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  • My bad......... if only I'd realized sooner that it was you......... ;-;

    I would've given you a double infraction instead. =D
    If you want to go to Chicago I'm driving up on Saturday morning. We're having a smashfest at Vamps the night before. Let me know ASAP if you wanna play brawl as well as those other games.
    do you think you could possibly help me with the kirby-mk matchup the next tournament we see eachother at?
    Hey y.b.m The apartment we are moving so the cat will be gone and i can do the smoking outside if you want cuz Argent and a couple others are alergic too so the cat will be no Prob
    thanks for making me feel welcome at the tournament. i had alot of fun and had mass competition. My wolf will good in no time if i keep going to these.
    Hey can you tell Infern that I'm able to make it to the tourney, just in case he doesn't get online to see my message. Thanks boss. ^.^
    Yo YbM I'll get him to have people smoke outside instead, and the cat issue seems covered because he's locking it in his bedroom. Please still try to make it to the tourney bro.
    SMD! lolololol.
    Nah, next time there's something REALLY big in Ohio, let me know,so I can try to get a PA car to go :]

    you know you want to see me.
    do me a favor, go to tournament listings, and look up "A Taste of Buffalo" i dont know if you heard about it already, but you should go and bring the rest of you ohio bums with you.

    i dont know if you saw it already or not, but if you bring some ohio people and we get some canadians to show up, we should have a really nice turnout
    hmm...are Beegs/King Yoshi good, and what characters do they use? I played Sin, and I know he has a nice Olimar...
    Hey, do you remember all the players that were in your pool? I know there was Ally, Theblueblade, and a Sheik named Judo, but I don't know the other 3.
    I set it to say YbM. If you look at the settings, you can set any custom preview you want. You can also change what type of fonts show, how many, etc. It's a really lovely site.
    When I sketch things on paper, I don't normally color them on the paper. The colors never get scanned right and some detail gets lost for no reason at all. I tend to just do line art or just sketches, and then do the coloring with Photoshop. I've got a tablet, so it's not too hard to do. I like showing off my art, so here's an example. That started out as a really quick sketch on paper. I don't sketch on paper as much as I used too, though. I keep running out of it, and computer art is just so much better imo. I love being able to use layers and ctrl z.

    Oh yah, and something I forgot to say. I think it's in your sig but I don't remember. One of them has black text in the top left and it's really hard to read. I'd suggest adding a black stroke to it if you use Photoshop too.
    I don't want to keep spamming the SiS thread, so I'll just use vm's.
    I agree on not wanting to scroll through the long list of fonts my computer has. Most of them are almost the same and boring. I'd rather go and download a font. You might already know about this site, but I like it. You can customize the preview text :3
    And another suggestion for the sigs. If you guys main an alternate color, then having that color in the sigs would look nice. And custom art, but then you said you don't draw as often now because of the music thing.
    Have you seen yourself.
    You mad cool tho, you just happen to look a WHOLE lot like Will Smith.
    Don't be ashamed though you know that ***** gettin bread.
    It shouldn't be that hard to read SWF's rules on signature posting. The sig was larger than your post and that is not allowed.
    I just watched your first match against AlphaZealot's Diddy Kong because I noticed that he beat you 3-2 in a tourney, while he beat me 3-0 a little over a month ago in winner's finals.

    I just wanted to say thanks for showing me that his brokenass Diddy is not unbeatable, I was despairing because I've never beaten a good Diddy Kong in my life, but you showed me that it's possible.

    It looks like your Kirby has improved a lot, I can't wait to play you again...you should come to "Lucario is Paw-some" D:

    niiice, looks like we both came in third and won $24 XD

    Except at my tourney, AZ and Quivo were in 1st and 2nd, I see that Quivo was in 4th at yours...you beat him? Man I'm impressed. I beat Quivo 2-1 in winner's semifinals, but he owned me 3-0 in loser's finals.

    (I'm looking at the bracket, good stuff man)

    We've played some of the same people, haha. I beat Nope in a MM, but never played him in brackets.
    what this brawl online you speak of? yeah right man! come and face me in person. or you to scared to do so?
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