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Jul 22, 2015
Nov 26, 2002
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Oct 10, 1985 (Age: 32)
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ken combo, 32, from California

sephirothken was last seen:
Jul 22, 2015
    1. Daisy101
      Hey Ken, its DaisyFan. Everything great with you nowdays? also congrats to hit 12th place at EVO this year. very happy for you.
    2. Purin a.k.a. José
      Purin a.k.a. José
      Did you see they put a trophy of you on Smash 4?!
    3. MarthZ
      hey i fired a shot at you on LFFN's stream so now i kinda have to play you now a Bo5 set at either Melee FC on july 4th or next week on dolphin netplay
    4. Jugoken
    5. KoreanBBQ
      Favorite Smash player! Proud to be a Marth main!
    6. MarthZ
      don't use swords dance
    7. SandwichPride
      Hav 3DS Smash?
    8. Jaax
      you're such a big inspiration to me dude. Thank you for everything you've done ever since you touched a gamecube controller.
      1. mogarmanhunter likes this.
    9. CT_Emerl
      I like your match with pewpewu at KOC it was awesome!!!
    10. Beninator
      After the Invitational, did you get a chance to tell Sakurai what you thought of the changes to Marth? I couldn't care less about how "good" or "bad" Marth is. What I want is a quick character who combos well and relies on the tip of a disjointed hitbox. If Marth is nerfed, I'll live with it, so long as he is still Marth, but when I played the Best Buy demo, it wasn't Marth. It wasn't even close.
      1. MasonEliwood likes this.
    11. GoldHazard
      The original King of Smash. It would be amazing to see you consistently active again.
      1. DarkStarStorm likes this.
    12. Aidoony
      then you pop out of know were and your liquid ken <:(
      1. DarkStarStorm likes this.
    13. Aidoony
      ken why did you leave
      1. DarkStarStorm likes this.
    14. Aidoony
      1. DarkStarStorm likes this.
    15. DarkStarStorm
      So with the announcement of MLG supporting Melee with a..$15,000 prize? Are you going to attend? You did say you would... Start practicing dude, we all want to see Ken 2.014, we want you to beat M2K. Ken 2003 can not do that.
      1. DarkStarStorm
        Get used to today's meta, and you can retake the Throne of Smash. YOU CAN SLAY THE KING! Come back! Retake your throne Ken! Learn how to fight like it's 2014 and take first and take that $15,000!
        Mar 20, 2014
      2. DarkStarStorm
        Sorry for giving you so many likes, I just thought for you to have been on Smashboards for so long and only have 121 likes, that was just stupid. I have more likes than that and I've been on the boards for 4 months! It's just a crime that people didn't like your stuff more, so I'm helping you. Sorry for the inconvenience.
        Mar 20, 2014
    16. The Royal Goon
      The Royal Goon
      Can I have some tips on Marth?
      1. DarkStarStorm likes this.
      2. Jawz
        Jan 28, 2014
      3. The Royal Goon
        The Royal Goon
        Brawl Marth
        Jan 28, 2014
      4. CriticalRibbon
        Mar 21, 2014
    17. DarkStarStorm
      I mained Peach and I'm none of those things in your signature, I'm a skinny-white Christian homeschooler. So uh, you might want to reevaluate that statement. I know that you're Ken and you're awesome, but you're still wrong about that.

