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The Big House 2 Results [October 6-7, 2012 - Ann Arbor, MI]


Smash Grimer
Aug 16, 2005
Ann Arbor, MI

October 6-7, 2012
Ann Arbor, MI

Official Results Thread

Near the end of the tourney, someone asked me out of curiosity what my favorite part of the weekend was, and I couldn't really think of one event or moment. Upon further reflection, I think it's just the fact that over 140 people put enough faith in this tourney to make big sacrifices just to be here; to drive ten straight hours from a different region, most of them in the dark AM hours; to go through three long flight layovers before arriving to DTW; to work 18-hour days the previous week for their boss's permission to take the weekend off. That's mad dedication. My #1 goal at the end of the day is for everyone who committed an entire weekend for this event to be able to say it was completely worth attending. I sincerely hope this was true for Big House 2!

Original Thread: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=323029
Results Thread:: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=328569
Videos Thread: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=328623

I didn't do it by myself. This event would have been impossible without a huge amount of help from a huge number of people. I purposefully held back from posting the results thread until these acknowledgments were written up, because everyone listed here has had a significant part in making Big House 2 a success and deserves credit/recognition. Thank you to:

Calvin and Matthew (the VGBootCamp team) for their constant professionalism, sense of humor, and dedication to doing what they do best: taking care of the viewers at home, a whopping 88,000 of them in our case.
Steven (Bionic) for single-handedly making the online registration system possible and saving us a boatload of effort.
Amine (Roki) for all his hard work in making a secondary stream possible and successfully maintaining it throughout the weekend.
Adam (Strong Bad) for running anything and everything Project M related, and for his insightful TOing input throughout.
Brian (Roller) for impressing once again with his ability to help out for a game/community that he doesn't even main.
Arjan (Doomblaze) for taking charge at the check-in desk all weekend long and bringing in extra equipment.
Andre (Dre) for being the most consistent attendee in MI Melee history, and always serving the role of veteran TO well.
Chris (Aceplayer) for his sense of humor and presence at the check-in desk and/or TO station the entire weekend.
Brian (BLiu) for his willingness to help out even with the limited amount of time that I know he has back in town.
Julian (Zinoto) for taking on pretty much every random errand I could think of, including two trips to the printing lab.
Chad (kd) for a ton of help with pre-tourney organization despite not being able to attend 90% of the event.
Ray (3chairz) for working around his very busy grad school schedule in order to help as much as possible.
Aaron (Apasher) for his constant TOing interest and making the most out of his one day at the tourney.
Richard (BloodyJoker) for reminding me to keep a sense of humor throughout the weekend despite all the stress.
Joseph (Xu) for working with me on the photography side of things during the pre-tourney and actual tourney phases.
Chioke (Tutu) for offering to house OoR players from Day 1 and for being straightforward about his expectations.
Jake (Butch G) for housing and transporting several OoR players on such short notice, it is really really appreciated.
Mark (Moose) for housing and transporting several OoR players despite having a busy school schedule.
James (Duck) for housing several OoR players in his undersized, outdated UTowers apartment suite.
Gio (Gio) for housing two full cars from Pittsburgh without me ever asking him to do so.
Timofey (Sasha) for making multiple trips to pick up OoR players at the airport on such short notice.
RyeJew for having the clutch ability to transport Fly Amanita to the airport right after the tourney.
Josh (Tremor) for housing and transporting several OoR players and bringing two full setups without hesitation.
James (Dope) for his legendary old school presence, and for re-defining what it means to have your priorities straight.
Matt (Bidwell) for being the funniest storyteller of all-time on top of his already-owned badass driver of the year title.
Nick (Carroll) for his never-ending enthusiasm and pretty much single-handedly spreading the word to PA/NEOH.
Arian (TheCrimsonBlur) for his encouragement and advice, especially throughout the planning stages of the tourney.
Eric (Violence) for his consistent trust in this event, and serving as a liaison to the West Coast community.
Matt (MattDotZeb) for his enthusiasm in documenting miscellaneous stuff, and for helping out wherever possible.
Chi (clowsui) for his excellent input and for making me realize there is a methodical, calculated side to running a tourney.
Tim (KishPrime) for showing me what top-level tournament organization really looks like, and for inspiration to reach it myself.
Bobby (Scar) for successfully fulfilling the role of top Falcon attendee, especially in the unfortunate absence of Johnny.
Brian (metroid1117) for being the most humble winner in Smash history, and for constantly motivating Chicago-Land to attend.
MorningThunder for literally lifting Toronto on his shoulders to the event; I can't even describe how much it's appreciated.
Wobbles for bringing his amazing commentary back to the Midwest, and for making the sacrifice of not entering as a player.
Ralis, Skyson, and JWu for volunteering as pool captains when we were running behind schedule and needed them most.
Mango, Westballz, Fly Amanita, Darkatma, Toph, Hungrybox, and BluEG for flying out to Michigan based on nothing but good faith in the event.
SFAT and Lovage for flying out for another installment of The Big House; you guys are welcome back anytime.
Frootloop, Trail, and Hanky Panky for showing everyone the Midwest is capable of pulling off some great wins vs the coasties.
Logic Solutions, OnGo Energy, and the Apex Tournament Series for their sponsorships of the event.

