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  • Your Last Activity: 08-19-2010 04:18 AM MARTHS STILL IN THERE MY FRIEND, everyone around you even to this day knows it (im assuming)

    wonder why you were up that morning well ive messaged your face book and sent you this link

    http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=295713 or one of your facebooks??? any ways im currently in the process of learning how to start fund raisers and my friend this ones for you. Im Chris Garza aka mexicanmax227 and would really like you to attend this tourny in september 2011 so im starting a fundraiser to show how many players really want you to come. c u in september.
    A fellow marth,
    Chris Garza
    people need to consider that ken was the greatest strategist of the season, the richard hatch, per se. if he were to have started on cota, and not the crippled fang tribe; this season would've played out much more differently.

    it was luck that got him. =\
    whatever, bob just got lucky, if ken would have arrived at the final with susie, crystal, or sugar it was a sure win.
    ken is too cool for this site now, thats all.

    anyways, good job on survivor......differing from everyone else here, I only just know you from the show and not from being a pro gamer

    Bob was just to awesome though, no offense.
    I think he maybe taking an extended break from smash and this site seeing as how it's been about 6 months since he's posted.that's just my theory.
    Also, two questions:

    Is Lapras your favorite Pokemon or something?

    Why doesn't your theory apply to Brawl? I'm pretty sure it does....
    How long have you been a mod?

    Who's in your avvy and who's in your profile pic? I don't recognize them.

    Also, sorry that Bob won $1,100,000 instead of you and yet isn't as much of a saint as he thinks he is. How much money did they pay you for your time? Did you really feel like you evolved that much or was that just stuff for the camera?

    Also, do you play Brawl or Melee for fun now? I guess your SBRB membership gives me a hint.
    Good stuff on 5th bro. Man it seemed so crazy out there. I don't think I could have handled it but you are just simply amazing.
    Great job on 5th. You represented us really well whether you wanted to or not. And you should grow your beard back, it was epic.
    Goooooood **** on survivor. Man, if Crystal didn't ***** at Matty, I think you would've won.
    Nice job.


    Why not get mo' money by going to tournaments?

    joking joking.

    Oh well. See ya around. Even if you don't play smash anymore, dropping by from time to time would be cool, ya know?

    "Kenny" how are you? why won't you post in your thread that's under General Brawl Discussion.
    Heh, Mr. Ken, I realized that your recent activity on SWF means that you have access to comp in Gabon...

    just an observation
    Heh, funny story here:

    A couple years ago, I was told that there was some player, going around America, winning nearly every Tournament he was at. And here he is, SephirothKen.
    My big brother thought he could beat anybody, and said "if I could beat you Trela, I could beat Ken with no trouble." I just LOL'ed.

    I just wanted to say, thanks. Because of you, I have became a better person in Smash. Before Brawl came out, my brothers (and sisters) have feared my Marth. And because of that, my big brother doesn't hit and intimidate me when I lose a match anymore.

    Congratulations on becoming nearly the most famous and greatest Video Gamer in the World.

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