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  • I'm just curious, the dbr page on Facebook said something about a big announcement soon, but that was a while ago, just curious when we are getting the announcement
    hey, if we (me nad 4 friends) paid for prereg on time, but we didn't fill out the forms, so are we screwed?
    Hey sabergaming is driving there wednesday night and can you pm your number again cus my friend didn't get to pre-reg but we won't make it until friday and we can just hand you the money as soon as we walk in for him

    His name is Arby and he is entering melee singles and doubles (i'm his teammate)
    Hey, I'm going to be taking a lot of video at Genesis of both Brawl and Melee stuff. Mind if I get a quick spot with you at some point during the weekend? I'd appreciate it.
    Sorry if this has been posted, I didn't see it.
    My doubles partner confirmed he was going. How can I register for doubles without paying the mandatory door fee again?
    do you have AIM/MSN by any chance? I'd like to help out with recording the brawl side of Genesis 2 =D

    how do you wobble. lol

    it's probably just basic timing and nothing special but if theres anything you noticed that helps it a bit let me know. oh and also how do you end it with that dsmash out of nowhere? i tried it a couple times and just ****ed up lol

    thanks. i cant wait to wobble macd in friendlies
    Sup gangsta.

    Do you know the square feet of the Genesis venue? I'm wondering how many square feet it would take to hold a tournament the size that genesis was.

    Also, do you know how much physical cash it took to host that tournament? In total and maybe the bigger individual stuff? Would love to know!
    I recorded a bunch of matches at genesis(mainly the brawl crew battles) and I'm uploading them to a youtube account. Anything you could do to spread the word around would be nice, as I have several unidentified players in the recordings.

    yo sidefx if you get this can you text me back on this.. im kinda new to this site not to good at navigating it yet.. but anyway im goin to genesis and i really wanted to vote on that wobbling issue how do i do that. do i just post my opinion on that page you guys have set up or is there an actual yes or no choice calculator thingy.. sorry i just really want to vote on this and am kinda confused.. um my email address is madcrazydrummer@gmail.com if you wanna text me back in an email
    i haven't seen your post about Dect until now. yes i do know him! we go to school pretty close to eachother and have played smash before. cool!!!!!
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