Not to be confused with blitzbolt lol
57. RyeJew- Learn to clutch a victory for once in your life!!


Smash Rookie
Sep 21, 2011
Shout Outs

Raymond Tan's Army Crew ;)
Commander Hanky: Thanks for making this tournament even more of an enjoyment to attend with your hype matches, columbus on the rise son.
Abu: Your set with SFAT was incredible, but you're still small. Get MDZ next time man...
Lagoon: Get em' next time man, you're improving so quickly you don't even know it yet.
Dippndot'z: Thanks for the whiskey man! Also thanks for being the most generous person i've ever met.

Kalamazhu: You're a lot cooler than I originally thought haha, thanks for the FB request!!!!
Little England: Watch out for that bald dude he'll be watching you lolol. Thanks for the hours of friendlies, you and CK are **** and very humorous, thanks for the laughs.
CK: The above also applies to you, I know you'll **** SFAT next time.
Gracen: For being one of the most down to earth guys I met at this tournament. We are definitely going to have to visit Indiana and play some friendlies, hopefully you can make it to a few CBUS tourny's.
Butch G: For being funny and being a huge hanky supporter.
Skyson: Thanks for ****** me with kirby :(
Carrol: For constantly teasing prince abhu lol
Bidwell: For putting up with my pokemon stadium shenanigans :/

Everyone for cheering for the hankster, I don't think this tournament would have turned out the way it did without your support in hyping the matches. This was my first tournament and it couldn't have turned out any better, so thank you ROB for hosting.

Mango: Thank you for ****** hanky so my brain didn't explode

i've missed so many but i'm new to the scene and don't really know anyone, Sorry! :c


Smash Lord
May 31, 2010
Vancouver, BC
1. Mango - This mother ****er already knows what it is. I won't say much because it's not like you have an account. Watching you always blows my mind, and this is the first time we've played. I hate how shielding does absolutely nothing against you. I'll see you at KoC, play your Samus on stream sometime, the world must see it.
2. Hungrybox - Your alts are really legit. It was cool hanging out, thanks for getting my dinner.
3. Fly Amanita - I knew from the morning of Saturday after getting 37 stocked before I took 1 with my Fox that you were probably going to get off in bracket. Good ****, I wish you'd travel more. You have a good attitude and mindset, it was fun playing friendlies.
4. SFAT - Zac, you were playing so well, I can tell getting ***** by Mango over and over again has made you much more mentally tough. I'm always amazed how you can keep improving at your level, and I hope you don't stop. You really stepped it up at this tournament, good ****.
5. KirbyKaze - Sorry I didn't get you a flavored edible dildo, I'll nurgle you sometime online. I think if Fly hadn't shown up, you had a very good shot at second.
5. Unknown522 - Yo Ryan, I know I cheered against you for much of the day, including against Duck and SFAT, but your set against HBox was impressive as ****. You played really well and I hope to see nothing less from you in the future. Good ****.
7. Frootloop - I still think I could've at least taken a game in round 1 pools. I'm annoyed at how bad my tech skill was, but your Falco makes good decisions. Congrats on the Apex stipend, I'll get my revenge someday! Gibby will reveal all your secrets to me!
7. Chillindude829 - Dat Packers Jersey
9. Trail - You're a cool guy in person. I'm happy I got to play you again. I'll improve at the Ganon matchup.
9. Westballz - WESTON BALLZDEEP DENNIS I know you're probably not happy with your placing, but we both know there's nothing but improvement in your future. Your falco is the freshest piece of *** I've ever had the chance to play, I know it's destined for great things. I'll see you at KoC, get ready to get cheered for vs PP like none other.
9. Darkatma - Your Marth is so sick, dair to dair so good. Good **** reppin AZ, I'll catch you at KoC. jk, I wish I'd gotten to see you play more this weekend, I've always heard good things, but I haven't seen very much of you outside of that one Campbell tournament. Let's play when I'm back home in December, or at KoC.
13. Scar - Good ****, Bobby, I saw a bunch of your games, and even if you were a little rusty, I couldn't really notice. You played pretty well and ****ed up a lot of people. Definitely looking forward to seeing you at KoC.
13. Duck - Dude, thanks so much for housing us. If you ever need hospitality on the West Coast, we'll definitely return the favor. Also, bombs ****. I'm glad I taught you how to flush your toilet.
13. Moose - Thanks for the ride from the airport, I really appreciate it. I didn't really get to see your Falco, but I've heard good things about it. I'll see you next Big Hous.
17. Nintendude - GGs, but I'll get you next time.
17. Lovage - I will never forget your Samus. Also, I eagerly await the day when you shake off your rust and decide to play again.
25. MattDotZeb - Standing laser for days.
25. SUNG666 - I had a lot of fun in friendlies. Let's play against at KoC.
25. Toph - You already know what it is. Homie status.
33. DoH - Heartbreaking Round 2 pools. You have what it takes, and I know you already know that. You'll get em next time.
33. Juggleguy - We tied! GET *****! Further shoutouts to come.
33. Violence - whoosh
41. Strong Bad - Sick DK, friendlies were fun.
41. Butch G - Thanks for all the rides this weekend, much appreciated.
49. Gibby - Witches don't exist!
57. Mundungu - Still haven't gotten to play you... Feels weird.
65. FrozenFlame - Fun times at SteaknShake.
81. GunPunch - I look forward to see your innovations and improvements. Find your own Samus, and make her amazing.
113. BLiu - Rough pool. GGs in friendlies. I'll play you again sometime.