With that said, here are the results!

Melee Singles (128 entrants)
1. Mango ($684) :foxmelee: :falcomelee: :falconmelee:
2. Hungrybox ($342) :jigglypuffmelee:
3. Fly Amanita ($257) :icsmelee:
4. SFAT ($171) :foxmelee:
5. KirbyKaze ($86) :sheikmelee:
5. Unknown522 ($86) :foxmelee:
7. Frootloop ($43) :falcomelee:
7. Chillindude829 ($43) :foxmelee:
9. Trail :icsmelee: :ganonmelee:
9. Westballz :falcomelee:
9. Hanky Panky :peachmelee:
9. Darkatma :peachmelee: :sheikmelee:
13. Scar :falconmelee:
13. Duck :samusmelee:
13. Moose :falcomelee:
13. CunningKitsune :foxmelee:
17. Slox :falconmelee: :sheikmelee:
17. Nintendude :icsmelee:
17. Lovage :foxmelee:
17. Dope :falcomelee:
17. Kels :foxmelee:
17. SilentSwag :sheikmelee:
17. HIV+ :falcomelee:
17. Little England :falcomelee:
25. Kalamazhu :peachmelee:
25. MattDotZeb :falcomelee:
25. Nakamaru :falconmelee:
25. ORLY :falconmelee:
25. SUNG666 :falcomelee:
25. Vudujin :luigimelee:
25. Toph :foxmelee:
25. Shady :marthmelee:
33. DoH
33. Juggleguy
33. Abu
33. Renth
33. voorhese
33. Europhoria
33. Oro?!
33. Violence
41. Chexr
41. Wake
41. Strong Bad
41. Idea
41. Butch G
41. PGH Carroll
41. Wenbobular
41. Scythe
49. Bieber
49. Gibby
49. Lanceinthepants
49. onionchowder
49. DippnDots
49. Sweet
49. Dre
49. Handsome Joe
57. Tremor
57. Bidwell
57. !Capt. Cleveland!
57. Zinoto
57. Mundungu
57. Bolt
57. RyeJew
57. Shaeden (withdrawal)
65. Blitzbolt
65. 3chairz
65. kjh
65. FrozenFlame
65. Hellsing
65. Skyson
65. Mr. No
65. S1
65. General Heinz
65. Toadster
65. Weylin
65. BluEG
65. Zwarm
65. Ralis
65. Gracen
65. DarkLouis
81. Hoefler
81. GunPunch
81. Max Berger
81. Slartibartfast42
81. kzez
81. JWu
81. Stup
81. Minor Threat
81. BBQ
81. Hart
81. TheCrimsonBlur
81. jbro
81. Kanye Rest
81. roki
81. Blake
81. Spife
97. tmtmny
97. Lvl7
97. Crash
97. Morning Thunder
97. Zbet
97. Aceplayer
97. TheReverend
97. 2.X
97. unexplainedbacon
97. Sasha
97. ZIMO
97. Crooked
97. Artificial Flavor
97. Sayac
97. Corkus
97. BloodyJoker
113. Sex Panther
113. Dom
113. BLiu
113. Old Nate
113. Lagoon
113. Jobbernowl
113. DokZ
113. Max
113. BeerGuy
113. Mr. Derp
113. MoonDoggy (DQ'd)
113. 1der (DQ'd)
113. StewbyDoo
113. PrestoMajesto
113. Apasher
113. Dees


