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Rule 6: Norcal Regional- Results & Shoutouts


Smash Champion
May 4, 2005
walnut creek, CA
I want to thank everyone for coming, and cooperating with us with the limited time we had to finish the tournament.


a LOT of matches were recorded, and will be up shortly.

for those of you who did record, please link to the vids as you upload them to the meleepacewest channel.

if you need the pw, contact myself, or sfat directly.

Melee Singles Results:
(92 entrants)

Singles Bracket

1: Mango ($450.00)
2: KirbyKaze ($270.00)
3: Ray Charles (Dajuan) ($135.00)
4: PewPewU ($45.00)
5: Bladewise ($10.00)
5: S2J ($10.00)
7: Wes
7: Lucky
9: Darkatma
9: Lovage
9: Zac
9: Zhu
13: SilentWolf
13: Tafokints
13: Fly Aminita
13: Kels
17: GERM
17: Toph
17: Darrell
17: Bob$
17: TAI
17: SilentSpectre
17: Sung
17: ZeldaFreak
25: stabbedbyanipple
25: Phil
25: Scar
25: Gishnak
25: Brandon
25: Tang
25: La'Drya (Alan)
25: Sheridan

Melee Doubles Results:
(27 teams)

Doubles Bracket

1: Zac + Dajuan (Zac + Dajuan) ($260.00)
2: Hugos a Buster (Mango + Lucky) ($156.00)
3: Brandon + PPU (Brandon + PPU) ($104.00)
4: Scarwes (Scar + Wes) ($20.00)
5: Man Candy II HD Remix (Alan + KK)
5: Double Dragon (SS + Tang)
7: S2J + Lovage (S2J + Lovage)
7: Dirty Leaders (Atma + Bladewise)
9: Germ + Phil (Germ + Phil)
9: Fly and Zhu (Fly + Zhu)
9: Gishboobs (Tafo + Gishnak)
9: Silent Toph (Toph + Silent)
13: Darrell + Bob$ (Darrell + Bob$)
13: Khepri + Kels (Khepri + Kels)
13: stab + sung (stab + sung)
13: Sheridan + Peter (Sheridan + Peter)
17: HUGQ + TheCrimsonBlur (HUGQ + TheCrimsonBlur)
17: Theo + Nima (Theo + Nima)
17: KevAids (Kevin + Aiden)
17: Team Beard (Lorin + Killua)
17: Story of the Delusional Betas (Goose + Luke)
17: Lost Fetus's ()
17: Lactating Phallus (coolkid + Justin)
17: Team P-town (Fly Taka + Nardis)
25: Northern Sexiness (Socknose + Sparky)
25: Ridiculous Poor Imagination (Carp + Wu)
25: Laying in the Dedekind Cut (Coolian + Violence)

Strong Badam

Prince of Saiyans
Feb 27, 2008
That is one stacked tourney. Can't wait to see vids.


Upward and Forward, Positive and Persistent
Feb 25, 2007
Livermore, the Bay repping NorCal Smash!
I can't wait to see the Doubles Grand Finals I missed while prepping for/doing pools. I'm also mad hyped to replay some of those games, and see some I couldn't see. The tournament was like March Madness, except there was no random college you'll never hear of again! :laugh:

Bob Money

Smash Ace
Nov 6, 2004

Kevin PPu-Godlike. Better than m2ks marth. no joke. best marth.

Zac and Dajuan-Goooood **** in teams!

Dajuan- You had an excellent chance to beat KK, just missed some edgueards.

KK-Solid, creative, Intelligent. Wish I played you more.

aiden austin- i love watching you guys play i hope you guys get alot out of playing with kellen and I.

Eric-its hurts when I see you enjoy yourself soo much here in norcal, because I know you will have to return to canada. great seeing you!

Darkatma- I was hoping you would do amazing at this tourny, you did amazing and def showed your improvement!

Sheridan-talking with you is amazing.

Josh- you da ***

Kels-lol u crack me up

Eric- thanks for coming, come by and play once in awhile.