Wobbles - Whether you decide to commentate or play, it's always a huge pleasure to have you. You **** at whatever you decide to do. WOBBLEDY WOBBLEDY ROBBLES WOBBLEDY WOBBLEDY ROBBLES

GimR - You guys run a great stream. Thanks for all your hard work.

Juggleguy - You've outdone yourself again. This event was insanely awesome, and again, worth every cent to come. Your logisitics, organization, staff, everything was on point. You kept scheduling in mind, made sure things ran smoothly, and most of all, made sure everyone was taken care of. Whenever I think of TOs east of the Mississippi, pretty much you're the best of whoever comes to mind.

I will always do everything in my power to attend your large events(get a bigger venue next time, I think this time, you underestimated your own hype), and I'm sure the rest of West Coast feels the same way.

Super legit, Rob, I don't think I can adequately express how awesome this tournament was.

... now if only I could beat your ****ing Falcon.


Smash Journeyman
Mar 24, 2011
Bloomfield Hills MI
1. Mango - nice upset over Shaeden.
2. Hungrybox - thanks for the advice; i really appreciate it! i was hoping to put up a good fight, but instead i got wrecked =/. next time will be better
3. Fly Amanita - nice job getting 3rd and ggs in bracket
4. SFAT - good to see you again. thanks for exposing my *** on stream lol. i needed that
5. KirbyKaze - i really wanted to play you at this, but i didn't =(
5. Unknown522 - i didn't watch it live, but i have to say that your set with Hungrybox is my favorite set from this tournament. also im really looking forward to those friendlies! i hope i can hang with that fox.
7. Frootloop - good **** putting the midwest on your back!
9. Trail - i wish we had played some friendlies or something. i'd like to become better against ics
9. Darkatma - thanks for helping me and Shaeden warm up in teams. also ggs in our singles friendlies.
13. Duck - what kind of a shout out is "lololololol"? that is actually the worst shout out anyone has ever given me. U SUCK
13. Moose - good **** beating cunning. he's really good against falco.
13. CunningKitsune - i wish i could've played you some more. i feel like i could get a lot better just from playing against you. also thanks for the advice!
17. Nintendude - thanks for the friendlies, even though we only played two of them.
17. Dope - glad you made it to this! i had fun in our friendlies. your falco is so tricky lol
17. Kels - i'm happy you're playing more fox now.
17. SilentSwag - fun friendlies and nice job beating shaeden.
17. HIV+ - bad
17. Little England - wish we had played some falco dittos
25. Kalamazhu - best top driver?
25. ORLY - i wish duck had mmed you with his fox. i love watching his secondaries get *****.
25. Vudujin - ggs in doubles bracket. you guys had us on the ropes game 3.
25. Toph - our set was so dumb! i know you're a lot better than that. we'll both play better in our next set.
25. Shady - i expected you to do better at this =/... oh well. you would have probably done better if you had gone to more locals =P.
33. DoH - those were some fun friendlies! powershield -> downsmash is to good lol
33. Juggleguy - this tournament was so much fun! i really hope you do another one!
33. Abu - that phantom rest
33. voorhese - dude i herd what happen with your 2nd round pool, that really sucks. lets get some friendlies in next time we meet.
33. Europhoria - it was nice meeting you man. i had a lot of fun playing against your marth. i hope we get to play again someday. ggs
33. Oro?! - our set sucked lol. nice job taking a game off chillin though. we'll both get him next time.
41. Strong Bad - it was nice meeting you. lets play some friendlies next time.
41. Idea - had fun playing friendlies with you. i wish you the best of luck with your new main.
41. Butch G - i see you put in a good amount of work at this. good ****
41. PGH Carroll - you are probably the most swagged out smasher ever
41. Scythe - did you get ***** in mario dittos by mango?
49. Lanceinthepants - we should play sometime. i don't think we've ever played.
49. onionchowder - ggs in pools. you had me scared
49. Sweet - ggs in pools.
49. Dre - thanks for driving man. i'll get your 3 dollars to you at the next smashfest we're both at :smirk:
57. Tremor - one day you'll be on point at one of these things, and you'll destroy some people.
57. Bidwell - you should change your name back to Dempt. the big ollll Bidwell sounds dumb lol. also r u gonna come back to MI this weekend
57. !Capt. Cleveland! - yo good stuff making it to round 2! might put together a smashfest sometime soon. just a heads up
57. Zinoto - good to see you again. i can tell that you've gotten better. and good stuff making it to the 2nd round.
57. Mundungu - we had some fun friendlies
57. Bolt - i felt bad about you quitting out like that =/
57. RyeJew - i cant think of anything cool to say to you so im just going to give you a weird face instead :cyclops:. lets play sometime soon. also get ***** by Dre
57. Shaeden (withdrawal) - double falco is the best team ever
65. 3chairz - the legend has returned
65. kjh - lol you best westballz and then you dont make it out of pools. that sucks. we should play sometime soon.
65. Hellsing - if you wanted to i guess we could play sometime... at ryejews house.
65. Skyson - thanks for being such a cool pool captain
65. Toadster - im assuming since you got 65th you didn't go DK. but thats okay because the world isnt ready yet.
65. Weylin - it was good to see you again, ben. i hope you're pleased with how you played.
65. BluEG - it was nice meeting you and playing against you.
65. Zwarm - ggs in pools.
65. Gracen - sucks that you weren't on for this thing. i think you could have done a lot better. might be setting up a smashfest sometime soon.
65. DarkLouis - it was nice to see you and good **** beating bloodyjoker.
81. Hart - i had fun playing falco dittos with you.
81. TheCrimsonBlur - really sucks about your placing. anyway it was nice seeing you again even if you didn't recognize me lol.
81. Kanye Rest - ggs in pools. your name is pretty cool lol
81. roki - idk what to say to you. im sorry... here take this :b:
81. Blake - hidden boss for right now. you'll beast on some ramdon high level player soon enough.
97. tmtmny - it was good seeing you again.
97. Crash - its always a pleasure.
97. Morning Thunder - Thank You for driving the Canadian smashers. That was awesome of you.
97. Aceplayer - these ppl r lucky you had to do homework otherwise you might have tried to make it out of pools.
97. unexplainedbacon - your tag is so cool
97. Artificial Flavor - ggs man. you've gotten better.
97. BloodyJoker - get ***** by my marth!
113. BLiu - i know that salty feeling all to well and it sucks. at least you beat me, frootloop and mark all at the same time.
113. BeerGuy - nice tag
113. Mr. Derp - best tag ever
113. 1der (DQ'd) - you missed out bro
113. Apasher - asplasher moar than meets the :oneeye:


