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Clash of the Titans 5! ~ Twitter Updates @vVv_ChiboSempai

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CT Chia

Smash Obsessed
Sep 4, 2007




Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. Basic Information
..........a. Date
..........b. Location
..........c. Schedule
..........d. Price
..........e. Payout
..........f. Rules and Regulations
..........g. Hosts and Staff
III. Rules
IV. Features
..........a. CoT5 Combo Giveaway
..........b. What Makes CoT Different?
V. Traveler's Info
..........a. Hotels
..........b. Flying
..........c. Driving
..........d. Public Transportation
..........e. Housing
VI. Registration
VII. Attendees
VIII. Contact Info

I. Introduction

The long awaited sequel to 2009's Clash of the Titans IV is finally here! Clash of the Titans V is the next iteration in the tournament series that brought you the first national Super Smash Bros. Brawl event. CoT was held 3 years ago to the day and CoT4 was announced 2 years ago to the day of this typing, and CoT5 aims to bring back everything everyone loved about the CoT series, but do it bigger and better. Better organization, better staff, better competition, same classic top-notch tournament!

Clash of the Titans 5 marks a return to the origin of the series. Unfortunately due to unforeseen problems, the tournament has to be moved from the original venue in Philadelphia. Don't fret though, the crisis is averted. A new venue has been found in Egg Harbor Township, NJ - which is oddly enough the same city the very first Clash of the Titans was held in. Working with this tournament in a mall has come with its own set of features apart from the Philadelphia venue - namely free parking with PLENTY of spaces, and more freedom with the venue.

II. Basic Information

IIa. Date

This is a two day tournament!
Saturday - June 25th, 2011
Sunday - June 26th, 2011

IIb. Location

The tournament will be held in the same mall that my Fusion tournaments have been held in, the Shore Mall. I am working on renting out a separate vacant store for the event, which will be announced this week. If this can not be done, it will be done in the Fusion Game Center.

Shore Mall
6725 Black Horse Pike
Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234

IIb. Schedule

Schedule is currently tentative.

  • Late final signups at the venue
  • Singles pools start first
  • Doubles signups are taken during the morning and during singles
  • Doubles pools follow singles pools
  • Singles pools round 2 follow doubles pools

  • Doubles bracket will start first
  • Singles bracket will follow

There will be time on both days for friendlies, money matches, and various side events people may want to do

IIc. Price

  • Venue Fee: $15 - $30 based on Registration Time
  • Singles: $15
  • Doubles: $10 per person, aka $20 per Team
    Spectator: $10 (Grants access to the venue and friendlies)

Everyone be sure to sign up online prior to the event, especially by the end of April. At the end of April I will decide how much money can be returned for people bringing setups and how much bonus money can go into the pot. The more people that register, the more money I can give out. By registering early you save money and make it a better tournament!

The venue fee grants you access for both days, you only pay it once. Everyone at the venue is required to pay the venue fee. You will not be able to enter if you don't pay it.

There will be a discount given for people who bring setups! (Cash will be given back in person)


IIe. Payout

CoT4 has set the record for paying out the most money in Brawl Singles at an underground East Coast event without a sponsor, even more than Apex 2010! Don't miss out on the action!

Here are some tentative payouts that were used at CoT4:

  • Doubles
    • 1st place - 48% of the pot
    • 2nd place - 22% of the pot
    • 3rd place - 14% of the pot
    • 4th place - 8% of the pot
    • 5th place - 4% of the pot
  • Singles
    • 1st place - 50% of the pot
    • 2nd place - 25% of the pot
    • 3rd place - 12% of the pot
    • 4th place - 5% of the pot
    • 5th place - 2.5%
    • 7th place - 1.5%

IIf. Rules and Regulations

  • Please arrive on time. If you are late, I can not guarantee you a spot in whatever tourney you are late for.
  • There are no refunds at the event. I am currently working on the possibility of having some sort of refund for early registrants online.
  • Whether you are in a tourney or not, if you are in the venue you must pay the venue fee baring some exceptions (parents watching their kids are allowed for free).
  • Trash talking is allowed, and is encouraged! We love the hype! However, please do not distract the players too much at their discretion. Respect their right to focus on a match.
  • Any destruction of anyone's property at the venue will not be tolerated, and in the case of such an event, you will be asked to leave.
  • No drugs, alcohol, or any crap like that in there. If you have any, you will be kicked out.
  • You may not be a commentator on the live stream without first having consent by myself, or any other approved tourney helper there. If you are commentating on the live stream, please act professional. Focus more on the match at hand instead of giving people tons of shutouts in the chat.
  • Players are responsible for any of their own personal property they bring into the event.
  • Other standard rules apply, don't be stupid, lets all have an awesome time!

