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  • Haha, good to see you are still around. I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it to the upcoming MLG tourneys since I'm running into financial issues, but I'm trying to make it work anyway.

    As for the Starfox SNES money match, I guess I gotta go find a copy again and practice up, why not we play some starfox64 and starfox assualt as well?
    Yeah I second falco and wolf a bit...but since pika's cg on falco was discovered I picked up a Lucario and Marth.
    If your interested, Joker uploaded my bracket match against Zash. I posted it on the fox video archive thread.
    Not sure really, I hope not. I'll be the starfox sponsor for it if they need some motivation XD
    Haha sup buddy? saw your post on the fox forums and figured it be best to respond here.

    I'm actually doing fairly well! I'm looking forward to the Kohoka tournament in 3 weeks I'm going to. :D
    LOL, I have no idea why it made it so big. The original image before I uploaded it is so much smaller. It keeps happening on any site I try to upload it on.. I think it's something wrong with my computer.. Do you want to PM me your email, and I can send you the image and you can try uploading it yourself?
    Definitely man. It's funny =D I just started getting back into playing on wifi =D We can probably play this weekend I have work in the morning.
    Hey, want me to make you a sig? I noticed you asking about them in the S2D thread and I feel like using photoshop, so I figured I'd offer.

    Just let me know what you want in it, if you do want one.
    I'll probably come on the fox forums when I get a chance to be at a real computer. (I'm on the road atm XD) driving around Kansas as usual, but I should be back at my home by tomorrow.
    -Psst.. I got some videos of my fox posted on fox thread :3 check it out! :3-
    Good stuff buddy! I am heading to class soon so I will update the Fox video thread later. I look forward into watching the videos. Post them in the criticize my fox thread. You will get a lot of feedback.
    Wow those videos were amazing! You really have improved a lot since the last video you've shown me!

    And you beat the LOL matchup? nice going man!
    I noticed you got predictable with your attacks, that's only natural though. If you know you are going to get punished for the same approach though you can use that to your advantage ;3

    I'm also discovering some nice tricks you can use to get through defenses and attacks, I need to keep working with em though to make sure they are guaranteed or decent enough.

    Also, what future tournaments are you going to attend? I'll probably be at Kirksville and definitely my home state NO KOAST tournament ;3
    Very impressive! I enjoyed the part when you broke Lucario's shield haha :3

    You've got a good handling with fox, just need to time so attacks a lil bit.

    Also, I didn't see much grabbing, but that comes in time. When you play fox more you will see why it's essential to use grabs (one of fox's longest range of attacks is his grab, especially the pivot wave grab).

    Congrats on your placement in the tournament too! :3
    Hey peep my Fox vids on Allisbrawl and just comment on them from there. I'm looking for as much help as I can get. Protein said my Fox was pretty decent but I want to hear it from a Fox main.
    Yeah Congrats. I was afraid no one would be there since because of the power outage and stuff. If they turn out is good next time Ill come. Gratz again on your win.
    yeah man i hear ya, dont back down man keep fightn. well got my first victory at S2D, kinda wish somebody like Rowan or Jiano would be there so i could feel alot beter about myself. feels like i havent accomplished anything.
    not much. I'm going to college at BYU in utah. The smash scene here is sick. I usually ended up in the top4 back at home but here I'm just everyone's ***** here.
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