Johnny-Classy. highlight of the tourny for me was playing friendlies with you for like an hour.

Oscar- Classy ggs. You were playing bad/under par yesterday imo.

Lucky- you already know.

Mang0- Best player in the world. Dont stop getting free money.


Darrell-Why so swole. I'll practice my fox for teams next time.

Germ and phil- Slvts.

Kellen-Dirty mexicans ftw.

Bwise- wish i played you.

Norcal- ggs

joey- you got better.

scar- so lean. loved watching the matches with you

Zhu- nice talking with you after the tourny.

Toph-your an awesome person its tight to have you in norcal.

Adam- always cool having an amazing commentator to call matches.

Adam- awesome stuff hope you got good practice in

Tai- aweseom you came, wish i love watching you play

prob forgot hella ppl. ill add more later.


Smash Champion
Apr 25, 2012
Only a single spacie in top 6. That's what I like to see.


Smash Hero
Dec 10, 2005
St Louis, Missouri/Fremont, CA

The most important shoutout must go to Boback and Sheridan for successfully running such a huge tournament in 1 day. You guys are champs, the tourney was run incredibly well and even finished early, which never happens! I was skeptical about the top 2 getting out of pools, but since pools were seeded so well this wasn't a big issue like apex. In addition, thank you awesome TO staff that helped, including Violence and Koolian and whoever else helped!

Fuddruckers: your milkshakes are freaking amazing, but food is soo expensive!

Lord: you suck for not coming =[ Broke my heart. I still love you though, even though you're not even gonna read this

Adam/Ben/Fly/Merc: Thanks for being good houseguests, I was a little worried at first but you guys were really good about everything! Fun games with everyone, and I enjoyed watching the movies with you guys too :p Have a safe trip home, and I definintely want to play all of you again sometime! Sorry about not being able to provide wifi, that was embarassing. Blame my dad's stupid encryption.

Adam: I definitely think you have the mind of a good player, just need the consistency to back it up. Keep at what you're doing though, you're definitely good (and a lot better vs floaties than vs falco). It was enjoyable letting you pick my mind.

Ben: I was joking about the phone calls comment! Thanks for champing out the drive from socal man, and sorry we didn't get to play each other as much as I'd like. Very enjoyable friendlies last night though, and we'll play again when I finally make it down to socal for a tourney or something :p

Merc: Man your falco is really solid, from the few games I played you. In fact, I can't believe I haven't heard of you before in socal, since I think you should at least be on par with sung and stab. Maybe it's a matchup thing, or you just haven't had enough time in socal to be ranked yet.

Fly Amanita: Yay thanks for suggesting Pan's Labyrinth, it was an interesting watch. Sorry about my laptop's crappy sound output, I'm gonna try to find a way to fix that. I hope you weren't too bored for your stay, seemed like you didn't play much in your time here, which I guess is normal for you. And really sorry about the lack of wifi in my house lol, my house is jokes =[

Toph: Time to get a new controller :X Was really fun getting to chill with your people (WA peeps) and smashing, had a ton of fun. I'll be seeing you around still :p

Otto (falko): You're an amazing player and I was really worried you were actually gonna pull that 3 stock comeback on me 3rd game haha. It was great getting to meet you, and I hope I'll see you at another tourney soon! Also you were the most accurate about placing predictions, since you predicted KK in top 3

Teddy: Thanks for being a great teammate, and for avenging my loss to Wes :D Those 3-4 hours of friendlies where we played each other nonstop on Thursday was too good! Keep improving man, looking forward to your next conquest. And congrats on your solid placing!

Rio: I'm sorry about your hand problem, I'd be devastated if I had physiological/dextrous issues that prevented me from playing a game that I love =/ It was great getting to meet you though, and I hope the rest of your stay in Norcal is enjoyable!

C!z: we didn't really get to play, darn. Next time we'll squeeze some friendlies in for sure

TAI: MY TWIN! I love youuuu <3 It was a huge surprise that you guys showed up at my house, I saw smashers walking up the front steps and wasn't sure who they were until I saw you :p It's so funny that people that know us get us confused hahaha. I'm so glad you made it up here, hope your drive back goes smoothly.

