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  • haha i wont let that happen easily. you are pretty beast though. We have to play again. im also interested in teamsies at some point cuz i know some nasty meta-peach combos i wanna try. Are you planning on going to another national anytime soon?
    "cheese is ****ing terrible. doesnt even talk to me at the tournament AND fails his chaingrab even more than he fails at getting laid. had to whip out a character who's even more homo than he is to beat a PEACH. he's lucky his ****ty mk didn't have to face me, i would have ralalalalalalaped his b button 'skillz'."

    this statement alone makes you awesome. but then you had to go and tell everyone they're bad at the game... too good; doing my job for me. :)
    1. I played both of the first two games with 2 stocks to his three and I still won game 2. and than I told him what stage to CP me on.
    2. are you telling me that you beat legan regularly?
    3. On the car ride back, San asked me who was harder to beat between you and KB. and I told him that you were definitely playing the matchup better than him and even when I was giving him advice on how to beat me mid-game it was still about even.
    4. Pikapika said he didnt want to play you because he didnt want to lose to a girl. Dont sell yourself short. youre madd good... Its just that im one of the best. =P
    i thought this was nicole but I didnt want to assume things and look like a doofus. lol. but yoooooo what up? good matches we had yesterday. You cant talk junk about how bad of a matchup sonic peach is if you lose to one =P. I wasnt expecting you to be as good as you were tho. Easily most legit female Ive ever played in smash.
    Argh I can't...my mom's having double knee surgery on the 26th...and I need to be there for her. I swear I can only make biweeklies... :'(
    Hey, it might be a good idea if you post about housing in the Wichita thread.

    I did, but I think things will move faster if you push them :)
    yes!!!!!!!!! i'm up to date on fullmetal alchemist- brotherhood... and i go through withdraw every week waiting for the new episode O.O

    psh, i can't just give my friendship out to anyone, i mean a peach slayers friendship is pretty sacred, at least when your an oli main.
    and you being random smasher chick that tried to beat me just wasn't gonna cut it... but liking fma... that will XD but greed does look a lil different now lol
    I can't figure out how to prank you. But check the Yahoo answers, they're funny.
    Random question, but what exactly do you look like? xD

    I'll show you one of my pictures in exchange. :3
    I'm not sure! Actually I'm leaving Ames after this semester, so I won't be seeing any of the crew...I'm pretty upset about it..
    HeyHeyHey Nicole!
    I have a question against Oli,
    when i'm at the ledge, how do i get back on stage?
    I seem to struggle with the constant Fsmashing and such :(
    Dang, did they camp you?? That matchup is in peach's favor, mustve been gay lol
    your videos are on there way, when me vs you is up you'll know it was the last one
    LOL it's all about how far you're willing to let yourself go, there are respected girl pro gamers in almost every fighter besides smash :(

    But yeah, screw a tournament, just fly out here for no reason and I'll house you for a week ;D

    Smash by day, real parties by night, best week of your life for sure :p
    Had some stuff to handle at home :(

    You should come to a texas tournament! Everyone says you're getting so much better I wanna see lol
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