Smash Ace
Apr 12, 2012
big post:

1. Mango - you good. Kinda cool to see the legend.
2. Hungrybox - cool to see as well, you're really chill.
4. SFAT - nice meeting/ playing you, you're a cool dude. (what's with this cali chillness)
5. KirbyKaze - GG asking scrubs for money matches ;) maybe in a year or two lol
9. Hanky Panky - mother****ing nice job. Repping Ohio, now we shall rise to become the top state... anyway nice **** from nowhere
13. Scar - nice meeting you, another chill cali guy. Dat tournament mode
13. Moose - we didn't play but it was nice meeting you. I want a piece of that bird sometime.
17. HIV+ - nice seeing you again. Keep at it dude, you can only get better if you try.
25. MattDotZeb - nice friendlies, thanks for the tips. Your matches were broken (vs sung, abu, wtf)
25. Vudujin - nice playing/ meeting you. that luigi is slick. also, you like, ARE luigi.
25. Toph - nice friendlies
33. Juggleguy - amazing job rob. I had an amazing time and I know I'm not alone. You've made my first big tournament possible and it was awesome. I thank you greatly. Also cool friendlies at your place, I gotta put in work for that falcon matchup and come back.
33. Abu - GG 3/4 stocking me, I reallllly need to learn those 2 matchups in particular. I feel you for vs MDZ.
33. Renth - your ganon is beautiful to watch, I'm gonna learn from it. Sorry you had some rough matches, but don't get disheartened, we've all been there.
57. Bidwell - yo ohio. Hope to see you again in some future smashfests.
57. !Capt. Cleveland! - nice job making round 2 pools. WITH STEEEEEL
57. Zinoto - nice friendlies, I thought I was decent at the doc matchup lol
57. RyeJew - nice to see you again, good job making it to round 2. Matches were kinda bad but whatever. Play you again
65. Blitzbolt - you wrecked me, nice job. I gotta work on that fox
65. General Heinz - nice playing you again, I hope you weren't just doing bad that day because my improvement vs you definitely raised my confidence. Keep improving man. Awesome doubles btw
65. DarkLouis - rough pools, but no mind. Had an awesome time with you guys. Backseat buddies
81. Hoefler - nice games, your marth destroyed me. Let's play again if the chance comes up.
81. Minor Threat - nice meeting you/ good games at rob's. :ganonmelee:
97. tmtmny - place better next time kthx
97. Crash - awesome times man. Thanks for the foods and the rides, and the talks. I'm down to hang anytime you come over to the NW side. Don't get down about your placement. You better not let my ganon get better than yours ;)
97. Zbet - nice friendlies, I'll play you again anytime
97. Artificial Flavor - I didn't play or talk to you, but keep working that weegee.
97. BloodyJoker - nice seeing you again
113. Sex Panther - ggs, hope you had a good time
113. BLiu - I didn't know who you were or would have played some ganon dittos, maybe next time
113. Apasher - thanks for organizing my stepping stone to this event, I may not have come if not for AMM#1. Keep working on your game dude.

extra shoutouts to:
all Cali players for traveling out/ being sweet/ showing me what real talent is
same thing for Canadians
Kage for getting me excited then not showing up
Michiganders for being the best combination of talent + vicinity, and cool (and asian)
everyone from OH (what up hanky panky), esp the toledo crew, thanks for everything guys.
everyone I played friendlies with
everyone that showed up, this community kicks ***, and this game kicks ***.
VGbootcamp, makes the community more awesome
Wobbles for sitting on his *** and blabbering to himself for 36 hours ;)



Smash Cadet
Aug 14, 2007
Fort Wayne, IN
Juggleguy: Seriously the best tournament I've been to. (Which haven't been many.)
HIV+: I'm gonna get better at Falcons so won't have to crush me every damn game.
Hanky Panky: Surprised everyone. It's good to know you don't live too far away. I'll be seeing you soon.
Cunning: Your 4 stocks are fun and your advice is golden. Thank you.
KirbyKaze: It was nice having a solid 2 hours to sit and learn from you. Thank you.
Apasher: Keep your mind open, stay positive, and keep practicing. You have potential.
Fly Amanita: You single handedly make me wanna pick up IC's. **** is tooooo good.
Bidwell/Dempt: We're 1 for 1 now. I'mma getcha next time!!!!
Toadster: I still want that MM yo!!
Abu: You're one hell of a sport. I would have broken my controller.
Kels: Even against my own crew, I still half - root for you.
Mango and Sfat: Never got a chance to get 4 stocked by you. But next time for sure.
The Dew Crew: You guys are my crew away from my crew. <3 -You guys are so crew.
Trail: Awfully nice seeing you again. Hopefully next time AC won't be such a scrublet.
And Corkus: I'll just say what everyone else was thinking... Your girlfriend is really hot.

