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  • Decided to repost my last status update because I feel I posted this at the wrong time, lol, so my sincerest apolagies.

    Ok, I have some questions and wonderings about the Nintendo Direct today, if you have the answers to them, that'd be great.

    1. How do the Pikmin feel that all outsiders come to their planet by crash-landings caused by kinda-careless pilots? Who is the Dog?? No White, Purple, Rock and Wing Pikmin?

    2. Not sure if introducing Inkopolis to Splatoon 3 is genuinely trying to introduce Inkopolis to the Splatoon 3 story and lore or just trying to cash in on people's nostalgia for the original, what do you think? I think the latter.

    3. Since they showed no Advance Wars 1+2 gameplay, does this potentially mean they lightened the gameplay in some way?

    4. Did Hal learn nothing from the Forgotten World? That's plain stagnation if you ask me.

    5. Not sure why they included Super Mario Land 2 but not the first one.

    6. Not sure if they will include the other 3 Super Mario Advances, also no Nightmare in Dream Land?

    7. Not sure if they did not show off Metroid Prime Remastered in the 9-13-2022 Nintendo Direct simply because the game's first boss is the Parasite Queen? (This was around the time of Queen Elizabeth II's death, bear in mind)

    8. If they were to introduce Diddy Kong to Mario Kart 8 through the Booster Course Pass, should they include him with an existing Mario Kart course or in a new one?

    9. Are more Gamecube remasters on the way?
    2. Probably the latter.
    3. My gut instinct tells me that's probably not the case. I really hope it's not, anyway.
    5. because the first one is mid
    6. I'm willing to bet they'll be released in due time - I think they just didn't want to swamp the initial lineup with Mario titles (hell, right now GBA Online's offerings are half Mario games as is). Dunno what the plan is with NiDL, though.
    7. Ehhhhh, that's a bit of a stretch IMO.
    8. I really wouldn't complain about a new DKC-themed stage, but there's a few preexisting DK tracks that Diddy could come with.
    9. Wouldn't be surprised.
    2023 prediction: Inside two tight weeks, One will be a massive Box-Office demolisher, One will utterly bomb miserably, which way shall it go?

    In case you're wondering, Across the Spider-Verse (June 2, 2023) comes out one week after the Little Mermaid remake (May 26, 2023) next year

    Whenever I search up "Fighter's Ballot" on Youtube nowadays (If anyone really has any fond memories of it), I don't know why most of the results I get are videos from 2015 of people telling others to "please stop voting for movie, TV or cartoon characters, or indie game characters"

    I even recall GameXplain saying in one of their videos covering the Fighter's Ballot "Voting for non-Video game characters in the Fighter's Ballot can be annoying by putting so much strain on Sakurai and the devs" I just don't understand why people would even do this, I don't know if they were genuinely telling people that no matter the support, any non-video game characters won't make it in, or if they are being massive party poopers trying to spoil the fun to those voting characters in the Fighter's Ballot.

    The worst part about if for me is others telling others to stop voting for indie game characters in the Fighter's Ballot. I should point out that the Fighter's Ballot came out during a time of Indie Game Boom (A time where many critically-acclaimed and highly-praised indie games were releasing and flooding digital marketplaces, Shovel Knight arguably started the "boom"). I just really don't get why people are discouraging other people to vote for indie game characters in the Fighter's Ballot either.

    So what about you? Do you think those people telling others to stop voting for other characters was justifiable, or were they just squashing the fun? Why did they also say "Stop for Indie Game characters in the ballot"?
    Can anybody explain this whole Crashboards thing to me? Because this is really starting to get infuriating at this point.

    Just how well do they maintain the servers? Do they constantly spill root beer on them from time to time?
    Hey everyone, guess what? I'm back from my vacation. So that means I will be back to contributing to the PBS Kids: Brawltime thread often and back to hosting the Bloons Blowout thread. Frankly, things didn't go out as planned while I was away, as both threads were on the verge of being inactive. So, if anything, please take the chance to contribute to both threads if you can!
    Hey everyone, this one is a PRETTY IMPORTANT UPDATE from me

    As of June 25, I will be on a 3-week vacation, so I will not be able to contribute to any threads, especially the two creates threads that I frequently contribute to, PBS Kids: Brawltime! as well as my own Bloons Blowout, during that time. FazDude FazDude will be in charge of the Bloons Blowout thread until I get back!

    Since I am the most frequent contributor to the two creates threads I mentioned above, that means there might be less traffic on both threads. If anything, both threads could REALLY use more contributors. Please check out and contribute to both threads when you can! Both threads could still use more traffic and activity while I'm away!
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