Melee Doubles (40 teams)
1: Mango + SFAT ($400)
2: Hungrybox + Chillin ($200)
3: DoH + Unknown522 ($120)
4: Lovage + KirbyKaze ($80)
5: CunningKitsune + Little England
5: Fly Amanita + Nintendude
7: MattDotZeb + Wenbobular
7: Kels + Trail
9: Duck + Toph
9: Shaeden + HIV+
9: Shady + Moose
9: ORLY + Frootloop
13: Darkatma + Blitzbolt
13: Renth + Vudujin
13: Abu + Kalamazhu
13: Scar + Westballz
17: Carroll + SilentSwag
17: BloodyJoker + RyeJew
17: Scythe + Zwarm
17: Idea + Europhoria
17: Spife + Bidwell
17: Dope + Tremor
17: Lance + Juggleguy
17: Dre + Toadster
25: Mr. No + unexplainedbacon
25: Chexr + Mundungu
25: Blake + Zbet
25: Wake + Max Berger
25: Ralis + Slartibartfast42
25: Hart + Bieber
25: Gibby + Violence
25: Zinoto + Apasher
33: Dees + Kanye Rest
33: DarkLouis + Capt Cleveland
33: jbro + BeerGuy
33: S1 + Skyson
33: Butch G + Sweet
33: SUNG + TheCrimsonBlur
33: StewbyDoo + TheReverend
33: Gunpunch + FrozenFlame


Project M Singles (32 entrants)
1: metroid1117 ($176) :ikebrawl:
2: Mango ($96) :foxbrawl:
3: Hungrybox ($48) :jigglypuffbrawl:
4: Nintendude :ikebrawl::peachbrawl:
5: Fly Amanita :dededebrawl::lucariobrawl:
5: Kels :foxbrawl::pikachubrawl:
7: MattDotZeb :falcobrawl:
7: Strong Bad :dkbrawl:
9: Rat :sonicbrawl:
9: Kirk :bowserbrawl:
9: Vro :ikebrawl:
9: ORLY :bowserbrawl:
13: FrootLoop :randombrawl:
13: Scythe :wolfbrawl::snakebrawl:
13: Chillindude829 :wolfbrawl:
13: BluEG :luigibrawl:
17: VGBC | GimR :ganonbrawl:
17: Duck :marthbrawl:
17: LMNO :sonicbrawl:
17: onionchowder :nessbrawl:
17: Mundungu :ikebrawl:
17: DippnDots
17: SpooN :snakebrawl:
17: ZIMO
25: Violence
25: BeerGuy
25: Sweet
25: root :sheikbrawl:
25: Zwarm
25: 1der (DQ'd)
25: DoH :charizardbrawl:
25: Spife


Melee Singles Pools Round 2 Results
Pool #: 1st seed, 2nd seed, 3rd seed, 4th seed, 5th seed, 6th seed, 7th seed, 8th seed
Pool 1: Mango, Trail, Nintendude, SilentSwag, Violence, Scythe, Handsome Joe, Shaeden (withdrawal)
Pool 2: Scar, Kels, Little England, Shady, Oro?!, Wenbobular, Dre, RyeJew
Pool 3: Hungrybox, Lovage, CunningKitsune, HIV+, Europhoria, PGH Carroll, Sweet, Bolt
Pool 4: Chillindude829, ORLY, Hanky Panky, Dope, voorhese, Butch G, DippnDots, Mundungu
Pool 5: Fly Amanita, Darkatma, Kalamazhu, Slox, Renth, Idea, onionchowder, Zinoto
Pool 6: Westballz, Duck, Unknown522, MattDotZeb, Abu, Strong Bad, Lanceinthepants, !Capt. Cleveland!
Pool 7: KirbyKaze, Vudujin, Frootloop, SUNG666, Juggleguy, Wake, Gibby, Bidwell
Pool 8: SFAT, Moose, Toph, Nakamaru, DoH, Chexr, Bieber, Tremor