Great tournament, good people, good times. See you all soon.


S l o X

Smash Champion
Aug 17, 2009
bridgeport, ct
17. Slox :sheikmelee: :falconmelee: :foxmelee:
Round 1 Pool:
  • Unknown: you are hella good. keep it up and i'm sure i'll see you taking top 3 spots at nationals soon.
  • Carroll: fun matches bro. hope to see you at rom.
  • Trail: fun matches, game 2 was awesome and i got ***** game 3. you are really good and pretty nice, wish i got to play you more for some IC practice.
  • Everyone else: ggs keep practicing so you can beat me next time, im bad.
Round 2 Pool:
  • Fly Amanita: my luigi will win next time!
  • Darkatma: That was way too easy for you. Next time I'll play much better. You are just as good as I thought you would be though. ^ ^ good games.
  • Kzhu: ggs in pools. i learned a lot about sheik peach in our first game and you contributed to helping me pick my main after 2 years of playing melee and for that i am very happy. keep playing with mark and i'm sure you will get on HANKYPANKY level in no time.
  • Idea: really good games. It could have gone either way I think I just naturally know the matchup from playing with Swiftbass so much despite having 0 puff experience. I know you were thinking Falco but honestly your puff has enough to improve on that you should just stick to it and I'm sure you won't regret it in the long run. Wish we got friendlies in.
  • Renth: I'm sorry I decided to main Sheik right before our matches. I feel like a douche. ): Good games anyhow. You looked really impressive vs everyone else. I just tried as hard as possible to not give you room to move around so fluidly.
1. Mango - really glad i played you first round. watch the throne. :awesome:
2. Hungrybox - im sorry for ever believing you weren't a great guy. you + vudujin + kanye rest = great memories of this tournament. thanks for that.
3. Fly Amanita - gj getting third.
4. SFAT - teach me fox
5. KirbyKaze - teach me sheik
7. Frootloop - good games. they were both really close and i was kind of happy with how i played. good job on your wins at this, really impressive.
9. Westballz - everyone has their bad tournaments.
9. Hanky Panky - SMASHED OUT? are you kidding me?
13. Scar - you dodged my money match sucka
13. Moose - move back to NE, we need you.
17. Slox - so close to where you wanted to place, get a TV pls.
17. Nintendude - you are the nicest guy.
17. Kels - good money match, main fox.
17. SilentSwag - lol go to rom please.
25. Kalamazhu - game 1 wasn't that much of a blow out to switch to fox game 2. your fox isn't bad i just think the matchup is do-able with peach. i hope you go to OOR things because you are really good.
25. MattDotZeb - gj with the upsets. no matter how *** you are i know you will always upset really good players at tournaments like these. hope you are enjoying chicago, good seeing you. gj in teams bro.
25. ORLY - your fox is way too falcon like, haha. just going for the most ridiculous things. thank god i somehow won because that dollar got us through the toll.
25. SUNG666 - ggs honestly i know your first two games weren't you playing well but it happens. just 5$ mm me again at apex or something if you think you are completely out of my league.
25. Vudujin - best piano na.
25. Toph - good meeting you.


Smash Ace
Jul 5, 2011
Pittsburgh, PA
Somehow didn't meet a ton of people, but shoutouts to these people:

Ohio: Sweet, S1, my dude Dees, ZakFox da doc, Kanye mother****in Rest, and the rest of you nerds

Shoutouts to everyone in my pool.
Fly Amenita (I'm sure I'm spelling that wrong): nice meeting you, man, was really cool seeing you playing your *** off, especially against SFAT, good ****.
BluEG: Real cool meeting you. Good match in pool, fun friendlies. I wish I'd have known you knew the Ganon matchup so well, I'd have played someone else.
ORLY: didn't really get a chance to talk to you, but good match.
Bolt: Real fun, thanks for being cool about playing stupid matchups since I was already eliminated.
Crooked: fun match, didn't really get to talk to you much either. hope you did well.
shoutouts to 1der for not showing up

Also a shoutout to Rob and the rest of the staff, the tourney was really, really well run (especially for how many attended). Awesome.

Biggest shoutout in the world to Pittsburgh crew for being my 2nd ****ing family
you guys are seriously the best.

EDIT: Also not trying to start ****, but without naming names (you know who you are) if you're seriously going to complain about someone's play during the ****ing Ganon challenge then I think it's time you grow the **** up.


Smash Hero
Dec 10, 2005
St Louis, Missouri/Fremont, CA
Shoutouts! (If I forgot you I am sorry)

Juggleguy: Thanks for hosting an amazingly well planned out tournament that you somehow squeezed plenty of friendly time into, despite the various "NO FRIENDLIES" admonishments throughout the tournament :p Really enjoyed myself out there, as well as hanging with all of the amazing smashers there.

Other TO Staff: Thanks for volunteering your time to make this tournament run as smoothly and on time as it did <3

Stl Crew: We all have to get better at this game IMO. There is much to improve on!
Hart: Gotta up that technical speed while maintaining consistency. Long road ahead for the falco main :p Hope you learned a ton from this tourney though.

Bieber: Dat fox matchup and jiggs ditto haha. Time to go back to the drawing board for those. Most likely you needa work on your DI and spacing for the quick paced matchup.