Stab: sad we didn't get to play more! I would've liked having more friendlies

Khepri: darnit we never got to play! I was gonna play you but got distracted and then the venue had to close. Next time for sure.

Vincent: lol you kinda remind me of someone that I met in the midwest. He's not a smasher though, just a really friendly, awesome, kinda geeky dude :p

S2J: I wanted more matches, but it was definitely way too hot in the venue and I was a little smashed out. I'll seek you out next tourney. Stop hating the game/community man, you're such a great player and I'd love to see more **** from you in the future :p

Kels: sorry about your hard bracket, I think you could've placed much better without mango effing you over :p I still have faith in you, since I know your skill level fairly accurately.

Kirbykaze: you are my sheik hero, congrats on placing well. Wish I could've snuck in friendlies with you sometime after you started destroying everyone. I'm looking forward to watching your matches against s2j and other peeps!

Nintendoking: it was fun having you around! Made the house more lively and silly. Thanks for driving kels around even though trail was the BIGGEST FLAKE in the world. Saved me from having to wake up early.

Kevin Toy: your marth is so freaking sexy. Was rooting for you all the way! You're so amazingly talented, and friggin young haha. Favorite marth for sure. And omfg you ran train on good players this tourney. Lovage, Zhu, Bladewise wooo crazyyy

SFAT: lolol lost to stab and sung, still placed decently well.

Brandon: you're hella good man, definitely think you underperformed in bracket, but tired johns are legit when you're not getting any rest at all. Mini mango for sure

Alan Rosedemon Moore the first: Good stuff with KK in teams, I still think you're one of the best teammates in norcal to have. Kevin and Brandon are up there too. Also good stuff beating lovage in pools (that's what I heard at least). <3

Scar: sandbaggin mofo, you're still soo good wtf. I enjoyed our set in pools a lot, it was really interesting seeing you work your way around things I thought worked really well on falcons. You're such a ridiculous sandbagger that I hear you just forfeited your bracket matches. Anyways doesn't matter, as long as you're having fun. Great work in teams with Wes!

Gisnak: fun friendlies at my place the night before, I can see why daniel calls you a hidden boss :p Those falling up-airs are so deadly >.<

Boback: thanks for running the tourney again, you did a stellar job

Zeldafreak/Smooth Crim/Velox: thanks for coming out and hanging out guys =] Can't believe we've been going to tournies on and off for ~6 years hahaha

Darrell: lol we'll team in a future for sure. We should play more often. I'll have to refigure out samus peach MU, since you've been getting the edge on me recently :p

Daniel: thanks for that sheik practice last Monday, I feel like it really helped me learn the matchup.

Dajuan: yoo thanks for letting me get back that last stock of 2nd match. I won't eff up like that again :p Really enjoyed my set with you, but I'm gonna get you next time :p Good stuff on winning teams with Zac, that was amazing! 3rd in singles is not bad either, but I think you could've done better.

Bob$: yooooo beating Johnny 2-0 in pools soo freaking legit. Got him back for that SB tourney =] Man you're too nice of a guy, you shoulda just taken a win vs Lucky instead of replaying the match after he paused. You're so skilled that I wouldn't have been surprised at all if you had placed around where pewpewu placed (4th-5th). Tough bracket man, but keep improving with that no johns attitude! Love playing you

SS/Tang: <3 my baysians for wrecking Lovage/S2J in teams. That set was ridiculous and extremely hyped

I'm sure I forgot people, but I'll fill them in as I remember


Feb 11, 2007
Sunnyvale, CA
LOL atma Germ actually just destroyed me, I completely forgot how to play against Link. It wasn't close :p

Then I forfeited to tafokints =D

edit: forfeited to him 2-0 (flex)