Melee Singles Pools Round 1 Results (top four only for now)
Pool #: 1st seed, 2nd seed, 3rd seed, 4th seed
Pool 1: Mango, Moose, Wake, Strong Bad
Pool 2: Kels, Nintendude, Bieber, Bidwell
Pool 3: Hungrybox, Little England, Scythe, Tremor
Pool 4: Chillindude, HIV+, Oro?!, onionchowder
Pool 5: Fly Amanita, ORLY, Bolt, Dre
Pool 6: Duck, Idea, Mundungu, Sweet
Pool 7: SUNG666, MattDotZeb, Renth, Butch G
Pool 8: DoH, Frootloop, DippnDots, Violence
Pool 9: CunningKitsune, Toph, Juggleguy, !Capt. Cleveland!
Pool 10: Kalamazhu, Lovage, Wenbobular, Gibby
Pool 11: Shaeden, Darkatma, Europhoria, voorhese
Pool 12: Unknown522, Trail, Slox, PGH Carroll
Pool 13: Scar, Dope, SilentSwag, Zinoto
Pool 14: Hanky Panky, Shady, Westballz, Nakamaru
Pool 15: KirbyKaze, Lanceinthepants, Chexr, Handsome Joe
Pool 16: SFAT, Vudujin, Abu, RyeJew

Here is the list of all players who earned payouts in one or more of the events:
Fly Amanita

If you're on this list, please PM me with your choice of receiving your payout through either PayPal or receiving a check in the mail. If you choose PayPal, tell me what your PayPal username/email is. If you want me to mail you a check, tell me your full name so I can write the check properly + your full address including state/country/zip code/etc. I would personally prefer PayPal if you have an account there because it's much faster/easier, but you have a choice.

Note: For Melee Singles only, I waived entry fee for 14 of my staff members. They were essential to this tourney even happening in the first place, and since singles was $15 entry (1.5x more than usual), I think this is more than acceptable. So the prize pot comes out to a total of $15 x 114 = $1710. For Melee Doubles, the prize pot comes out to a total of $20 x 40 = $800. For Project M Singles, the prize pot comes out to a total of $10 x 32 = $320.

Thanks for attending, everyone! I'd love to hear your shoutouts, thoughts, criticisms, and anything else that comes to mind.


Smash Champion
Oct 19, 2009
Ann Arbor, MI
this was his second tournament ever

this tournament was great, probably the best i've been to. good stuff rob, best TO of all time


Smash Legend
Feb 14, 2007
Chapel Hill, NC
Shoutouts to Juggleguy for providing a great experience. Watching the stream was a blast, and I hope we get to work together in the near future =)

Strong Badam

Super Elite
Feb 27, 2008
This tournament was so good. MW runs the best tourneys. Shoutouts later when I get home.


Smash Journeyman
Mar 25, 2012
Fantastic tournament. Can't wait to see you all in the future!


Smash Cadet
Sep 18, 2009
I suck at this game shoutouts to everybody who whooped kjh's ***



Smash Hero
Feb 23, 2006
San Francisco
Will detailed pools results be posted eventually?

This was one of the best tournaments I've ever been to. Shoutouts to come soon.


Smash Ace
Feb 27, 2007
Canton, OH
Getting to be captain of two round two pools at this tournament was amazing. Doubly amazing because I had never captained a pool before.

I will have shoutouts in full when I see a full list of every Melee singles entrant. I know for a fact that it will take me hours, but I had such an amazing time at this tournament. So good. <3


Smash Lord
May 31, 2010
Vancouver, BC
Hanky Panky is the result of an Ohio State University Master's Thesis.

The goal was to try and clone Armada, and I'd say this result has generated some interesting findings. I look forward to OSU's attempts to clone the rest of the top players.

EDIT: Full shoutouts coming soon.


Smash Master
Mar 10, 2006
Far far into the stars
Juggleguy put together and has run (along with his crew) the best tournament ever. The 2nd best tournament going out to Big House 1.

Long live the Big House.

Shoutouts coming after midterms.


Smash Hero
Jan 4, 2006
Quincy, MA
I have so much love for this weekend.

Thank you for hosting, JuggleGuy.

Here's an Album with some of my favorite photos from the tournament so far.

Except a montage soon after VGBootCamp begins uploading matches. I got a ton of footage recorded.



Smash Lord
Jun 27, 2011
hanky panky get any good matches recorded?

All of them lol. Hanky Panky is the real deal. If you want one for the history books though, it'd prob be him vs. Scar.

Rob, out of all the tournies I have been to so far (this includes brawl tournies) this was by far my favorite one. You are absolutely amazing at putting stuff together and making sure it runs well. I never thought I'd be able to meet any of these players, let alone get to play them. You made 3 events happen so smoothly it was ridiculous. You should be really proud of yourself and if ever there is doubt to who the best TO is, I'll be there to clear all that bull**** up quick, fast, and in a hanky panky hurry :yeahboi:.