Blitzbolt: Thanks for volunteering your car for driving us to/from the tourney. The long drive was totally worth it for me though, had a ton of fun at this tourney. Super sad you didn't play at full potential in pools. Please please go learn those funky matchups, like samus, luigi, and ice climbers. <3

U of M:
Moose: great friendlies on Sunday night, you're quite skilled and I think you might've convincingly beaten me in our tourney set if you weren't playing so nervously. Unless I pulled out the Doc hehe :p Naw but you're really fun to play and hang out with Mark, and I could use some lessons from your for getting fit. I'll try to catch you next tourney for sure!

Duck: We didn't get to play much James, but yeahh I SHOULD go to U of M for med school if all you asian smashers are still there. Everyone's pretty solid and has the potential for fast improvement, which is amazing. I'm sad you didn't place at your full potential in singles, but also glad hanky panky placed so well as a result :p See you at the next big tourney

Kalamazhu: For some reason I didn't associate your tag with asianness LOL. You were pretty cool too, and also a very good smasher. I'm still down to help with the sheik matchup whenever, just hit me up sometime. Nice meeting you, and I hope you start traveling for tournies.

Other Michigan:
Abu: I told some of my friends that you LOOKED like an abu, and they were like "Oh my gosh, you're right!" Haha I think I dodged giving you 20 bucks, because I think I lost the only match we played in. Nevertheless, you clearly would've won that MM since you have the HANKY practice, so anything I would've tried would've just been inferior. But yeah I have a good grasp of what type of person you are now, you're kinda like me on the boards, smacktalking everyone, except you do it in person too rofl. We'll play more at the next tourney, and sorry about your phantom rest loss.

Shaeden: NOOOOO why did you have to leave =[ I really wanted to meet in bracket for a rematch :p Now I'm forever going to be 0-1 against you in sets. Really enjoyed playing you as well, and my predictions of our pool were totally correct :p I hope everything is alright for you.

Shady: I could tell you weren't playing your best against me, but very close matches in our set!

HIV+: Fun friendlies and teams friendlies :D

Hanky Panky
HANKY PANKY: I am the biggest fan of your peach now. I really hope you keep improving at an alarming rate. Seek out mew2king in your state hehe. At first I was very dubious that you legitly got 1st seed in R1 pools, but after seeing you almost 4 stock ORLY match 3 I was certain you're going to be the next top pro :p


Zacfat: Woooo good stuff placing well! Sad you let fly come back on you so roughly in match 5, but it was also extremely hype. Zfreak told me you played better and better as the tourney went on, so I'm very happy for you.

Scar: YEAHHH I knew you would whoop on your pools :D Thanks for proving me right, and reminding people that upcoming marriage =/= retired and rusty.

Mango: **** as usual, love your fox and I'm really rooting for you vs Armada at Apex

Fly: Back to the drawing board for that puff matchup huh =/ Hbox just found a way to trade a rest for nana's stock every single time. I had never seen a more one sided matchup. I'm gonna win next time we play, even though you destroyed me in pools haha. Most likely see you at Kings of Cali! (oh yeah, you're definitely my favorite climbers, keep at it =)

Westballzzz: Sorry about your controller/underperforming this tourney. People think you're johning, but I know how skilled you are and believe you wouldn't have lost to a lot of the people you did lose to if you were on even an average play day. Most likely see you at kings of cali, and I'm gonna learn the sheik falco MU better so our friendlies aren't so one-sided next time

Violence: we didn't get to play enough! I included you under California because I know that's where you belong, back in Norcal :p Move back already!

Lovage: Yeee your fox is sooo creative and fun to watch and play against! Wish you'd get back into the game and stop being rusty and inactive, boooo.

Toph: You're CA now, so I don't have to make a separate box for WA. It was great seeing you again homie, but I'm sad you didn't prove my pool prediction wrong. I'm super glad you're gonna move to california next year, that's hella exciting :D


Idea: Wooo you destroyed me! I'm glad you're good at the sheik matchup, I would've been totally interested in playing a TON of sheik vs puff friendlies afterwards, but you seemed like you were getting really sick of your main. Good luck with the falco, and see you next big tourney as well.

KK: you're my sheik hero always and forever <3 Take care of yourself more, you looked pallid. We'll talk more over AIM :p Sad you didn't get to play Hungrybox, that was the set that I most wanted to see this entire tourney.

Unknown: AHHHH I was so frustrated during our set, I'm really sorry. I was getting really distracted and felt sorry for your controller issues, but I was somehow playing incredibly crappy as a result. No johns though, I got beaten solidly and I know you're an amazing player, despite the controller issues. I'm definintely gonna get you next time though, so watch out for me :p I was also really rooting for you against the box, I have yet to watch it but I'll check the stream later.

Other People:
DoH: Sorry we didn't get to play, and that you were playing like poop on day 2. I could tell from watching your friendlies you weren't playing up to snuff. We'll play next tourney when you're at your full power :D

Slox: Woww you play a lot of chars in tourney. I do that too sometimes: I go doc, fox, falco, marth, sheik, and peach, but this tourney I told myself I would stick to 1 or 2 chars because that's the way to get the farthest. Great stuff getting into bracket though, and we should play more some other time

Hbox: Darn I wanted to see a closer set between you and Mangooo. You gotta figure out his fox man!

Chillin: I'll get you next time grr. GJ placing top 8, always glad to see oldschool go far.

Chicago/Other Midwest

Kels: STOP SUCKING AT REGIONALS GAHHHHH. I know you're much better than that. I wanna see you place at your full potential.

Cunning Kitsune: You're one of the people I'd be incredibly scared to play in tourney, because you play so smart. Best smash teacher 2009?-2012 imo, since you've helped LE improve so much. Teach me how to teach please, trying to help my Stl buddies, but they tell me I'm terrible at teaching haha.