Smash Journeyman
Jul 9, 2009
I still can't believe how mango loses to Armada...
Mango's Loser Bracket:
vs Zhu
vs Lucky
vs S2J
vs PewpewU
vs Shroomed
vs KirbyKaze
vs KirbyKaze

sometimes I feel like he wants a harder bracket, just to prove that he's the best


Smash Lord
Jul 21, 2005
Gishnak and I fluked our way into beating Mango Scorpion Master/Lucky, then Mango showed up in Losers


Smash Lord
Nov 17, 2006
Chicago, Illinois
Had a great time at this tourney and def learned a lot. Shoutouts to Boback and Sheridan for hosting and getting this done smoothly in such a short amount of time. Shoutouts to Boback, Dark Atma, and Juggleguy for allowing me to make it to this.

I've never been to a tournament where the amount of good players were so condensed. I learned a ton at this tournament though. I feel like i've improved a lot since i've gotten here. I know i still have a lot of things to work on. But I'll get better.

I just regret that i didn't play better against Johnny. He completely annihilated me in that set.

Playing Mango's falco is unlike anything i've ever played before. I'll get him next time though.

Cali has been a great experience for me. Can't wait to get back out here after i improve.


Smash Master
May 28, 2008
San Jose

1: Mango ($450.00) - hope you had a good time in norcal and may our paths cross again :O
2: KirbyKaze ($270.00) - Good **** KK <3 tied for favorite player of all time and always a pleasure to watch. Wish I played you.
3: Ray Charles (Dajuan) ($135.00) - Bringing it home for norcal, good **** dude :D
4: PewPewU ($45.00) - The Hero. Always gonna cheer for you lol. Wish I was as good as you.
5: Bladewise ($10.00) - LOOOL GOOD **** TEDDY THE FEARLESS LEADER OF WASHINGTON. You met my expectations and it'll be good to play P4U with you in the fall. 2nd best Peach right here.
5: S2J ($10.00) - As someone who's started their "real life grind" I hope I can convince you that there's always time for extracurricular activities like Smash with a bit of time management. Good to see S2J on a bad day can still get 5th at a very stacked tournament and at least get $10. See you again ^_^
7: Wes - WestBAWWWLLZZZ!!! One of the funnest guys in the world to play imo. It was a pleasure playing scarballz in teams.
7: Lucky - Joey <3 shame I didn't play you this tournament but w.e I'm sure I'll run into you again, get top 3 at FC plz
9: Darkatma - BINYAN the ultra giga homie, **** you for taking out Otto but <3333333333 otherwise
9: Lovage - Every time I play or watch you I realize I have 4,000 things to learn.
9: Zac - Thanks for everything again Zac and good **** in teams <3 Japan this winter!!!
9: Zhu - ZHUUHHUSHUuUHUghaivaernankladnalkghn play more smash with me LOL
13: SilentWolf - sooo glad you made it to this tourney, hope you had an amazing weekend cuz I know I did, sorry I underperformed in teams, and honestly it's still bizarre to me that you got 13th because when I play you I feel like you're the best non-mango fox in the world lol. When are you gonna start getting top 4 at nationals?
13: Tafokints - The guy who's given me one of the warmest welcomes to norcal, I appreciate everything <3 Good **** on your tourney performance and let's keep improving.
13: Fly Amanita - Flyyyy! Another phenomenal player I didn't get any games in with. Might have to visit you in Socal.
13: Kels - so glad to have met you and played you. I LOVE your mindset. And **** the haters for real. I'm gonna come out to chicago for a tournament sometime, see you in grand finals baby. <3
17: GERM - DA GERM. LOL playing friendlies with you is hella fun. Glad to finally meet one of the LEGENDS OF NORCAL
17: Toph - ****in 17th place
17: Darrell - SWOLE **** DARRELL. One day I will be as swole as you. Maybe
17: Bob$ - Quickly becoming one of my favorite people in norcal for real. Yo we should chat about intellectual bull**** again sometime, talking about language/culture at BJ's was dope. Young **** forever
17: TAI - GLAD YOU CAME, why didn't we play? We teaming next time or what!?
17: SilentSpectre - HI JEFF ^___^
17: Sung - You hold the record for smasher I run into at the most tournaments with whom I interact with the least. probably.
17: ZeldaFreak - Good **** in bracket. We gonna be training buddies from now on right? Fox dittos aw yeah!
25: stabbedbyanipple - Hi Stab, watch Jinrui wa Suitai Shima****a plz
25: Phil - Hit me up bro!! Good seeing you again :]
25: Scar - The people's champ for real. Norcal would truly not be the same without you.
25: Gishnak - Nice to meet you and let's fox ditto again sometime!
25: Brandon - Sup Brandon, iirc you had a stupid *** bracket LOL. Next time we both gonna go hard in the paint though.
25: Tang - Lookin fresh Mitcho, good work in teams and glad you made it out to the tourney. <3
25: La'Drya (Alan) - HAHAH I love your singles/doubles name. Thanks for being one of the rare people that was actually helpful when I hit them up on facebook. And how come I haven't played you since I moved to norcal? Gotta change that. Btw glad to have saved Zac's jacket.
25: Sheridan - The one and only, thanks for everything dude, a weekend with Sheridan in it is a weekend to remember as far as I'm concerned. I wanna visit Santa Cruz sometime. I'll hit you up.