IIg. Hosts and Staff

CoT5 will feature a full staff of some of the most respected people in our community that you trust hosting an event of this size! Full list will be coming soon as it is completed.

If you are interested in helping host, send a PM to me! I am looking for hosts, pool refs, general referees, security, etc.

III. Rules

IIIa. Singles

CoT5 will be using The Unity Ruleset released by the BBR-RC, the new standard in rules being adopted by nearly all nationals, and most local/regional events.

You can find the entire Unity Ruleset here: http://bit.ly/fncvKo

IV. Features

IVa. CoT5 Combo Giveaway

I will be teaming up with various TOs across North America to be giving away a CoT5 Combo Pass to the highest placing player from their region at a large tournament there. Go to the tournament, place high, and get the CoT5 Combo Pass, which will be entering you into singles and doubles (your share of the team) for free, with a free venue fee as well. I will be giving away one CoT5 Combo Pass in each region: Atl North, Atl South, Midwest, Southwest, Pac West, and Canada.

The highest placing player in each region at their event will win the CoT5 Combo Pass!

IVb. What Makes CoT5 Great?

  • There will be a live stream with commentary
  • There will be multiple recording setups throughout the venue
  • I am working to have a special Money Match station with setups dedicated to MMs (These setups will however be used for pools and/or brackets when needed).
  • Doubles pools! (That doesn't happen at too many tournaments ;) )
  • Thousands and thousands of dollars given away in prizes (read payouts section for more info).
  • The tournament is located at a mall with hundreds of available parking spaces, all for free!
  • The location is a short drive away from Atlantic City, so our attendees over 21 should hit up the casinos for some fun after the tournament!
  • This will be one of the biggest Brawl tourneys yet on the East Coast.
  • There will also be people with camcorders and cameras recording all of the awesome things happening at CoT5.
  • After the event I hope to publish a CoT5 DVD to go on sale!
  • CoT5 will feature to the minute results updates online via Smashboards and Twitter

Check out a map of the area with different key places highlighted!

V. Traveler's Info

Va. Hotels

Coming Soon!

Vb. Flying

Coming Soon!

Vc. Driving

The Shore Mall is located right next to exit 36 of the Garden State Parkway. You can find the mall easily right near it. It is best to park in the back of the mall, and use one of the entrances back there.

Vd. Public Transportation

Coming Soon!

VI. Registration

You can now register online at http://cot5.vgbootcamp.com

VII. Attendees

The following people are paid and registered online:

