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  • KEN!!! omg dude you're my hero lol. it would be an honor to talk to you on AIM and say hi lol. my AIM is zerohax if you could find the time. great job on survivor!!! thank god gillian is gone i was starting to get pissed lol.
    Nice job on Survivor first week! I bet you were glad when Gillian got off, too bad about Michelle, but I lold when someone spelled her name mishell...
    Hope to see ya win Ken. Always been a big Survivor fanatic, but I'm espescially looking forward to this season.

    Keep your eyes peeled. I'll be out there in a few seasons... ;-)
    We all know that Ken won Survivor.

    Ken had them in the fetal position in the first week cause he has teh mindgamez. :)
    holy crap ken.. you don't know me but survivor is my favorite show.. that's amazing that you're on it, i'm only 14 but i've watched like 10 of the seasons.. ey dude but the filming is over already, right? mind telling me what place you got? >_> or is that against your contract lol
    GOOD LUCK AT SURVIVOR KEN! I don't even watch TV, but I'll be tuning into this every day just to cheer for you. The smash community has your back!
    Good stuff at Evo. Just wondering, how much did items effect your play in Evo, and I know you have said before that you don't mind items, but I am wondering, do you think some items can actually make brawl deeper? Hopefully you'll answer, but I'll understand if you don't.
    Ken, why don't you ever grace the community with, you know, like, a post, more than once a month? I see you on ALL the time, and look to see if you post anything, but, you never do. I think I speak for many when I say we're waiting for you. As I know you've read, we've seen your performance at EVO. You didn't win, but you did well, and hell, it's EVO. After watching the vids many times, I realize you did pretty awesome, and I only thought otherwise at first because I usually except perfect from you, which isn't fair to anyone, esepcially in EVO settings.

    So seriously, make a post every once in a while.

    -Dan, a fan and fellow Marth player.
    KEN!!!! How have things been? I lost your number a while ago when I lost my phone, just seeing how life is going for you. It was really fun hanging out back in the day (thought it was only a few times lol). I still have the controller you guys taught me to make, was playing some pikmin with it and decided to drop by and leave a message. Hit me up sometime, if you are ever out in santa clarita it would be cool to hang out.
    I just wanna know how good of an artist are u? i like to draw, but i was wondering how is you're style for drawing?

    i tell you, i love to draw real peole and scenery is also one of my favorites.
    hey I was wondering if your gong to be holding any brawl biweeklies or tournys sometimes in the future, there seems to be lack of them in socal.
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