LE: those SDs =[ I think you could've beaten me as well if you were playing consistently well. Keep improving, you've been getting better and better.

Trail: Woooo you're still incredibly good :p I'm glad. Nice seeing you at the tourney, glad you decided to enter instead of being a ***** :D Catch you next tourney, can't retire yet son.

Vro: <3, sorry about your P:M bracket seeding =/ Always good to see you Cary

Metroid: Yeahhhh congrats on the huge P:M win! Super happy for you :p

There's too many people, I know for sure that I forgot so many people =[ Guess I'll fill in later once I remember


Smash Lord
Sep 7, 2008
Howell, MI
This tournament was amazing. Thanks to juggleguy for bein the best TO. Cali is super chill and I hope I can go there someday as well as Toronto. I enjoyed housin all you canadians and californians for sure.

1. Mango :foxmelee: :falcomelee: :falconmelee: - you're super chill, I'm definitely a part of mangonation now. good stuff on beatin hbox and winnin yet another tourny.
2. Hungrybox :jigglypuffmelee: - gg's in pools
4. SFAT :foxmelee: - man I'm just gonna tell all of cali that you're all super chill and cool dudes. GG's in pools, wish we could have played a bit more so i could have learned from your insane fox. It was nice meetin you for sure
5. KirbyKaze :sheikmelee: - hope you enjoyed the housin KK. Did you end up givin away any of those pancakes haha. Sucks we didn't get to play more, I really did need to play against your fox and I was playin much better day 2. ah well, next time. Congrats on 4th and for havin the best and most enjoyable sheik ever. You're too good.
5. Unknown522 :foxmelee: - Ryan you are an awesome dude and I enjoy housing you every chance I get. Too bad we didn't get to play much either, I'm still salty about the last time we played a year ago haha. You're hilarious tho. You got hbox next time man, you showed some real determination and patience in that set. I was really impressed.
7. Chillindude829 :foxmelee: - nice meetin you chillin. good to see old school still performs so well
9. Trail :icsmelee: - yeah it sucks we didn't get to chill more. We will soon I'm sure. I won't be on probo forever and this ****'ll be behind me. Good to see you though for sure.
9. Westballz :falcomelee: - nice meetin you man. Glad you get 9th despite havin that broken controller. GG's even tho I have tired johns and am slaty ha.
9. Hanky Panky :peachmelee: - who the **** are you man. congrats on comin out of the blue and beating some of the best
13. Scar :falconmelee: - wish we could have played more but oh well your falcon is sick. It was nice meeting you for sure and I'm glad you came out man. Again, cali is real chill and i enjoyed housing you guys.
13. Duck :samusmelee: - I don't know why you **** me so hard. but when I figure it out, I'm comin for you
13. Moose :falcomelee: - gg's in pools man. You better watch out, I'm comin for you.
17. Dope :falcomelee: - when you goin in to jail man? congrats on placin so high and doing so well man. I'll be seein ya soon
17. HIV+ :falcomelee: - we'll play soon. and yea for sure I'll have my breakout soon for sure. Congrats on makin bracket too, good ****
17. Little England :falcomelee: - your falco is ****, gg's
25. Kalamazhu :peachmelee: - your fox sucks. congrats on beatin lovage and i'll **** you next time
25. Nakamaru :falconmelee: - good **** at makin bracket man. you ***** me harder than anyone else in that pool. you definitely turned it up in tourny, i'll be ready for you next time. gg's.
25. SUNG666 :falcomelee: - gg's in the room next door day 1. you're falco helped me warm up for sure. you're good lol
25. Toph :foxmelee: - gg's, you're tech skill is real good. If you were more on point that set would have got real ugly
25. Shady :marthmelee: - good **** on makin bracket. Dope placed higher than you, damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. it would seem we need to travel more. ha, yeah right.
33. DoH - good games in pools. maybe I shouldn't have taken you to FD game two lol.
33. Juggleguy - Rob, you are clearly the best TO ever. good ****, this tournament was extremely enjoyable and I'm glad I made it
33. Abu - gg's. you've improved a lot. I definitely want to play that puff and your other characters some more in the future
33. Renth - good **** to you and vudu for beatin dope and i. If we are ever at a tourny again I'll get that MM for sure
33. Europhoria - it was a pleasure housin you and canada man. nice meetin you
41. Chexr - I was super surprised you went Fox in pools. Good stuff on beating me, and gg's.
41. Idea - nice meetin u man and I enjoyed housin you. wish we could have got some games in
41. PGH Carroll - you're a funny guy. that's all lol
41. Scythe - good **** beatin me round 1. i'm comin for that falco if we are ever at the same tourny again lol.
49. Bieber - gg's man in pools
49. DippnDots - nice talkin to you man. It's always nice seein you around, that was funny when you walked up and were like "josh?" haha i was real surprised. see you at one of the next tournaments hopefully
49. Dre - yoooooooo. we didn't get to play. but we should've
57. Bidwell - thanks for helpin me find dope man. that ****in guy
57. RyeJew - good games man. you're enjoyable to play for sure. i'm worried about when you're tech skill and reads are always on point
57. Shaeden (withdrawal) - sorry about whatever happened man. hope all is well and see you at the next tourny
65. kjh - let's play next time. good **** beatin wes
65. Toadster - bro. sucks this was your last tourny so you say. although I understand. see ya up in EL tho for sure. damnnnnnnnn,
65. Ralis - good games in pools
65. Gracen - fellow sheik man. sheik's unite.
81. roki - nice work with the second stream, that was awesome
97. Morning Thunder - thanks a million for makin that drive. you are one crazy guy. sorry about that ticket, and it was really nice meeting you and housing you
97. Sayac - good games in pools man, keep playin the game
97. BloodyJoker - you crack me up lol. good games on thursday
113. BLiu - yeah wish we could have played. it was good seein you though for sure man, hopefully we can play next time we cross paths
113. PrestoMajesto - good games man keep playin for sure
Oliman - i wasn't sure of your tag but we had some good games for sure lol. hope you needed some sheik practice