And lastly:

KENNEY - Good **** KENNEY ;D
NINTENDOKING - Nice to finally meet the man, thanks for everything dood!!
LORIN - Lookin handsome as usual! Btw you had the hardest pool by far I think LOL
RIO - <33 :DD


Smash Master
Feb 12, 2006
tourney was dope because of the 1308130813 setups tournament ran without a hitch AND had a lot of friendlies.

1: Mango ($450.00)
2: KirbyKaze ($270.00) - i'll play better next time I GUESS. congratulations tho
3: Ray Charles (Dajuan) ($135.00) - didn't play, **** u

4: PewPewU ($45.00) - best ****ing marth that ever lived to play the game. i'll admit i wanted to be the one rapin this tournament but u were sick

5: Bladewise ($10.00)- GGs, and good job beating westballz
5: S2J ($10.00)
7: Wes
7: Lucky
9: Darkatma- YUP lets actually get some good games goin next time
9: Lovage
9: Zac
9: Zhu
13: SilentWolf - fun hangin out with u i honestly do have to come up to washington sometime
13: Fly Aminita- GGs, set coulda gone both ways
13: Kels- GGs, much respect to you ur a good guy
17: GERM- ur not gunna read this **** but ur cool as ****
17: Toph- i'll find a way for smash
17: Bob$- GGS. Thank you for the training I don't think i will lose to buster marths anymore
17: TAI- nice hanging out with u for a good 2 minutes see u next time
17: ZeldaFreak- had a blast playing u
25: stabbedbyanipple
25: Phil- see germ's shoutout. To me ur one of the most underrated norcal smashers
25: Scar- ur the ****en man. all of us believe if you gave it ur all even for this tournament you woulda SPANKed many people this tournament

i missed lots but general sentiment is norcal *****. not as much as socal tho

shadrach kabango

Banned via Warnings
Dec 8, 2011
The good:

KirbyKaze: You are amazing! You are exactly like your Smash Boards account, for better or for worse. It was an honor cheering you on. I hoped it helped you out!

Your performance this tournament was one of the most impressive achievements in the history of the community. You traveled, alone, from another country, to the best region in the world, and came away with second place.

You served humble pie to a plethora of overrated, ego-driven, sandbagging nerds.

Your passion and love for the game is awe-inspiring. You may be frustrating to talk to but you're still da homie.

Kels: Much respect for making it out here. You came into enemy territory and held your own. That said, you john way too much. Your play style feels like it's trying to cut as many corners as possible and still win. Why so lazy?


Ryan/Jeremy/Ben: This trip was meant to be.

Matt: I criticize you too much. Only late in the tournament did I realize my mistake. The fact of the matter is you are one of the biggest driving forces of the scene, the engine that makes SoCal go. You are growing into yourself as a person and a player.