I do not know most of the melee community, but I will do as many shoutouts that I can tomorrow. This community is pretty freaking awesome. Originally I didn't plan on playing this game to actually place well, but after seeing all these hype matches I got kinda motivated :awesome:.

Quick shoutouts:

Silentswag: Always a good time getting to play you. One of these days, I'll give you a real challenge lol.

Kirbykaze: You're like my favorite melee smash player. Thanks for all the sheik advice, you really do give the best advice.

Onionchowder: Your Doc is far better than mine. Teach me to be good :D.

SFAT: Thanks for the friendlies. Not often I get to play top players.

Kzhu: GGs man. One of these days I'll take a set off of you.

Abu: GGs to you as well. You're really good and underrated imo. You can also teach me to be good :D.

Hanky Mother******* Panky: The legend. You already know :yeahboi:.

Juggleguy: Sorry I had to peace kinda early Sunday. I offered to some people last minute so I left with them. This tourney was by far my favorite. Also is Jugglerob a thing? I like that way more than Juggleguy :yeahboi:


Some guy
Aug 17, 2005
Toronto, Ontario
As I said at the venue, thanks for hosting Juggleguy. You and the staff team did amazing.

Also thanks so much James (Morning Thunder) for driving Toronto to this event. Greatly appreciated.

Shutouts later



Smash Legend
Mar 21, 2008
Just follow the grime...
Awesome job with this, Rob. In my opinion, you are the best TO in the history of the smash community; and I'm fairly certain most people who have attended either Big House would back me up on that, or at least include you in the very top group. Thanks for all your dedication and hard work!

Great weekend.

I'll post more shoutouts sometime when I'm not writing papers.



Smash Hero
Sep 8, 2005
Colver, PA
Pool 1: Mango, Trail, Nintendude, SilentSwag, onionchowder, Scythe, Handsome Joe, Shaeden (withdrawal)
Pool 2: Scar, Kels, Little England, Shady, Oro?!, Wenbobular, Dre, RyeJew
Pool 3: Hungrybox, Lovage, CunningKitsune, HIV+, Europhoria, PGH Carroll, Sweet, Bolt
Pool 4: Chillindude829, Hanky Panky, ORLY, Dope, voorhese, Butch G, DippnDots, Mundungu
Pool 5: Fly Amanita, Darkatma, Kalamazhu, Slox, Renth, Idea, onionchowder, Zinoto




bair-condtioned nightmare
Aug 21, 2011
Cleveland Heights, Ohio
so good, oh my god.

first off, so much love to juggleguy, who made the tourney a blast for everyone. no problems as far as i saw the entire weekend. the VGbootcamp guys and wobbles both held down the stream too, especially the ganon challenge :yeahboi:

my pool: everyone i played was courteous and chill, chillin, hiv+, onion, oro!, artificial flavor, zwarm, stewbydoo, you guys get my respect. still missed my boy thelake though </3
NEOH: dees, my partner in crime. WE ALMOST WON A SET :( haha, you're so fun to team with. sweet also gets a big shoutout for getting out of pools. s1, ralis, slarts, skyson, bidwell, dokz, i love all y'all.
PA: big ups to vudu for providing the fuel to our hype. renth, naka, CAROL, swag, jbro, you guys are the best rivals a region could have.
cali: so ****ing hilarious. scar, sfat, lovage, westballz, fly amanita, and the based lord mango, you guys wreck ****. shoutouts to scar, who knows kanye rest owns the hype, lovage, who played friendlies with my scrub ***, and sfat, the best cheerleader at TBH2.
canada: so beast. KK, you're too nice and good. just what i imagined. and unknown, i can say the same for you. sorry i'm a hbox fanboy, or i would have cheered you on the entire event.
joe paturnip: i missed you man <3
and finally;

god i ****ing love melee.


Smash Lord
Feb 6, 2011
Body City, BO
BIG shoutouts to Juggleguy, you put an incredible amount of work into this tourney and it was amazing. Big shoutouts to the TO crew and VGBC, you guys clocked in too.

