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Last Activity:
May 29, 2017 at 4:37 PM
Oct 9, 2007
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Smashboard's 1st Sole Survivor, Male, from Canada,BC

Yonder was last seen:
Viewing thread 4BR Tier List V3 - Competitive Insight & Analysis, May 29, 2017 at 4:37 PM
    1. TDK
      I just realized we live in the same area.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. TDK
        Oh, I drove out to VSB when it was still open. And yeah, I'm going to BoBC. I'm just trying to not go 0-2 at it.
        May 28, 2017 at 1:00 AM
      3. Yonder
        Ahh yeah, I went to VSB twice and drown. I liked Meta Games tournies. Ahh well. I won't travel more than 30 mins if I'm gonna go 0-2 lol.
        May 28, 2017 at 1:06 AM
      4. TDK
        Because of where I live in BC, I'm travelling 30+ minutes no matter where I want to go to play. Oh well.
        May 28, 2017 at 1:08 AM
    2. Underhill
      Hey, man. Will it be all right to make a post about my Luigi stage thread on the Luigi Gameplay Discussion so I'll have more Luigi players to give out more information on my thread? I like to gather all of the data as much as I can for not just his performance, but for MUs as well for Luigi.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Underhill
        I mean, I'll see how things turn out and with my schedule, but job comes first.
        Nov 21, 2015
      3. Yonder
        No worries, thanks for your contributions so far.
        Nov 22, 2015
      4. Underhill
        I'm thinking about setting up a Luigi discord group. If you want to be in it when I'm finished, then you're welcome to enter it.
        Plus, I'll make a thread for invites once I'm finished.
        Nov 27, 2015
    3. Eclipse_
      Hey just curious if I'm able to change my name on the forums?
    4. Alacion
      Hey no worries. I'm not really going to tournaments until I can find a new job to free up my weekends. Maybe we'll play sometime!
    5. Alacion
      Hi I think I remember you. And yes I have heard of the EXP tournaments!
      1. Yonder
        Yeah I was the guy who didn't go to the tournies you suggested before, my bad :P . But yeah, for EXP, I've been going to those recently. I'm going to the one on Sunday too. I was in the top 7 back a few months ago as Luigi. Got to play on the big screen, was awesome haha. Should go to one!
        Jun 25, 2015
    6. Asdioh
      What does your avatar say I need to know
      1. Yonder
        Survivor of the smash: Nintendo. It's a poorly made advertisement for my fanfic haha
        Jan 26, 2015
      2. Asdioh
        I would have never guessed that!
        Jan 26, 2015
      3. Yonder
        Not much people do :P.
        Jan 26, 2015
    7. Alacion
      Well in that case, hope to see you soon!
    8. Alacion
      So any plans on coming tomorrow? :)
    9. Alacion
      If you have any questions, please let me know? I speak for all of us in that we'd be really excited to see you come to the next monthly! We have people from Chilliwack/Abbotsford, Alberta, and possibly Texas coming. We're super friendly and I will personally take the time to play you a TON if you can come :)

      Depending on where you live, you can probably arrange to head to our venue with another player. We have people coming from all over Vancouver like Maple Ridge, Delta, Richmond, Port Coquitlam, and Surrey to name a few.
    10. Get A Load of This!
      Get A Load of This!
      What are you up to now that it's all over?
    11. Get A Load of This!
    12. TBone06
      thank you right hand man!!!!
    13. #HBC | J
      #HBC | J
      awwwwwwww! People are reading it. I'm just very enthusiatic about commenting and stuff lol. I would love to read tons more of it. D:
    14. #HBC | J
      #HBC | J
      lol i was thinking of which reality shows i love and then a fanfic clicked with my fav.
    15. #HBC | J
      #HBC | J
      heeeeey i love your survivor atory because i love survivor. It actually gave me a good idea on what fanfic i wanna write. It involves my fav reality show <3

      just commenting to say your story gave inspiration to mine
    16. thegreatkazoo
      Where are you? We need to play a match.
    17. thegreatkazoo
    18. KoRoBeNiKi
      add my fc, lol, 1934-3901-4627
    19. KoRoBeNiKi
    20. KoRoBeNiKi
      sorry, are you still there?

      Can we meet on the cubone online ladder xat chat, just search on google.
    21. KoRoBeNiKi
      what time is it by you. It is 7:00 by me.
    22. KoRoBeNiKi
      sure, just message me tomorrow before the match.
    23. KoRoBeNiKi
      we play for a tournament. When do you want to play.
    24. Ray Robo
      Ray Robo
      Winners R2 and Losers R1 due Sunday, get yo match done!
    25. revengeska
      Hey, good games online. I don't usually play online, got a little frustrated with the lag. -_- Looks like you got a good Luigi though!
    26. ~Firefly~
      Hey there. During my usual lurking of these boards, I've seen you post a few times, and I noticed you're located in BC. I'm hosting a Brawl tourney in Port Coquitlam in the second half of April, and I figured I'd take the initiative and see if you're interested. This is the second tourney in the series, the first of which had 14 teams for doubles and 29 entrants for singles, and I'm hoping to make this one bigger and better than the last one. We'll have plenty of set-ups, and there will be 64/Melee set-ups for friendlies if you're interested.

      Here's the link: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=269634

      The date is not set in stone yet; I'm trying to decide whether to do this on the 17th or the 24th of April (both Saturdays), so I'm looking for feedback to decide which will be the best for everybody. Anyway, let me know if you're interested or if you have any questions, whether by VM, PM, or by posting in the thread.

    27. .Marik

      But, population differences as well account to a large factor of it.
    28. .Marik
      That sucks.

      Ontario is crazy active thankfully.
    29. .Marik
      I heard it's got a really active Melee scene though.

      Or is that dead too?
    30. .Marik
      Have you ever played Mmac?

      He's a BC Yoshi player, he raged and quit a while ago though.

      I miss him.
    31. ndayday
      Honestly, your best bet for the Luigi boards thing is to ask the guys over at AiB Link boards. They hold the triforce of zomgwisdom.
    32. WIGI
      i win tournie matches with it, so yes.

      if your good enough

      but yeah its also fancy fun
    33. sammy p
      sammy p
      i know that you already saw this but..... LUIGI WON THE AMAZING RACE!!!! and i actually thought that i wasent gonna be able to get him even to the final 3!!!!!!
    34. Pierce7d
      I main Marth. Mario is my third, he's just receiving the most of my attentions atm.
    35. sammy p
      sammy p
      ill try my best with luigi and mario! cant GUARENTEE mewtwo... but ill sure as heck try my best!
    36. Jenkins
    37. sammy p
      sammy p
      hahah absolutley never!!!:chuckle:
      its because luigis too awsome of a character!
    38. ChibiIceClimberz
    39. hippiedude92
      lol I guess no one knows that I LIKE TO MEAT RIDE BOSS SO MUCH.

      Considering the fact I main Mario AND Luigi, which also explains why I post often on Mario boards. But then again, I MEAT RIDE BOSS <3
    40. ZMan
      everything in my sig is good stuff
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