You beat Kels in a $10 money match! How legit is that? Three out of five! Coming back down 0-2! I will never doubt you again. Instead I will support you with nothing but fervor, the way fellow homies Sung and Baka4Moe do. This community is extended family. If we don't support each other, who will? And you beat SFAT! You are becoming a legitimate threat; it's only a matter of time before S2J, Wes and Lovage get upset in tournament.

Sung: Great timing on your words of encouragement. You are one of the happiest people I know! Your passion and consistency is inspiring. I hope to spend more time in your presence.

Joey L: You are on the cusp of getting scary good. Don't stop! Spar with players much better than you as often as possible.

Baka4Moe: You have your quirks but at the end of the day you are there for your community. That speaks volumes. Why does SoCal hate on you? I am sorry I let word of mouth impact my view and behavior towards you. You are a great guy and I value your support for the community.

Joey A: It's too bad I didn't get to cheer you on in your singles matches. I respect your attitude and persona towards the game more than anyone else. You look like you are simply having fun. The ultimate homie.


Binyan: Stoked we not only got to meet but got along. You were a perfect host, gracious and patient. And you're a strong player, too? Couldn't of asked for more. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

As soon as you stop criticizing yourself so much and start giving yourself credit for the amazing person you are you will shoot to extraordinary heights.

Brandon: You've matured so much. It's not a NorCal tournament without Brandon, Phil and Alan.

Phil: You're a beacon of light in a community oft-tainted by obnoxious ego.

Alan: Good job beating Oscar in pools. It was fun cheering for you. :D You have one of the best demeanors. You have also matured.

Nima: :)

Joshua: Laughter is the best medicine. I am grateful to be a quality audience for your shenanigans.

Julian Zhu: Word around the grapevine is you're fond of johning, but that's never the Julian I experience. Maybe I selectively tune out. Regardless, you've always been one of my favorite people in the community. I always root for your success and I will always respect the hell out of you.

Daniel Lee: I apologize for my role in the online spat we've had the past few months. It was childish and miserly. I am also sorry I cheered against you. In hindsight it was a poor decision. The fact of the matter is that you are California. SoCal needs to support SoCal, and California needs to support California. I need to be there for my brothers, show and display my loyalty through unbending support. It will never happen again.

Bobby (Scar): I am glad I got a glimpse at the man behind the persona. I respect the hell out of you. I should have been a man, looked you in the eye, shook your hand, and apologized for any and all disrespect I have displayed towards you in the past. From our friendlies, though, I felt like you too have dropped any animosity. We displayed mutual respect towards each other. That was mature and I am grateful for the occasion.

That said, you may have a Fox problem.

Bobby ($): I view you as the Godfather of Norcal. Your positivity and maturity shines through all your actions. You are unbelievably skilled, knowledgeable and articulate, yet possess one of the most helpful personalities of any person I've met in the community. Any aspiring player need make it mandatory to pick your brain as often as possible, sparring at your every convenience. We make a great commentary duo!

Darrell: Like Scar, I wondered if you would hold a grudge from the past. I thought about giving you a pound and apologizing for any disrespectful behavior I aimed towards you. That would have been the manly thing to do. Unfortunately I talked myself out of it.

You are one of the few strong, black men in the community and for that I respect the hell out of you. It is unfortunate you felt it necessary to so blatantly disrespect me, but I trust I set you straight on the matter.

Brian (Gishnak): You are really solid. I appreciate your intensity; your passion is more than evident. Be careful not to overdo it; concentration is energy at rest.

Julian (tarheeljks): I would like to get to know you better, because you are the homie! So far everything about you just *****.


Rio: You could be a model.

Teddy: I enjoyed your presence. You gained a new admirer. I admire your consistency and calm under fire. Remember that all of Washington's "ribbing" is rooted in jealousy and ego. Do your best not to become dragged down by it.

Otto: You are unintentionally hilarious!

The bad:

Toph: I find you completely and utterly obnoxious. You are a drama queen and an attention *****. Get off of Otto's ****.

