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  • Hey I'm really liking that Jiggly avatar you have. Do you mind sending me a the original picture?
    I actually wasn't able to go.
    I think Quik won, though.
    I won't be able to go to Kakashi's, either. =/

    Are you gonna make it to PnT4?
    LMAO I just realized I combined "this saturday" and "yesterday" to say "this yesterday."
    But yeah, ICs are doing really well in our area. We need to catch up with the rest of them!
    It's only like a 20 minute drive for me lol.
    I'm decent with DDD and Marth, so if I need to counter a certain mathup I think I'll be ok.
    Did you go to Kakashi's this yesterday?
    I don't think so.
    It would be very chaotic.
    Two 0-deaths at once would be AMAZING though lmao...

    Swordplay (kid who played Link pretty well) said he had a harder time against you than me. How'd you do it? I have such a hard time getting around his projectile wall and bomb spam... It was quite frustrating. =/
    Yeah. Nerves are actually a pretty big factor lol.
    If there's ever a tourney we don't really care about, we should totally try an IC team.
    It would be like 4 on 2 lmao.
    Yeah Falco is kinda tough.
    I actually beat Arty, but then I got overconfident and lost to a DK.
    I got knocked out by a Falco (who actually went through loser's bracket and lost to Arty).
    With Falco you pretty much just gotta be patient... lasers and phantasms only do so much, ya know?
    whats up Stig,

    Just curious, since I'm looking @ colleges, how is Urbana-Champaign? What are the most popular/fun activities to do on campus? What is your major? Did you receive any scholarships? How much longer do you have on campus? Do you feel welcomed @ Champaign? Sorry for all the questions, but UIUC looks like a potential college I may go to ^_^, I just want to know what its really like!
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