      Now if you say that Brawl Ganon's are either; ignorant of how stupid the character is, diehard, or dieharder, then you'd be right.
      1. Sephirothxxx likes this.
    18. DarkStarStorm
      I know that you're doing graphic design now, but you should try your hand at Project M Marth, at least once so we can see it.
    19. Sephiroths Masamune
      Sephiroths Masamune
      Merry Christmas Ken!
    20. Jawz
      just finished watching your tutorial , it helped me alot with my marth action! thanks dude!
    21. TimeSmash
      Words cannot express how much respect I have for you. Watched a Youtube Match of you vs. M2K sometime around last year I think. You were both amazing!!!
      1. mogarmanhunter and DarkStarStorm like this.
    22. Icehawkz0
      Ken we love you!
    23. HellTyrant
    24. Sephirothxxx
      Ohhh **** dude when I found out about you going to KoC I nearly came. Well, it wasn't THAT sexual but you get my point. I seriously can't wait dude! I thought I would never see the day when I finally got to see you compete!
    25. whatwhatwhatwhatwhat
      Ken... people do really love you lol. I remember watching old videos of you where it seemed like EVERYONE was rooting against you. Now every single smasher respects what you and what you did for SSBM. I guess we don't really know what we have until it's gone :'(
      1. Sephirothxxx
        He's coming out for Kings of Cali!!! Get hype!
        Apr 12, 2013
    26. sephirothken
      Thank you all the sken fanboys!! Love you all!!
    27. Vinylic.
      I MEAN IDOL.

      You are my idol.
    28. Vinylic.
      You are my idle.
    29. Sephirothxxx
      Dude I had no idea you went to KoC. ****, and it was back in november! Of course! I leave for a little bit and come back only to miss a comeback by Ken.... well, it would rock if you went to apex or evo.
    30. 2001
      dolphins .
    31. Landry
      Ken, we all love you because you are the best. Hope your life is going well. Anything you do that's Melee related is just such a cool thing to see these days. You did good at KoC but if you were to practice and go to something else I'm sure you'd be incredible. You're the king, man.
    32. Sephirothxxx
      Hey, you ever coming back?
    33. -ShadowPhoenix-
      u ***** :tytypoo:
    34. holyv
      where are you
    35. Anth0ny
      One. More. Match.
    36. mexicanmax227
      MISSISSIPPI SMASH UNIVERSITY Watch me win it for ya ;)
    37. .Ðempt
      So I figured I'd be like every other fanboy and write you something.

      You are, and will always be, my inspiration. I know its gay, just bear with me. Your set vs Aniki was the first video of competitive play I've ever watched. This was three years ago though, still after you retired from Melee.

      I know you're busy with school, and the real world, that's what happens in life. But Id give an arm and a leg to see you go to a Melee tournament, as in, any Melee tournament. The community as a whole would love to see some sign of life from you. Im just some kid from Ohio, starting to finally push my way into the Melee scene. Im not good in the slightest, but I love this game, so I keep playing.

      I guess what Im trying to say though man, is that everyone misses you. So here's to hoping you show up at a Melee tournament, let alone become somewhat active in the community. You'll always be my idol Ken.

      ~ That "Who the **** is this?" Guy,
      Matt Bidwell
    38. Эикельманн [РУС]
      Эикельманн [РУС]
      Ken, the community is dying to see you come back to at least one tournament....just one.

      If you somehow log on to see the Genesis 2 thread, please, please consider showing up. Please.

    39. Keitaro
      You done with school yet? If so, come show us how to play Brawl :D
    40. mexicanmax227
      Your Last Activity: 08-19-2010 04:18 AM MARTHS STILL IN THERE MY FRIEND, everyone around you even to this day knows it (im assuming)

      wonder why you were up that morning well ive messaged your face book and sent you this link

      http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=295713 or one of your facebooks??? any ways im currently in the process of learning how to start fund raisers and my friend this ones for you. Im Chris Garza aka mexicanmax227 and would really like you to attend this tourny in september 2011 so im starting a fundraiser to show how many players really want you to come. c u in september.
      A fellow marth,
      Chris Garza
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    Oct 10, 1985 (Age: 32)
    Home Page:
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    Smash 3DS Main:
    Smash bros, Final fantasy, drawing


    Twitch.tv Username:


    Sephirothken's Peach theory All peach players who main peach are either, effeminate, metrosexual, homosexual or a big fat (fill nationality in here) guy and some are in denial of it. - does not apply to brawl
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