Shoutouts to SFAT for being such a chill guy
Shoutouts to Scar for also being such a chill guy and ruining Duck's bombz
Shoutouts to DarkLouis, Quaa, tmtmny and the rest of the OH crew
Shoutouts to my boys Sasha/Timosha, Sayac, Stup for them big tourney wins
Shoutouts to my boy BLiu, great to see you, come back to MI soon yo
Shoutouts to randoms in pools turning out to be beasts
Shoutouts to everyone from MI that I could try to name but most likely fail
Shoutouts to Carroll, Swag, Vudujin, Naka and the rest of the PA crew
Shoutouts to KirbyKaze, sorry about putting you in that awkward position haaa ^_-;
Shoutouts to HungryBox, BluEG, Violence for being chill people and post tourney food and friendlies
Shoutouts to HungryBox's DK impression


Smash Ace
Feb 27, 2007
Canton, OH

Oh man I ate so many of those. So much deliciousness.

S l o X

Smash Champion
Aug 17, 2009
bridgeport, ct
Shoutouts to Tutu: a great host and person.

Joe and Bolt: Two other great people. Thanks for driving out to this tournament last minute.

Juggleguy: Thanks for letting me and Bolt enter even though we couldn't pay online. It was an amazing experience and you are definitely one of the best TOs ever. If every region had a Juggleguy then Melee would never die.


Smash Hero
May 26, 2006
Shoutouts to Tutu for housing our car
Shoutouts to Juggleguy on the most well run tournament I've ever been to

Make it out of pools next time Crimson

GGs to everyone I played

See you all at Apex!!!

How could I forget
Shoutouts to Matt.zeb for our teams placing


Smash Hero
Dec 18, 2006
Land of the free
128 people?? Wow you're Melee tournies are simply amazing Juggleguy, good stuff.
There was a cap too so it would've been more no doubt

Wobbles best commentator

i quite enjoyed stream monstering while only being 500 feet away from the venue the whole weekend



Smash Master
Aug 1, 2004
Michigan State/Chicago, Il
1. Mango : The nation is strong. Good **** partying with your lil homeless *** again, was good times. Nice job ****ing me up in tournament you ****.
2. Hungrybox : Next time you show up without my money, im gonna punch you in the arm really hard. I don't like chasing people down for money, so shape the **** up you ****.
3. Fly Amanita: You are amazing son. You're desyncing tactics absolutely ***** me in dittos. I'm gonna copy that **** for future IC dittos that i'm in.
4. SFAT: You seem like a nice young man, I wanted to play you in tournament.
5. KirbyKaze: You are amazing at this game, that fox was tearing me up.
5. Unknown522: First day johns, if we played day 2 I think it would have been a great set. Good seeing you around, you're a homie.
7. Frootloop: Good **** placing in the money. I saw some of ur games on the stream, you were doing some mad work boy.
7. Chillindude829: good seein you around old timer.
9. Westballz: You looked really solid, was fun **** talking you in that hotel tournament doe.
9. Hanky Panky: boy got talent, you messed my ganon up in the hotel room.
9. Darkatma: didn't really get to play you, but good **** seeing you around.
13. Scar: You are a funny man, good times chillin with you homies. Good tournament set.
13. Duck: You're samus ***** spacies
13. Moose: good **** in teams, we will have to play more singles sometime.
13. CunningKitsune: You were playing absolutely on fire in losers bracket. Your sets vs Kels and SFAT were awesome.
17. Slox: Good playin you in tournament son. Your falcon is mad solid.
17. Nintendude: Meeting you and fly makes me feel bad for always **** talking you guys lol... You guys r all homies, feel free to hit me up if you're ever in Chicago. Nice tournament set, IC dittos are kinda fun.
17. Lovage: Step your game up son.
17. Dope: lOL dat jail bird, good **** partyin son, we had a blast. I'll see you again sometime im sure.
17. Kels: You played really good this tournament. A few less mistakes and you may have made the top 8 or higher.
17. SilentSwag: You are really good, good set in pools.
17. Little England: absolutely
25. Kalamazhu: Good peach, our tournament games were really close.
25. MattDotZeb: step your game up, u can't be the best in the midwest with that kinda play boi. See u back in the Chi.
25. ORLY: always good to see your goofy ***.
25. Vudujin: luigi is crazy, glad i didnt have to play you.
25. Toph: good chillin wit you, ura homie.
25. Shady: Good **** goin out and partying, **** was wild.
33. DoH: bros before hoes
33. Juggleguy: Amazing job TOing, glad we were able to get some games in. You are getting really good.
33. Renth: Glad we got some dittos in. Too bad you weren't really in the mood to play by the time we finally were able to sit down and play.
33. voorhese: Your tech skill is amazing, the mental aspect of your game will catch up soon enough.
33. Europhoria: You're a chill *** dude, glad to meet an old school Canadian player. Hope we run into eachother again.
33. Violence: Good pool set, ganon vs samus is hard.
41. Strong Bad: DK advisor, your dk pwns.
41. PGH Carroll: Your fox is pretty solid. Good games
41. Wenbobular: Your fox was ****ing me up, good games son.
41.Scyth: good games, you should olf used ur mario son.
49. Bieber: Good job vs nintendude, you are becoming more powerful.
49. Lanceinthepants: You're my boi, keep up the hard work and you will see better results soon.
49. onionchowder: you and your crew are all pretty cool guys, glad to see you guys really getting into the game. you guys are improving rapidly.
49. DippnDots: Good to see your old school ***.
57. Tremor: Good to see you man, too bad we couldn't chill more.
57. Bidwell: You are a funny dude, good seein you.
57. Mundungu: Ur my boi, good seeing you son.
57. Shaeden (withdrawal): no johns, good seein you doe.