  1. vVv ChiboSempai (S+D) Atl North
  2. Patches (S+D) Canada
  3. Fishy (S+D) Canada
  4. Toronto Joe (S) Canada
  5. Keitaro (S+D) Atl North
  6. Bionic (Spec) Atl North
  7. UsurperKingZant (Spec) Atl North
  8. Junebug (S+D) Atl North
  9. GUARD (S+D) Canada
  10. UltimateRazer (S+D) Southwest
  11. Kain (S+D) Midwest
  12. Chimpakt (S) Atl North
  13. Ally (S+D) Canada
  14. MalcolmM (S+D) Atl North
  15. Reflex (S+D) Atl South
  16. GAY! (Spec) Atl North
  17. Will (S+D) Atl North
  18. Blackanese (D) Atl North
  19. Techiyo (S+D) Canada
  20. Supreme Dirt (S+D) Canada
  21. Nasty (S) Atl North
  22. Stack (S) Atl North
  23. HolyNightmare (S+D) Canada
  24. Tin Man (D) Canada
  25. DEHF (S+D) Pac West
  26. Gunblade (S) Atl North
  27. Tedium (S) Atl North
  28. 4nace (S) Atl North
  29. Jumanji (S) Atl North
  30. Sharky (S+D) Atl North
  31. Crews (S) Atl North
  32. fUddO (S+D) Canada
  33. Vinnie (S+D) Atl North
  34. Phoenix Lord (S) Atl North
  35. ****7 (S) Atl North
  36. Hyde (S) Atl North
  37. EE_Flowers (S) Atl North
  38. Seagull (S) Atl North
  39. Pane (S) Atl North
  40. Price (S) Atl North
  41. TKCK (S+D) Atl North
  42. M@v (S+D) Atl North
  43. Umbra (S+D) Atl North
  44. Dapuffster (S+D) Atl North
  45. Tiger (S+D) Atl North
  46. Luckay4Lyphe (S) Atl North
  47. GIMR (S+D) Atl North
  48. Aposl (S+D) Atl North
  49. Logic (S+D) Atl North
  50. Snack Attack (S) Atl North
  51. F00LY (S+D) Atl North
  52. MagmaDolphin (S+D) Atl North
  53. SephirothDotCom (S) Atl North
  54. Rook (S) Atl North
  55. M Prime (S) Canada
  56. Clai (S) Atl North
  57. Thunderstorm (S) Atl North
  58. Dabuz (S) Atl North
  59. Inui (S+D) Atl North
  60. Bizkit (S+D) Atl North
  61. Dank (S+D) Atl North
  62. Vex Kasrani (S+D) Atl North
  63. nuke (S+D) Atl North
  64. Xzax (S+D) Atl North
  65. Kingtoon (S+D) Atl North
  66. Punishment Divine (S) Atl North
  67. TempesT (S+D) Atl North
  68. TymeR (D) Atl North
  69. Kiwi (S) Atl North
  70. Atomsk (S+D) Atl North
  71. Mister Eric (S) Atl North
  72. MIB (S) Atl North
  73. Heavy Garbage (S) Atl North
  74. Mew2King (S+D) Atl North
  75. Noid (S+D) Atl North
  76. KirinBlaze (S+D) Atl North
  77. Colaya (S+D) Atl North
  78. Izumi (S+D) Atl North
  79. Stealth Raptor (S) Midwest
  80. DeltaCod (S+D) Atl North


VIII. Contact Info

Please contact vVv ChiboSempai for all questions. You can PM me here on SmashBoards, or catch me on AIM @ ChiboSempai.

AllisBrawl Link: http://allisbrawl.com/ttournament.aspx?id=11125

CT Chia

Smash Obsessed
Sep 4, 2007
Official Trailer #1 (Updated)​


Official Trailer #2​



Smash Champion
Apr 28, 2010
You guys are jumping the gun. I never said i shall be there for sure.


Unity Ruleset Committee Member
Aug 25, 2003
Switch FC
5440 9697 6404
If there is no lgl for all chars and low tier event is added, ill go.

CT Chia

Smash Obsessed
Sep 4, 2007
3 year anniversary since the first Clash of the Titans
2 year anniversary since the announcement of CoT4
How could I not announce this on November 24th??
This is gonna be great

Everyone tell me what you think of the trailer. I will be making more trailers in the future, I got a little rushed on that one to have it done by today with my workload from school. Anyone else is free to make trailers as well I'll feature.


Smash Hero
Jun 8, 2006
Vex: Everyone should give me one dollar at this tourney.
Zucco: But dude...that's only gonna be like 20$

CT Chia

Smash Obsessed
Sep 4, 2007
that was winners quarters iirc lol

and dont worry, im making sure 1000000% that the venue knows whats up
i will guard it myself lmao

dont worry there's going to be a million and one improvements this time around

any chance u wanna come spammer? everyone wants you to!


Smash Master
Dec 3, 2005
I been spreading this on the low for a few days, now we can get it poppin out in the open. You know I'm coming.


Banned via Administration
Sep 14, 2006
Piscataway, NJ
The last one was my favorite national (Apex 2010 comes close!!)

I hope many will be in attendance, actually, I KNOW YA'LL WILL!!

I'd offer to help with staff but I'm not sure how busy I'll be in mid April. I'll be here 100% though.
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