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  • Hey, you mind if I tag along with you guys driving up to MiB?

    I assume you're going right? =D
    maaaaaaaaaaaaybe, i might try to ride with fino if the saint louis thing doesnt work out. i cant prob sit down with you and give ya some tips on diddy. Im trying to be alot less wreckless and playing alot smarter now...
    lol. I don't quite understand how eople don't get MO humor. Funny is funny. And you better not have, all my friends want to see how I beat your butt haha.
    Hey boots it's Kyle/Nightwing. Hopefully you know who I am. lol. Can't wait for Joker to upload the matches we had. Was fun.
    Good ****, Just let me know before hand when you come through so I can clear my schedule. I hate having a life, I got a frickin reputation to live up to and Im not getting the experience or practice I need to really stay on top. Thats why I need some Iron Sneakers around to whip me in shape.
    Since Im not gunna make it to oskhosk and Ill be outa country for Kahoka, you & Andrew should come up & hang sometime before your tourney.
    I must admit you have improved a lot since Castle Delfino 2 :3 Hope to see you again at future tournaments :3

    and ignore anyone who's just "denial of the truth."
    ur pics a lie becuz girls don exits on smash bros.................. but if u r a gurl can we cyber, or bj irl????????
    naw i'm just playing wit ya. wouldn't make much of a difference if you lied about your pic or not so i'll just assume it's you
    Yeah, i have been down there twice, and actually me and my friend are going down there this weekend to play some games, were staying at Jokers. This semester we are going to try and go there as much as possible cause otherwise we are stuck playing each other. But yeah, cant wait to play ya.
    Hey, do you plan on going to Jokers monthlies in the future. If so that would be cool. I feel i have a decent GaW, but iv never really played with another good one to critique myself. It seems our games are about at the same stages by reading that thread you just posted. It would be pretty sweet if we could meet in the future.
    the guy who has won the last 7-8 eight biweeklies in a row uses snake, hes my hardest, there arent any super good olis around me so i might not know as much as i could about it..

    its funny cause i basically have it to the point where i use Luc/rarely fox against MK and wolf/D3 against snake. and sonic against everybody else.
    just work on spacing your attacks well with marth and make sure you never spot dodge or roll behind him, thats asking for a dancing blade to the face. just run away if you dont like the situation

    for oli, ASC and regular full charge ASC seem to work very well for me
    thats funny cause i am just about convinced that sonic marth is a 50-50 matchup and even though i dont play many great olis i dont see him being as tough as everyone else does
    and the thing ive realised about gimping is that you have to know which one of your moves is best for gimping each character, cause you cant approach gimping every character the same way.
    i havent figured it out for every character, so i might make a thread on it.
    i just know that, down airs work well on marth, and if you spring on him at the right place, you will always grab the ledge right before him

    btw do you mind if I ask you a really random question?
    keep in mind lol those matches were from over 4 months ago. im much better now. ihate sounding conceited but i think that im in the top 5 sonics in the country right now. but like i said pretty soon i should have some vids of me vs one of the best ike players out there.
    actually i really like fighting spacies, except for falco hes a douche. the other 2 are always good matches. but it just upsets me that honestly they made falco a really bad character. but than they gave him like 4 borderline broken moves, and now hes top tier...
    all he has is chain grabs, lasers, spike, DAC and back air. all of his other moves are almost useless.
    and as for killing people, i think ive developed a really good strategy. even though most people hate it. my game plan is basically to rack damage as much as possible and never go for kill moves unless they leave themselves very open. so im still a sonic that sometimes doesnt kill until the 200s but at the same time, i dont put myself in dangerous situations so i cna usually out live the other guy. because of that ive learned most of the kill percents for up throw cus its basically the only garenteed kill move he has, because theres always a chance that you will miss on your smashes. and my back air can get really stale so i dont count on it.
    my theory is that as long as they die b4 me, im all good.
    the snake sonic match is dependant on how well you know the match and if you know what to do. if the snake knows what he is doing he has a pretty good advantage over sonic.
    but try it anyway, cause lotsa ppl dont know how to fight him correctly

    as for vids of me. i have some from about 5 months ago that you can watch if you just search "goggles sonic" on youtube. (goggles is my other nickname because i wear a special pair of goggles where ever i go.)
    but be for this weekend there should be some vids up of me against kirk, an amazing ike player. when he uploads them i will let you know
    oh snap, youre an OG (oringinal gamer) than. thats awesome, i think yous an mes a gonna be great friendsies.

    i came up with a nickname that meant something to me, and i like anagrams so i thought of an anagram that would exemplify what i stand for.
    thats why my name is K.I.D.
    i also liked the fact that it has multiple meanings.
    i tend to be immature adn goofy sometimes so the name kid fits in that way.
    im also black and black people tend to refer to people as "kid" anyway.
    i also hate it when i forget ppls names... and so i made my name easy to remember. even if some old guy is talking to me and doesnt remember who i am and says "hey kid!!" that would be my name anyway.
    that is the story(s) of my name, its very deep and i like it.
    anyway, some bs happened while i was in college, and i got wrongfully charged with assault. and now im on probation until the end of april
    meh... people in the sonic boards are gonna bash you only if you say something wrong, and than defend it as fact. but if anybody messes with you, ill take care of them, they listen to me
    but where did you get the idea for your name?
    and once i can leave the state, maybe ill come up for a tourny or something...
    glad i could be of help. and judging by your "emotionless" pic, i can safely assume that you are beautiful when you smile. lol
    i was jsut about to say you should come to the sonic boards more often, but now i can see that while im writing this, you are there now. you should put your input in every once in a while... also, 2 questions i had.
    1. which state is MO i really dont remember. (i feel really dumb now)
    2. why did you choose that name? not that its bad or anything lol, i just cant help from thinking of that old saying "your mother wears combat boots" when i see it. like you are one of those tomboy army "im gonna stomp your face in just like the boys and look good doing it" type girls. which, honestly, would be awesome... lol
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