Hope i didn't miss anyone. if i did, it's bc i forgot your tag lol. I had a great time and it was nice meeting you all


Smash Journeyman
Aug 8, 2008
Chicago / San Diego
Mad props to Rob for running a great tournament. Definitely coming back next year with another UChicago delegation; hopefully somebody from UChi is good enough to make bracket by then. I had a great time playing pools/friendlies/MMs. I'd do shoutouts, but I'm terrible with remembering names. Mother****in' Hanky Panky.

I'm officially changing my smash tag to OnionChild (shoutouts to Sung).


King Arthur
Aug 13, 2010
Southfield, MI

1. Mango - Too good.

2. Hungrybox - GGs in dubs. Nice meeting you. Funny person.

4. SFAT - Fun friendlies. Your Fox is too good. I'll be taking notes from yours.

7. Chillindude829 - GGs in dubs. I'll be taking notes from your Fox in the future.

9. Hanky Panky - The living legend.

13. Duck - Good **** beating Unknown!


17. Nintendude - GGs in pools. Thanks for the advice.

17. Lovage - Didn't meet/play. Why the low placing? :(

17. Dope - Nice seeing you again.

17. Kels - Nice meeting you. GGs in pools. Thanks for the advice.

17. HIV+ - Nice seeing you again. Can't wait to play your Falco again, because I need help with that matchup lol.

25. Kalamazhu - Good **** beating Lovage! Teach me Smash plz

25. Shady - Fun friendlies. Finally got to play your Marth.

33. Juggleguy - Goooooooood ****ing **** hosting this amazing tourney! It was a huge success. Glad I got to help out!

33. Abu - Good **** vs SFAT. Teach me Smash plz.

33. voorhese - Nice meeting you.

33. Europhoria - ^ Read above.

33. Violence - Fun teams friendlies. Sheik/Samus too broken.

41. Butch G - Nice seeing you again.

41. PGH Carroll - Bodied me in Melee. You're too good at this game. I can still take your money in Brawl tho :yeahboi:

41. Wenbobular - I believe you critiqued my Fox a couple months ago? Fun friendlies.

49. Bieber - GGs in pools.

49. Gibby - Fun teams friendlies. Sheik/Samus too broken.

49. Dre - Close dubs set. GGs.

57. Bidwell - Nice meeting you. Chill person. GGs in pools. Your Marth too good.

57. Zinoto - 'twas fun teaming with you. We should do this again sometime.

57. Shaeden (withdrawal) - Sucks that you had to leave early :(. You impressed a lot of people.

65. 3chairz - Nice seeing you again.

65. kjh - Good **** beating Westballz! Glad you came to this!

65. Hellsing - Nice seeing you again.

65. Skyson - Nice meeting you.

65. Toadster - GGs in dubs. Close set.

65. Gracen - Nice meeting you. Cool person. GGs in pools. Thanks for the advice.

81. JWu - Nice meeting you.

81. TheCrimsonBlur - I believe Zinoto and I played you in dubs friendlies? Double Marth?

81. Blake - GGs in pools. Thanks for the advice.

97. tmtmny - Nice seeing you again, Tom. Glad I contributed to you going to this xD

97. Crash - Nice meeting you.

97. Aceplayer - Dat Fox :troll:

97. TheReverend - GGs in dubs.

97. unexplainedbacon - Amazing tag. It has Bacon in it.

97. Corkus - GGs in pools.

97. BloodyJoker - Nice seeing you again.

113. Jobbernowl - Nice meeting you. Keep practicing!

113. BeerGuy - Nice seeing you again. Fun friendlies.

113. StewbyDoo - GGs in dubs.

113. Apasher - Get good at this game.


Smash Hero
Jan 4, 2006
Quincy, MA
EDIT: Also not trying to start ****, but without naming names (you know who you are) if you're seriously going to complain about someone's play during the ****ing Ganon challenge then I think it's time you grow the **** up.

*standing laser*



Smash Lord
May 31, 2010
Vancouver, BC
EDIT: Also not trying to start ****, but without naming names (you know who you are) if you're seriously going to complain about someone's play during the ****ing Ganon challenge then I think it's time you grow the **** up.
Are you referring to me making a well understood joke to MDZ?


Smash Grimer
Aug 16, 2005
Ann Arbor, MI
But there's actually a good amount of strategy to it, lol.

1. everyone lasers until there's an opening
2. everyone pillars the **** out of Ganon
3. one Falco sends Ganon off with fsmash/dsmash
4. edgeguard with dair
5. repeat x4


Smash Champion
Oct 19, 2009
Ann Arbor, MI

The main feeling I come away from this tournament with is pride. Pride that Michigan (Rob) was able to host a national, something never before done in our state's history, and have people thinking its one of the best tournaments ever. Pride that we were able to, as players, show how much we have improved, and how much we love this game. Pride that, as people, Michigan smashers are some of the best people I know.

Rob, you are the sole reason that MI melee has been able to thrive and grow since scotu quit. I would have quit years ago had you not continued to host tourneys and organize smashfests.

