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Infinite Emerald

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    That's hilarious. Just Freshmen and Sophomores? Lol, how's that like?
    Really? Oh wow lol yeah I'm 9th this year too XD.

    I'd be more terrified about high school if it weren't for the fact that my middle school is right next to my high school so we have to switch schools for different classes (both schools are owned by the same company or some ****), so I'm already used to high school peoples.
    Did you go to your User CP and specify that you want to be recognized as a member of the group?
    Go to the new Anniversary forum and get into the cool new user group before it's too late!
    hahaha same here. the highlight of my hday yesterday though was seeing vampires suck!
    well... not much.. just kinda sittin at home, watchin my bros(for the second night in a row.... :mad:), listening to taylor swift on my ipod.. lol i have no life!
    whats up with you?
    see... im kinda lazy, so no work is like a gift from heaven for me :laugh:
    and i see all my friends anyways(since we all live about 5 miles away from each other), so that doesnt usually cause a problem for me either.. but i could see how that would affect you though
    oh yea, thats not so good lol
    and is that good or bad that its been a long summer?
    it certainly hasent been long enough for me :ohwell: but im NEVER ready to go back to school either so thats not saying much.. ohwell hah
    oh wow! it couldnt have been that bad whatever she did! lol
    and highschool... thats actually cool! im starting my junior year already.... and im NOT so happy about it! lol try your best to stay a freshman as long as possible! lol i know that the first two years fly by like you wouldnt believe, and thats BAD
    ohh fine fine :)
    actually, pretty busy lately! i actually have a life now, which is exciting haha
    how about yourself??
    There's a button on the place where the pencil/paintbrush/eraser is. It's like one piece of glass in front of a smaller piece of glass
    Yeah sure. Facebook's more convenient though; I always have it up when I'm online here.
    I'm pretty sure if it's a normal computer that it'll come with some kind of software like WordPad if it's a PC. But maybe not.

    It's alright. You'll just have to arrange things with the game store. :p
    Okay, that's cool. I'll try to have it all written up in a few days. Then we can go over it and see if anything needs to be changed.
    PM me here or on facebook with that stuff for the tournament, as you said you'd have it all finished by today. :p
    Yeah... me too. I asked High Five to make another one for me, but his computer broke so... yeah

    Anyways, ready for more lessons?
    It's all good

    But we'll continue later alright? You still need to learn things other than recoloring
    Alright, because I'm going to teach you several styles first before we actually get to the really juicy stuff that everybody adores to watch i.e. scratch pokemon

    Before we start, you know what each tool does and how to make layers transparent right?
    Hold on a sec. Before you can walk, you have to crawl. We're gonna stick with teh basics or else you'll end up with **** like this

    Ok good, that'll make things easier

    So, you wanna make pokemon sprites huh? Well there's a lot to learn before you can make sprites of this quality


    And I have many more to show you that I've made. But for now, we'll stick with the basics ok?
    Yeah I know how to sprite.

    Wanna learn? I can teach you pretty easily

    First off, will you download GIMP?
    It's not really that important, it just determines the power of moves like Return and Frustration
    I'd just start reading the descriptions more next time, because you can't make blatant mistakes like not giving Scizor technician, and I had skimmed your set, assuming you'd give everything they needed.
    Let me ask, when you read got the sets, did you even read the description below them?
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