Toadster and Andre: my msu homies, good broin with u guys.
Hoefler and the ISU guys: You guys are my bois, I need to go down there and chill with you guys sometime. Set a date and lets get something going.
HellSing: you are a cool dude, good broin with you son.
Fort Wayne guys: You two are cool as ****, it's always good seeing you. We should all meet up at Purdue sometime and bro/play some games.
Wobbles: you are a funny dude. We should start a fund to get you to commentate all major tournies from now on.

Anyone i missed, just pm me and ill add your ***** *** to these shout outs.

Overall, this was a great tournament. Good **** to Lance and the Purdue guys for picking me up again, always fun times broin with you kids. Shoutouts to the mango nation for making Sunday night pretty hilarious. Shoutouts to Dope for lengthening his jail sentence so that we all could enjoy watching his stupid falco walk around the stage. Good **** to Midwest for getting better at this game these past few months. We are starting to become a respectable region again. All and all, good **** guys.


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Jan 10, 2012
LA, CA (Glendale) Hook me up if ya wanna smash
To everyone who was johning about their controllers, please please just get a new one.

Totally lost a lot of cash on MMs, lost every one except for DUCK LOL (100-0 ma boy)

SoCal *****. This tournament was amazing with plenty of setups (especially the first day) and I was still super unsatisfied with the amount of play I did (even now I still really want to keep playing), melee is so freakin good. Thanks for hosting Juggleguy and beating me and all of your staff for helping run the tournament.

Make it out of pools next time Crimson
I died.

Renth - Fun set and doin the ganon challenge, too bad we didn't play anymore friendlies though
MDZ - Weird games, didn't feel like I deserved the win, coulda gone either way
Wake - Those Nairs oos were getting to me you play a very different peach
Vudujin - That was a sick gimp on dreamland aint gunna lie
Frootloop - Tell me your secrets
Juggleguy - Ggs I was getting destroyed by your nairs
Gibby - Nice sheik it was close you make it hard for me to wall tech
KirbyKaze - I totally got 0-2d in bracket but I can't say I'm really disappointed that's just where my level of skill is atm. You 4 stocked me. Nice guy
HungryBox - Definitely didn't know you could D throw rest a spacie thought it only worked on like Sheik or somethin if they DI'd behind Ggs
CunningKitsune - Ya got me, you have good up smashes/airs
ButchG - The homie. Thanks a lot for everything the housing the rides the food. Champion
Bidwell - Thanks for driving us from the airport and nice shield breakers and dolphin slashes

Really wanted to play friendlies with a ton of ppl but oh well ggs everyone sick tournament

#HBC | FrozeηFlame

Jul 26, 2005
Albuquerque, NM
This tournament was a ****ing blast. So much hype, so much talent, so much melee. Good **** Juggleguy, was a fantastically well run tourny. Was also cool getting to meet ya and all the other folks at Steak n Shake.

More shout outs lata. And I can't wait to rewatch some of those epic bracket sets once they're up.


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Nov 1, 2004
Holland, Michigan
Shout outs to:
Juggleguy! amazing organization & execution of the tournament. Everyone on this thread seems to agree with me. You rock, man. Thanks for everything!

Mango for being the best of all time....still...........

Doh for giving me tips on my Peach. big fan of your work, dude

Renth and his Ganon :)

Everyone for being great players and nice people. smash players are awesome. MAD RESPECT!
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