James (duck), you have the ****tiest shoutouts. ****er. Good stuff vs unknown, you always have sweet wins at nationals. Also get ****ed up by frootloop.

To all the OOS'ers who came, thank you guys so much for coming, and making this a success.

Mango - gg's in pools. rootin for u vs armada.
Hungrybox - gg's in bracket. I thought I knew the puff matchup, but clearly not at that level =p.
SFAT, Westballs, Scar - It was a pleasure housing you guys. Would love to see you guys back here. WC clearly has talent.
KirbyKaze - once again, we never got to play =(. one day.
Unknown522 - too nice, and one of the best attitudes in smash (minus the matt.zeb incident LOL). Nice job coming back from that loss to make it so far though.
Frootloop - Too good. Beat duck and westballs? Goddamn son. One of midwest's best players for sure. Just work on those floaty matchups.
Chillindude829 - wish I'd gotten to play you. nice job in bracket.
Trail - Good **** showing coasties what the midwest is capable of.
Hanky Panky - what is there left to say? you did more in this tournament than i've done in my smash career. Keep playing, and I expect you at the top of the midwest in a year.
Darkatma - gg's in bracket. I think I play a little too defensive in bracket, and you definitely made me pay for that. our friendlies are so much fun, and you're super humble in person. would definitely love to play you more.
CunningKitsune - I loved our set in bracket. You are too good. Seemed like we were both pretty nervous near the end there, you definitely woulda won if you capitalized harder on your reads. gg's.
Slox - My boy. Your attitude toward this game is great. Keep improving.
Lovage - i liked the commentary. wish we had tryhard lovage for singles tho .
Dope - You are a ****ing legend. Your match vs scar had me and shaeden laughing so hard. good **** showing us how 2006 does it.
Kels - kels kels kels. Don't feel too bad about this one. you're just gonna win the next 5 midwest tournaments anyway =p. Until hanky panky starts traveling that is.
SilentSwag - the swag truly is silent. good friendlies.
HIV+ - definitely getting better. gg's in bracket. just gotta keep improving.
Little England - took absolutely no offense to you rooting for cunning. i woulda rooted for cunning too if it was anyone but me haha. lets get friendlies next time.
Kalamazhu - take notes from hanky. good stuff against lovage, we can both get a lot better though.
MattDotZeb - you are simultaneously the best and worst falco ever. good stuff against unknown. keep your mindset resilient to losses though.
Nakamaru - gg's in pools. sorry about those suicides =x.
ORLY - your falcon looks solid dude. wish we got some friendlies.
SUNG666 - fun friendlies, you seem like a cool dude.
Vudujin - saw u put in work on kids, good stuff.
Toph - your tech skill is crazy good. just gotta keep your mindset stable. gg's in pools.
Shady - i think our team chemistry was starting to get better near the end. always fun to watch you style on falcos that arent me lol.
DoH - wish you were playing better during our set, you definitely have it in you. saw some pretty cool powershield stuff from you anyway. gg's.
Abu - bad luck dood. im glad ur not a troll anymore.
Oro?! - sorry about that cheering against u, you know MI loves you right? haha nice to see you.
Violence - thanks for holding my gps on the car ride back haha. nice to see you as always.
Chexr - gg's in pools, your fox is fun to play.
Wake - gg's bro. ur peach is pretty solid.
Strong Bad - gg's in pools, you defintely had me a little scared
Idea - fun friendlies. uthrow rest....sigh.
Butch G - nice job, definitely getting better. too humble too =p. opposite of kzhu.
PGH Carroll - i guess we can only 4 stock or get 4 stocked, we're too good.
Wenbobular - ledgedash to usmash too good. good friendlies, and nice job in teams.
Scythe - gg's in teams. wish we got to play some friendlies
Bieber - gg's in pools, don't feel too bad about our set, i usually am pretty good v puff lol.
Lanceinthepants - i heard you've been improving alot. lets get dittos next time.
onionchowder - heard u beat abu at fc. would def like to play your doc sometime.
Dre - Damn dre good ****. i didn't get to see any of ur matches tho. nice seeing you this weekend.
Handsome Joe - thanks for warmin me up day 2. was a pleasure to see you again.
Tremor - wow. the placings don't reflect it, but you have improved so much. let's play more for sure.
Bidwell - didnt see much of you, but you are always a pleasure to be around.
Zinoto - best midwest brawl player now, right? lemme get some of that doc, its lookin pretty solid. always nice to see you around, you are a gentleman.
Bolt - defintely gettin better. don't let losses get to you.
RyeJew - good **** makin my predictions true haha. nice to see u.
Shaeden - i still have so much to learn from you. see you at the next mi tourney.
3chairz - 3chairz>2chains.
kjh - heard you did pretty well for urself. come to more tourneys, i could always use the falco ditto practice.
Hellsing - sup, always nice to see u.
Toadster - u effed up my pools prediction lol. definitely coulda made it out of pools. always nice to see u tho.
Zwarm - gg's in teams
DarkLouis - gg's in pools, keep comin out to tournaments.
Hart - i feel like i've seen you in like 10 different states. always fun playin falco dittos.
Kanye Rest - love the tag
roki - best job with that stream. see you around.
Spife - nice seein you, we had a goofy set in pools. gg's.
tmtmny - saw that you shouted me out, but i'm not sure who you are =(. lemme know next time we see eachother!
Aceplayer - you say the most outrageous things lol. nice seein you.
BloodyJoker - you are the most ridiculous smash player lol. see u in wb sometime soon.
BLiu - =x. your pool was super hard. bad luck dude. hopefully ill see you again, somehow. good luck in ct.
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