To encapsulate you in one word: derivative.

The ugly:


This was the most eye-opening tournament of my life. I have a new perspective on our region and it is breaking my heart.

Mango: It starts at the top. Your insidious lack of respect for every one of your opponents fills me with loathing whenever I stop to ponder on it. You have one of the most incredible gifts I have ever been privy to, yet you waste it with no remorse. Worse, you have a legion of fanboys blowing smoke up your *** in an attempt to buddy-buddy with the implicit Alpha Male. You are absurdly charismatic and have a great life ahead of you, but you refuse to grow up. Your skills are decaying before our very eyes; you will never again beat Armada in tournament.

Tears creep to my eyes as I write these words because I truly love you like a brother and it hurts my soul to say these words.

Have you even seen what you've done? You are eliminating your SoCal brethren from tournaments! It's both funny and said that your biggest supporters in SoCal are the ones you keep screwing over with your shenanigans.

Short-term: Norcal's Gishnak and Tafokints beat you and Lucky in Winners Bracket. That led to you and Lucky being forced to eliminate S2J and Lovage.

Lucky said it was because you went Mario. You said Lucky was playing bad. I asked Johnny and he said it's because Lucky was playing bad. Why didn't you tell him you went Mario? You underestimated your opponents and paid the price. Take responsibility for your actions.

Long-term, the problem is malignant. Your non-stop johning has plagued the region.

Lovage loses to Baka4Moe months back. Does he grant Daniel any respect? No. He runs from his loss and continually rips him from the boards.

Lovage is now dropping games like candy; his skill has frayed and he's a shell of his former self.

Oscar, that is why I cheered against you. Your skill with Fox makes me gush, but your condescending, egotistical attitude is ruining our lovely game. This game will not be around forever, and its lifespan decreases with the best players in the community, the ones everyone else, implicitly or explicitly, look up to, continually **** on the integrity of the game and the community.

Weston Dennis is becoming the worst offender. How do you expect the region to improve when you so rarely see it fit to give your all to our aspirants? We all help each other get better. I had a major hand in training each and every one of you. Wes, you were the biggest brat in the scene. Yet I still traveled an hour to your home, gave you a ride to Oxnard tournament. I still and always will support your best efforts. But I will not support a sandbagger. Where is your integrity?

Johnny, is there something going on in your life? Andrew Tai Vo was seriously bothered by your disgusting treatment towards him in the Tipped Off 8 stream last Sunday and I really hope you apologize to him. You have always been one of the kindest, most honorable warriors in the scene from the day you entered. I know the behavior you have been displaying the past month or so is not you. You have been johning like crazy recently. When you came over last week you said if you are beaten, you will accept the loss like a man and not say anything. Is it true that when Bob$ 2-0ed you in pools you stood up and johned about the Marth matchup? You are better than that! Dajuan said it best: GET BETTER!

With great power comes great responsibility. The talent in SoCal burns brighter than anywhere else on the planet. I fear it has begun to burn too bright.

When I grew up in this community, the best players regulated the scene. That is how it must be. When Mr. PBody would whine on the boards, someone would quote his post and reply with no johns. No johns was the rule. Embody that philosophy or contribute to the death of the game you allege to love. SoCal, it's time to grow up.

I am glad I got the opportunity to travel up to NorCal and experience the warmth and, above all, maturity of almost everyone in the community. You are underrated no longer; a strong case can be made you are the best region in the world. Congratulations are in order: you earned it.

Bob Money

Smash Ace
Nov 6, 2004
I would have to respectfully disagree with Adam, his warranted frustration of a loss (normal reaction for many players ) was not an excuse or john IMO. In fact after game one Johnny asked me "Tell him what he's doing wrong etc" Which I think was very humble, especially for a player who is without a doubt better than me in every other aspect of the game.

Also did Daniel go? If so I didn't see him lol.
Off topic:
Also Gishnak is a really legit person.
Phil is definitely one of those players who "keeps me honest"
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