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  • And I've heard from a certain smasher that you are still broke and bum rides, even though you're supposed to be pro. That is pathetic. Then again, I did beat you last time as usual, so I'm not surprised you're falling off. I've been tracking your movements. I'm pretty disappointed, you're just a local.

    Whoops, better delete before your fans realize you're a liar!
    Friendly reminder that this is the guy you chose to trust with your life in the car, lmfao. He won't be driving anytime soon, but guess who will be? I think I'll start going to those PA events you been going to. We should meet up and play :)
    Sure wish I'd found out sooner, this is great. He was obviously leaving your house too. WALL STREET! EXECUTION GOD! It's pretty telling, I wonder how long before his idiocy rubs off on you. Too late I'm guessing.

    After all, you let him drink and smoke at your house and drive over an hour home
    Dude, I'm dying because I just can't figure it out, to go that high u with Luigi, do you have to map two buttons to special, or do you just really mash that fast? I can't do it at regular speed for the life of me : /
    Hey man, will you be at the Mathews Tournament in North Carolina this Saturday? You got an amazing Luigi, would love to play you
    Hey Boss, I didn't get to play against you at the Matthews tourney but you watched me play a while until I lost in the semi-finals. I think you said something about playing online later (or that might have been 6WX...). Anyways, my Nintendo ID is Th34wesomeness if you want to play Smash Wii U sometime.
    Hey Boss, I'm trying to improve my PTP and noticed your down-Bs are Godlike. What are you doing to get your tornado to go so high?
    Hi Boss, how are things going?
    Will you go to Apex?
    I want to watch you there...
    I just saw that you're in the same pool as Mew2King in Brawl...
    I wish you good luck...
    Hey boss. You might not remember me in person, but did you go to a Gaming event at Mason today? i think I saw you but I wasn't sure.
    If you still have any interest in participating in the Luigi MU panel, please go to the subforum and post in the Luigi thread. If you wish to drop out, please message me so I can find a replacement.

    Thank you- C.J.
    Hi there =) Do you still play brawl?

    you are the boss who plays luigi mario and gaw right? xd

    When I fly, it's one letter and one number
    You wack hoes could get hot for one summer
    After that the queen will still reign here
    I'm Santa Clause to these hoes without a reindeer
    Want to carpool to Apex? So far I've got 2 new players from Reston joining. Then there's maybe Pockey Stick or Luke. Both are undecided
    Boss, if you had to give Mario v Metaknight a MU ratio, what would you give it?

    Or, if you don't like putting numbers on things (I know some players don't), do you think Mario will ever win against Metaknight at top level? (I'm talking like you or flameleon vs Anti or Nairo, something like that)
    Here's that 1 song I showed you before we left for Apex. Also, do you mind if I up the cost to $92? ChuDat really hated the friend bias so I promised I would charge you 2 equally. Also, you forgot your earphones in my car
    Boss are you reg'd? I didn't see you on the list. Anyways, I need a partner if Firefly doesn't come through. It would be pretty easy to team with you since you play GW/Wario and you're a Luigi main. Would you be down to team?
    Hey Boss, bro I'm picking up Luigi as a second. Any tips? I'm not really good at reading people, and I see that Luigi can do work if one is really good in that area. What ATs should I learn for Luigi? Anything else needed?
    Check the brawl panel Will. I need you to put your input on current :luigi2: matchup discrepancies pl0x!

    I was gonna team w/ husband but the tourney got cancelled anyway. I'm down to team next event prob
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